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Alexander Rybak performs in Eurovision Gala Night Ogae 2014 Luxembourg

Alexander Rybak, Conchita Wurst and Linda Martin will perform at the Eurovision Gala Night at Casino 2000, Luxembourg.

Eurovision Galanight Ogae 2014 Luxembourg

 Info from the organiser:

Join the 7th edition of the Eurovision Gala Night Luxembourg at the prestigious Chapito venue at Casino 2000 in Luxembourg on 25th October 2014. The event will welcome three legendary Eurovision winners: Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009), Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) and Linda Martin (Ireland 1992).

All of them will grace the Eurovision Gala Night stage in Luxembourg and perform along the 16 finalists selected in a casting in May. These 16 finalists will compete in order to carry off the trophy at the end of the night. They will be judged by a panel of 16 international jury members and by the audience. The night will be a charity event and all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Tickets cost 30 euros and can be purchased by sending a mail to or by visiting the official website of the event:
Eurovision Galanight Ogae 2014 Luxembourg – Le concours de chant Eurovision Luxembourg

#AlexanderRybak #egn2014 #‎Eurovision‬ 

Alexander Rybak at “Slavyansky Bazaar 2014”


Alexander comes to Vitebsk (Belarus) to one of the most popular music festival and song contest “Slavyansky Bazaar”. Since July 10th to July 13th he will both perform at various shows and will be a jury member of the contest. Here is his full schedule for the next days and information about TV-broadcasts:

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Alexander Rybak – Promotion tour for “Into a Fantasy” – Lithuania


Alexander comes back to Lithuania to promote his new single and music video “Into a Fantasy”. He will visit several Lituanian cities, will appear on radio and TV and perform several concerts.

July 3rd

14.00 (13.oo CET)– Guest on Russkoye Radio Baltia. Vilnius  Link to listen online

15.00 (14.00 CET) – Guest at the Internet media portal Vilnius Link

18.00 – Performance with dancers and autograph session at the main hall of Shopping and Entertainment Centre “Ozas”, Vilnius

19.00 – Presentation of music video “Into a Fantasy” in  “Multikino Cinema” before the premiere of movie “How To Train Your Dragon-2”. “Ozas” Center,  Vilnius

July 4th

7.30  (6.30 CET) – Guest in  the morning show “Labas Rytas”. Vilnius. Link to watch online

8.30 (7.30 CET) –  Guest of  Radiocentras morning show “Atsibusk su Vyteniu”. Vilnius Link to listen online

 22.00 –  Performance at night club “Galera Bar”. Sventoji, Klaipeda area  (More info here)

23.00 – Concert in night club “Fabrik”. Klaipeda (More info here)

Alexander Rybak – Promotion tour for “Into a Fantasy” – Belgium


Alexander comes back to Belgium to promote his new single and music video “Into a Fantasy”. 

June 26th

Recording for “Mant Plaza” on Ment TV. The broadcast will be on July 6th. More info will be added

June 27th

12:00 Live interview at Radio GRK. Link to listen online

14:00 Live at “Studio TVL”,  TV Limburg. Re-broadcast on 16.15 Link to watch online

20:00 Meet & Greet with fans. Bocadero bar, Antwerpen (Belgium) Website of the bar

Alexander Rybak – Promotion tour for “Into a Fantasy” – Ukraine


This week Alexander Rybak starts his promo tour in Europe to promote his new single and new music video “Into a Fantasy” – the sound-track to the movie “How To Train Your Dragon-2” by Dream Works. During the next weeks he will visit Ukraine, Belarus, Belgium and Lithuania. More countries will be hopefully added soon. Check his full Schedule for more details.

The honour to be the first country in the promo-tour belongs to UKRAINE.   

Promotional visit of Alexander Rybak in Kiev

June 18
11:30  – Alexander at the on-line press-conference in Komsomolskaya Pravda.
Link  to ask questions and to watch online
14:00 – Alexander at the online conference at
Link to ask questions and to watch online
June 19
8.30  – Alexander is a guest in the morning show “Snidanok” at 1+1 TV channel.
Link to watch online
9:00 – 10:00 – Live at “Nashe radio”
Link to listen online
13:00 – 14:00 – Live at “Lux FM”
Link to listen online
14:30 – Online-chat with Alexander Rybak on GolosUA Link to chat
18:00 – Autograph-session of Alexander Rybak at the foyer of “Cinema City” (3rd floor Ocean Plaza)
19:00 – Presentation of music video “Into a Fantasy” at “Cinema City” in Ocean Plaza with popular hosts Anna Sviridova and Sergey Galibin. Admission by invitations only!



