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Christmas tour 2021 – Stille Natt Hellige Natt

Alexander Rybak in the Christmas Tour
“Stille Natt Hellige Natt” 2021.

Artists: Alexander Rybak, Ingrid Berg Mehus, Maria Haukaas Mittet, Hans Marius Hoff Mittet and Rune Larsen.
Musicians: Tove Kragset on piano and Bernt Rune Stray on guitar.

Alexander Rybak is moving to the US this autumn to continue his studies, but fortunately for us he will return to Norway in December and join the Christmas Tour “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” from the concert 8.12.21 till the end.

The ticket sale has now started, and hopefully there wont be any restrictions this year. But just in case there will be, don’t hesitate to buy your tickets now in case we again will have limited seats in the audience.

The concert tour starts in Trondheim the 24. November and the last one is in Oslo the 22. December. A total of 49 concerts.

The artists from Stille Natt Hellige Natt 2016 performing at the Norwegian mornings TV-show “God morgen Norge”.

Swinging Home for Christmas 2010 – Alexander Rybak’s Christmas Tour

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“Swinging Home for Christmas”

10 year anniversary!

Alexander Rybak’s dream about having his own Christmas tour came true in 2010. With a big band of 11 clever musicians, his own stuff and crooner versions of American and Norwegian Christmas classics, he went on tour visiting 10 Norwegian cities and 16 concerts.

This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary and below you’ll find videos from the concert, the tour list with the name of the local guest artists, interviews where he promoted the tour and also what some of his tour buddies say about working with him 🙂 Just scroll down and enjoy 🙂

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Alexander Rybak – interview on “God Morgen Norge” TV2, 26.11.2010

Alexander Rybak promoting his Christmas tour “Swinging home for Christmas” in the Norwegian morning show “Good morning Norway” on TV2.

All videos recorded by Venche M

Interview including “Romsjulsdrøm” and “Let it Snow” at the end.

English translation by Tessa La, Russian translation and subs by Olina Novikova!

 “Romjulsdrøm” by Alf Prøysen
“Let it Snow”, by Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne, new arragement by Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak in Morgennytt NRK about his Christmas Tour, Norway 25.11.2010

Alexander on the Norwegian morning news program “Morgennytt” on NRK1 talking about his soon starting Christmas Tour “Swinging home for Christmas”.

In addition to the interview you’ll also get some glimpses from the rehearsal for the tour 🙂

(English translation by Laila Solum Hansen, Russian translation, subs and recording by Olina Novikova)