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Alexander Rybak in the Eurovision comedy “The Story of Fire Saga” on Netflix

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Alexander Rybak has a cameo role as himself in a medley with several other ESC artists in a “dream sequence” in the new Netflix movie.

This post is based on information and texts from several Norwegian newspapers, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK1, Wiwiblogs, The Wrap News and Alexander Rybak. Links at the bottom of the post. Pictures from by Clair Folger/Netflix. Translations by Jorunn Ekre and Tessa La, revision by Anni Jowet

For almost a year Rybak has kept it a secret that he will appear in the Netflix comedy “Eurovision Song Contest:The Story of Fire Saga” with Will Ferrell (52) and Rachel Adams (41). Rybak emphasises that it’s not a big scene he is part of.

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Alexander Rybak in the Belarusian TV-show Makajonka, 9, 18.4.20

Alexander Rybak on Skype in the BelarusianTV-show “Makajonka,9”

Due to the Corona situation concerts and mass events have been cancelled in most countries, and since they no longer can invite guests to the studio, the two hosts in the Belarusian evening TV-show “Makajonka,9” decided to call up the guests they wished for on Skype. And luckily for us Alexander Rybak was one of them 🙂

Just to clarify some facts about the Corona restrictions in Norway since Alexander mentioned the quarantine. In Norway you’ll get 2 weeks quarantine if you have been in contact with someone who is infected or you have been abroad. You’ll have to stay home and are only allowed to go out to do necessary stuff, like buying food. If you are not in quarantine you are still encouraged to stay home, but can actually go wherever you want, whenever you want, as long as you keep 2 meters distance from others.

The interview is translated to English by Anastasia Silakova, who also made the subs, and revised by Anni Jowett.

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Alexander Rybak’s Collaboration in the MGP Song “Over the Sea”


“Over the Sea” sailed through the fourth semifinal to win a place in the grand final of the 2020 Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, (the national selection show of the Eurovision Song Contest).

Singer Magnus Bokn teamed up with songwriter/producer Joakim With Steen (aka JOWST) and Alexander Rybak to write the song. Bokn performed in the semi-final for Western Norway on Saturday, February 1st. While it was Alexander who played the violin on the recorded released version, it was Manuela-Ruth Ötves who joined Magnus on stage with the violin in the semifinal performance. “Over the Sea ” now will advance to the Grand final in Trondheim on 15th February.

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