Alexander Rybak – A Fairytale in Moscow – 5 years anniversary


Once upon a time, 5 years ago when we were younger, the Fairytale started. Alexander won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow with a record high number of points and he won our hearts. Today, 5 years later, his record is still standing and our Fairytale Fiddler is still capturing our hearts. We celebrate by looking back on some golden moments from 2009, which were never published here before 🙂

Article published before the  start of 1st Semi-Final on 12.05.2009

Author: Nina Skyrud Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen Source:


Translated by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.



Whatever happens, Alexander has already won.
Whether Alexander Rybak wins Eurovision or not, he has already won the hearts of all on behalf of himself, Norway and all those who stand out in the crowd.
He had already jumped through the screen in Kjempesjansen with his own song “Foolin'”. And made viewers gasp for breath, thinking: Wow, what is this?It is incredibly rare to experience a top-trained classical musician with such a natural and heartfelt ability to communicate. He was not an old fellow when he closed his ears to the skeptics’ attempts to get him to limit himself to a career as a classical violinist. He wanted to perform the music as he felt it, both his own and others. Because when Alexander Rybak plays Rolf Løvland’s “Secret Garden”, It’s hard to remember to breathe.
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Do You Have Any Questions for Alexander Rybak?

If you have ever had a question for Alexander Rybak, now is your chance. Alexander would like to hear from you and answer your question. The questions and answers will be posted here, on the Alexander Rybak International Fansite. Therefore, if you have a question you want to ask, post it in a comment on this post before 6. April 2014.

We want you to include:
Your name (will be published on the internet, first name will do)
Your country
Your question

And if you would like, leave a quick story about where and when you discovered Alexander. Be aware that the fansite moderators do not work 24/7, so if your comment does not turn up at once, it will within a day or so.

For the record: This is no April fool’s joke if the date of posting confuses you.


Breaking news! Alexander Rybak is coming to Sochi!

Alexander is invited to a very popular Norwegian talk-show “Senkveld” with Thomas & Harald”, which is broadcasted live, every evening from the Olympic Games in Sochi on Norwegian channel TV2. He will be a guest on several shows during this week. There will be lots of humour and live violin playing from him. He invites all his Russian fans, who are in Sochi this week, to join the audience of the live show. Here is his original message to his fans:

Dorogie Rysskie dryzja!  Preglashau v Sochi!

This week I will be joining the coolest talkshow ever, “Senkveld” with Thomas & Harald, live from Sochi!
So if you are planning to visit Sochi this week, you can be in the audience. Just send an email to
Have a nice evening, boys and girls.

Pishite email:

Alexander Rybak fans: Cherished moments from 2013

Dear readers,

As this year comes to an end today, it’s the perfect time to remember what it has brought to us. We asked Alexander Rybak fans what were the most cherished moments from 2013? There were many responses, despite the short notice. So we publish their answers here as a tribute to the passing year. 

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all of you!
Team International Fansite 



Katie, USA: I finally got to meet Alexander in Canada. He’s sweet as pie!


Anni, UK: I was delighted that Alexander came to the UK again this year, and gave the British fans a chance to meet him. It made my heart smile to see those enjoying meeting him for the first time there.

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Vote for Alexander Rybak on RealMusicBox (Russia)!

Alexander has been nominated as a candidate for the RealBoxMusic award of popular Russian music channel MusicBox. There is online voting where every person can vote once a day. It’s good opportunity for Alexander to come back to Russia to take one more award back home 😉 You all remember how he won MuzTV award in 2010? So, let’s make him win, and he will come  to the awarding ceremony in Kremlin Palace, Moscow on November 19th, 2013! 🙂

It is only possible to vote using the profile of Russian social net Vkontakte, so you need to register in Vkontakte first. This is simple instructions on how to register in Vkontake and how to vote for Alex on RealMusicBox chart:

1. Go to

2. Register your profile 

3. Go to

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Alexander Rybak plays his first concert in Toronto on February 23, 2013!

Great news!

After almost 2 years, Alexander Rybak comes back to the North American Continent for a concert. Toronto, Ontario has the pleasure of hosting the very first Alexander Rybak concert in Canada!

Don’t miss the chance to see Alexander Rybak & The Papaduke Band perform on the Main Stage Theatre at the Toronto Centre for the Arts!

Buy tickets HERE 



Concert-presentation of new music video by Alexander Rybak in Kiev on 31st October 2012!

Alexander presents his new music video “Dostala” (Russian version of  “Leave me alone”) in Kiev, on October 31st 2012!

Restaurant-club “Tolstoi” 
Chervonoarmiyska str., 19
31/10 at 20:00

Live sound
Alexander Rybak
New music video premiere
Leave me alone/ Dostala

Tickets booking
(044) 590-5555

It is 2 years since the last concert of Alexander in Ukraine! So hurry up people to buy tickets;)


Fans promotion of Alexanders new song “Leave me alone”! Translations of Off. Press-release. Oct.12th 2012

Many fans of Alexander wish to help him with promotion in their countries. His management has asked if some  Facebookies would translate the Press-release about his new song  into their own language and spread it in their own countries as promotion.

Some translations have already been made and here they are – free to use. Please use the official Press-photo, posted here, with the text and please include the link to his official website, added to each translation.

Suggestions for use of the translated press-release: Fansites, Facebook-pages,  Pages related to TV and radio. ESC – related FB-pages. E-mails to local radio – and TV-channels or Newspapers – And anywhere else you might see fit:-)

The translations are – in random order:

English, Finnish, French,Turkish, Russian,

German, Slovak, Romanian, Spanish, Polish,

Greek, Croatian, Danish, Swedish, Slovenian

Portugese,  Dutch, Macedonian, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Czech


ENGLISH from official press-release.


Finally, there is a new pop song coming from our one and only Alexander Rybak. Release Worldwide: Oct. 12th.  Alexander is a musical talent with an ambitious vision. He is an artist; A globetrotter that travels the world to seek musical inspiration; To spread the joy of playing music. On his travels around Europe, Alexander meets fantastic people to share the moment with. Some of his fans become true friends. This song is a story from that life on the road. Alexander tells it best himself:

Continue reading Fans promotion of Alexanders new song “Leave me alone”! Translations of Off. Press-release. Oct.12th 2012

New single “LEAVE ME ALONE” is now available worldwide!

Finally! The long awaited and widely announced  new single of Alexander Rybak “Leave me alone”  is out into the world! Congratulations, Alexander!:)

 Now the new single can be purchased in more than 50 countries on iTunes, Amazon, CDON & Spotyfity!

Hurry up to purchaise your MP3 now!:))

All the links on how t buy the new single are gathered at the

Official website of Alexander Rybak.



Finally, there is a new pop-song coming from our one and only

Alexander Rybak.

Release Worldwide:  Oct. 12th

Alexander is a musical talent with an ambitious vision.

He is an artist; A globetrotter that travels the world to seek musical inspiration; To spread the joy of playing music.

On his travels around Europe,  Alexander meets fantastic people to share the moment with. Some of his fans become true friends.

This song is a story from that life on the road.

Alexander tells it best himself:

I needed a new single for Eastern Europe and as I wrote the song, I grew fond of the melody and the story – so I decided to share it with all of you – in English. It´s a true story of a woman who travelled around half the world to babysit my doorstep, sent me 600 emails and always seems to find my new (secret!) phone number. I have to give her credit for her hard work in finding me wherever I am. I am a lucky man to even experience this, it´s something you normally only see in a movie. I got so inspired, that  I had to write a song about it. I wanted the song to be a huge pop-anthem and luckily I got the perfect man for the job, David Eriksen has a heart for popmusic and he creates magic in his studio. So – here we are. I hope you like it. I think I wanna dance”,- smiles Alexander. 

Info source:

Official website of Alexander Rybak

Official Facebook page of Alexander Rybak:

Some old videos of Alexander Rybak, now with Subtitles


1. “Prelude from Moscow”, NRK documentary 16.05.2009
2. Performance at a press-conference in Norway. 28.05.2009
3. Interview at a Croatian TV program, Summer 2009
4. NRK on Alexander’s concert in Mausund. 05.07.2009
5. With Thomas Stanghelle and their families – Kristiansand 29.07.2009
6. Interview at NRK regarding the Nobel Peace Concert, 11.12.2009

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Visa Vid Vindens Ängar – Album by Alexander Rybak

The album “Visa vid vindens ängar” by Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson was released in 2011. The collaboration began when Mats contacted Alexander after having seen a video of him on YouTube where he performed his song “Visa vid vindens ängar”. And so he wanted to thank him for performing his songs and sent Alexander an email. Alexander was grateful for the praise, and later he contacted Mats and the collaboration was a fact.
The album is about enjoying the small things in life and it’s a perfect summer album. Alexander states in the sleeve that he needed a project that brought out the human in him. Below you can hear a taste of the songs.

To listen to parts of the songs press “>” button

To read the lyrics  of the songs click on “Lyrics”

Review of the album you can read HERE

You can find ALL the information about how to stream and buy the CD, MP3 HERE


Music and Lyrics – Mats Paulson
Alexander Rybak – Vocal, Violin, Strings
Knut Bjørnar Asphol – Guitar
Stian Carstensen – Accordion

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Alexander Rybak invites his German fans to Meet & Greet!

Finally Alexander arrives to Dusseldorf (Germany)! From May 8th to May 15th he will be a ESC reporter for NRK TV channel. Alos he would like to meet his fans and he invites them to a Meet &Greet!:)

Here is a message from Alexander’s management on his Official Facebook page:

Dear German friends! Alexander invites you to a meet & greet on Radisson Blu, Dusseldorf, Karl Arnold Platz 5 – Wednesday May 11th, 12:00 to 13:00.

Inside or outside in the garden? It depends on the weather. See ya! 🙂 Best, Kjell Arild – Team Rybak

Liebe deutsche Freunde! Alexander lädt Euch in, zu einem Meet & Greet auf Hotel Radisson Blu, Düsseldorf, Karl Arnold Platz 5 – Mittwoch 11. Mai, von 12.00 bis 13.00 Uhr.

Drinnen oder draußen im Garten? Es hängt vom Wetter ab. See ya! 🙂 Beste, Kjell Arild – Team Rybak

More info you can find in the event calendar on the Official Facebook Page of ALexander Rybak. Here is a direct link to the event:!/event.php?eid=112478692170132

List of visited countries – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak – the globetrotter performer 

Since his winning of the ESC in Moscow – May 2009 –  Alexander Rybak has visited  44 countries in Europe, America and Asia, where he has performed at public or private events we know about. 

Latest country added: Slovakia  – April 2019

Argentina (April 2016)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Hungary (19.8.15)
Myanmar (9.11.2017)
Philippines (4.11.17)
Qatar (11.1.15)
Portugal (April 2018)
Slovakia (April 2019)
United Kingdom


Vote for the Fiddler on Muz TV! Just 3 days left!

Let him take to Oslo all 3 prizes of the main Russian pop-music award!

“Muz TV” has been nominated in the following categories:

  • Best male artist
  • Best soundtrack (“Superhero”   for “Black lightening” movie)
  • Breakthrough of the year

This is YOU who can make him win! So, hurry, people, hurry! VOTE FOR ALEX!

Link for voting here:

Instructions for Non-Russian-speaking  people here:

And even Alex says to you – vote!;))

(video and English subs by Svetlana Plyasun, translation by Zhenya Russian and Julia Bezbakh)

Attention! MuzTV awards – new voting instructions!

Dear friends!

As you may see, MuzTV webpage has changed its design and now the voting became more complicated for our dear non-Russian speaking friends. But the FaceBookies never sleep 😉 So, now we have made new voting instructions  for you:)) Don’t stop voting, please!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUR NON-RUSSIAN SPEAKING FRIENDS ON HOW TO REGISTER AND VOTE: Continue reading Attention! MuzTV awards — new voting instructions!

Alexander Rybak nominated for the Russian “Muz – TV” Awards 2010

Alexander Rybak is nominated in the  main Russian “Muz- TV” Music Award in the following categories:

*Best Male Artist

*Best Soundtrack 
“Superhero” for the movie “Black Lightning”

*Best Breakthrough

The awarding ceremony will take place on June 11th,2010 in the Olympic Hall (Moscow). On the link provided you can find all info about the event, including how to buy tickets!

Now it’s YOU who can help Alex to win all three awards!!!! How?

You should  VOTE FOR ALEX! :))

Continue reading Alexander Rybak nominated for the Russian “Muz — TV” Awards 2010

The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler – (translation to German)

Hallo liebe Freunde!

Wie ihr alle wisst, ist Alexanders Geburtstag schon sehr bald. Wir haben uns seit einiger Zeit Gedanken darüber gemacht, was wir ihm zum Geburtstag schenken könnten. Was kann man einem jungen Mann schenken, der – wie es scheint – schon alles hat?

Alexander hat einmal gesagt, dass der Grund, warum er Musik macht, der ist, dass er die Menschen zum Lächeln bringen möchte. Bei uns hat’s geklappt: Seit wir ihm dabei zuhören, wie er seine “Fairytales” mit  dem Wort, der Geige und Frikar erzählt, erfahren wir mehr Freude und Spaß (vielleicht sogar ein bisschen zu viel, könnten unsere Nachbarn meinen ;))

Continue reading The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler — (translation to German)

The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler (translation to Polish)

„Idealny prezent urodzinowy dla Skrzypka”

Cześć moi drodzy przyjaciele

Jak wiecie, zbliżają się urodziny Alexandra. Od jakiegoś czasu myślałyśmy co możemy mu dać jako prezent. Co możemy dać młodemu chłopakowi, który wydaje się że ma wszystko a nawet więcej.

Continue reading The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler (translation to Polish)


For couple of months now, the Norwegian FaceBookies have been working on something that will blow your mind:

And intimate, private concert with the fiddler in Norway!!!

Read more here and act fast!




Happy April, 1st!!!

Secret behind the Meet & Greet in Prague accidentally revealed by Kjell Arild! ROTFL!

“How in the world could that happen? Kjell Arild, my friend – you’re not good in keeping secrets! :))))”

Alright, crowd!
Time for truth around the Facebook competition and Meet&Greet in Prague!

Yes, the FaceBookies are behind it – yet another time! 🙂

We have got the offer to organize a Meet&Greet and decided to do a special surprise: A contest which is fair and a meeting which is more fun than the fans and Alex are used to.

We (Simone and I) called out the contest and remained undercover (and would have stayed undercover until the M&G is through, but Kjell Arild “pulled a Kjell”. I guess the man is tired, so let’s start collecting money for a facebook-free holiday for him 🙂 He revealed the secret waaaaaaaay too early, haha!)

We collected all questions and removed the names of the contestants (while leaving their age of those who are younger to make sure that they are given the fair chance to win).

We sent the list of questions to a secret jury. (Being part of the jury – in fact, knowing of the contest at all-, automatically disqualified them from taking part in Meet&Greet.)

They picked their favorites and those questions with the most votes and higher popularity made the 10 winners. The identity of the jury is going to remain secret until after the day in Prague.

We congratulate the winners and hope that we will be able to create an unforgettable and fun Meet&Greet! We are looking forward to the answers Alex is going to give to the questions that won in Prague!

Irena & Simone.

PS. Once again the lucky winners who can take one good friend to meet the fiddler in Prague:

Lucie Vycichlova
Zuzana Pecimuthova Tamasovicova
Magdalena Szykor
Magdalena Plezia
Marion Kubek
Victoire Waroquiers
Gaby C
Lea Camilla Cabiaglia
Sofia Määttä
Aino-Kaisa Kantola

Dear friends, FaceBookies, Kjell and Alex!

We welcome you all on our freshly baked



For months now, we (10 of us from all over the world) have been secretly working hard to create a platform to give you all as a Valentines’ Day present! A platform that serves as

  • a meeting point for the FaceBookies all over the world who get lost in the crowded place called “The Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak” with over 64 000 members
  • a place to find the news quickly that have been dug up by the FaceBookies
  • a daily updated schedule of the fiddler for fans
  • a library for the reports and art works by fans, for fans & Alex
  • a library for interviews and articles that we find, translate, upload, create subtitles for
  • a place for the fiddler to hang out when bored and sleepless enjoying your art and gifts
  • a place for Kjell Arild to find little magic helpers when needed
  • a place to find someone who can help you out and give you answers


We started to collect here the fruits of labor of our friends, the FaceBookies, and want to invite you to continue filling up the site. The Official Facebook Page is a Treasure Island that is without a map to find the wonderful, funny, silly, touching and unique treasures made by fans: Let’s find them and put here for everyone to see and enjoy!

In a minute you are going to discover a lot interesting stuff in here! But before you start a tour through our tiny castle made out of dreams – some things about the site:

You have the option to change the language into English and Russian! (We are an international fansite, so the main focus is on English, while Russian serves as additional help). Look on top on the right side or the drop-down button with languages, please!

You have the option to change the background colors from dark to bright. Look on the left side under the table of contents for the drop-down button “Dark”!

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask/tell us!

Enjoy & a Happy Valentine’s Day !


Anastasia, Irena, Irina, Julia, Marianne, Marion K., Simone, Tanya, Yanis & Zhenya

+++ International FaceBookies’ Meeting in Prague +++

Hey, guys!

We’re going!!!  You, too ???

Alexander Rybak, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009 is finally giving a concert in Central Europe!

He is going to play a full concert on February 25th, 2010 @ Lucerna Music Bar in Prague (Czech Republic)!

You can order tickets at Eventim:
(Tickets are reasonable priced at 250,- Kč (ca. 10,- € ) )

Lucerna Music Bar:

More help: click here & here!

Friends Worldwide – Links To National Fansites/groups – Alexander Rybak

List of links to national fansites and fan groups of Alexander Rybak worldwide

FYI: This post was made in 2010 when there were opened fansites and fan groups about Alexander everywhere. As  we know, such sites/groups come and go due to people’s engagement. Those from the list made in 2010 who are still available, are still on the list despite they are no longer active.  

The International Fansite you’ll find in 5 languages:


The Fansite is also on Facebook: 

And you’ll find us on 

Twitter iconInstagram logo icon

tumblr logo icon



YOUTUBE logo IconYOUTUBE logo IconYOUTUBE logo Icon

vimeo icon


One of the main reasons why the OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL FANSITE was created was to:

1 . to bring fans from other countries together (that get lost in the abyss of the Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak with more than 100 000 members) and

2. to make a quick contact between them possible.

Please introduce yourself and post a link to your national fansite/fan group in the comment field and it will be added! 🙂
Just so it’s clear, even if we share the links to these fansite/groups, we are not in any way responsible for the contain )


Facebook page




Facebook group of Danish fans 


Facebook Page of French fans


German Fansite
Facebook Page of German Fans


FaceBook- group


Team Rybak Greece


Facebook page
Facebook group


Facebook page
Facebook group






Facebook page “Polish Rybak’s Mafia


Facebook page


Fansite in Russian
Facebook page Team Russian speaking fans
Facebook page International Club of Alexander Rybak friends
Vkontakte International Club of AlexanderRybak friends




Facebook page “Alexander Rybak Turkish Fans”


Facebook page 


Interesting stuff about charts and prizes – Alexander Rybak

(researched by Simone)

(updated in February, 2010)

Record Sales:


the debut album “Fairytales”:

# 1 for 19 weeks in the charts (triple platinum, which means over 90.000 sold copies)

the single “Fairytale“:

#1 for 22 weeks

the single “Funny little world“:

# 1 for 9 weeks

the single “Roll with the wind“:

#10 for 2 weeks


the debut album “Fairytales“:

#16 for 6 weeks

the single “Fairytale“:

# 4 for 17 weeks


the debut album “Fairytales“:

# 46 for 3 weeks

the single “Fairytale“:

# 10 for 13 weeks


the debut album “Fairytales“:

# 65 for 3 weeks

the single “Fairytale“:

#3 for 7 weeks


the single “Fairytale“:

#10 for 3 weeks


the single “Fairytale

on # 1 :

Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Island, Sweden, Russia

on # 2 :

Ireland, The Netherlands

The song “Fairytale” was # 3 in the European Billboard Charts. It has been released in 25 countries, 120.000 copies were sold in Norway, 300.000 copies in Europe: it also made Gold in Sweden (10.000 sold singles) and in Poland (5.000 sold singles), it got Double Platinum in Russia (40.000 sold singles).

The debut album “Fairytales” made 400.000 copies worldwide.




How to contact Alexander Rybak

 Alexander Rybak answering fanmail


Alexander Rybak Fanmail
Bakkegårdsveien 6
1450 Nesoddtangen

If you would like an autograph in return, you must include a ready stamped envelope to your country of residence and with your address upon it.  Alexander does his very best to reply all fans, however we must inform you that we cannot guarantee a response.

Important: Please send your letters via regular post and NOT
as certified/registered mail.