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Review about Alexander’s concert with Aalesund School Orchestra. Bygdebladet, 10.8.2011


Link to the source in Internet.

Found by Olina Novikova. English translation by Tessa La.

Also available in: Greek (ελληνικά) and Russian (русский)

Alexander with the fiddle in Gomerhuset. Came, played, sаng and won!

Article written by Bjørn Steinar Skarbø

It was full house and a good atmosphere from first to last tone in Gomerhuset in Skodje when Alexander Rybak had a concert with band and more than 100 young musicians from Aalesund Orchestra School.

And Rybak really showed us the combination he is known for, as both talented musician and entertainer. And if we add that he also let many of the young people get the chance to show their skills, combined with a solid grip on the audience, it was not a surprise that it was a success. At least not since many in the audience had a close relationship with one or several people on stage.


Musically it was a versatile concert Rybak presented. Of course “Fairytale” was played, in this occasion renamed to “Musevisa” (It’s his usual joke where he rename Fairytale to a welknown song due to the country he is in. “Musevisa” is a Norwegian well known children song.F.e. Tessa La). In Sweden he used another songtitle., and there were both classical and folk and pop songs, part of it in English and Swedish. With his own band in the middle of all the young strings, could he add extra rhythm, pressure and beat to the music, which was exploited in a great way.

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Alexander Rybak at Ukranian TV-show “MasterShef”, 20.08.2011.

Alexander Rybak gave a master class to the project participants

Written by Alexey Bardyshev

Translated by Zhanna Sergueeva

Participants of the project “MasterShef” have already got master classes from tv-hosts Oksana Marchenko and Maxim Chmerkovsky, singer Alexander Krivoshapko and showman Sergei Sosedov. The next guest in the show is a musician Alexander Rybak, who came from Norway especially to teach the participants of the project to cook Norwegian salmon.

This is a dish that is very popular in his country and is often cooked in his family. On the average it takes 30-40 minutes of cooking. “Our participants have got an hour due to the fact that it is a new dish for them, – said a food-producer of the project. – But they don’t need more time because there is peeled salmon fillet in the pantry. Participants need only to remove the skin from the batched piece of salmon, marinate it, sauté and lay it out. “

It was Anfisa Chekhova who was talking to Alexander Rybak more than any other. “You know, I love men in glasses, – admitted telediva. – You want to lean on their shoulder right away.” She has managed to embarrass the famous singer by this phrase. To defuse the situation Anfisa has asked what is going on in Alexander’s life in recent times.

“I would not like to brag, – Rybak began, but decided to continue. – I recently met Joe Cocker and Barack Obama. “

By the way, the singer admitted that he visited Ukraine quite frequently. “I’ve got very good producers here,” – he said. Alexander said also that his first dish was a pizza, and for a romantic dinner he is ready to cook … a pizza with candles. The singer recommended to Ukrainian girls to eat more salo: “A salo is tasty, and you need nothing else. Girls in Ukraine need to spend days for eating it. “

Alexander wanted the participants to prepare a dish maximally similar to the one cooked by him. “I would like to get the Norwegian salmon with an Ukrainian accent”, – was his last instruction before participants began to cook meals.

Those, who dare to make the Norwegian salmon at home, should heed the advices given by the judges of the project to the participants when they started to cook. “The main thing – don’t overdry salmon, because the worse can be only fat-free meat,” – said Anfisa Chekhova. “And please do not use lemon juice” – added Hector Jimenez Bravo .

Norwegian salmon recipe from Alexander Rybak

Salmon fillet is farced by fresh basil, rubbed with salt, sugar, pepper and olive oil. This way it is pickled. In a separate bowl we boil the potatoes embur. Embur potatoes is a kind of mashed potatoes. It’s feature is: potatoes are boiled in their skins, after that the pulp is frayed with rubbing mechanism for mashing. Black and green olives are added, diced. All this is filled with butter, and potato mixture come out.

Also this dish is accompanied by broccoli cabbage inflorescences. They are boiled in salt water and then abruptly cooled in ice. This is called the English way of cooking. Thus the natural green color of a cabbage is retained. Further, it is necessary to fry the cooked cabbage in butter with garlic and lay it out like a pillow. On a pillow of broccoli the roasted salmon is laid out, which is pre-marinated.

Lay out potatoes embur  with two spoons in the form of a fan. There are three petals. And all it is poured by a saffron sauce .

Saffron sauce is cooked as follows: onion-Charlotte and garlic are roasted in a butter. Sea salt, the mixture of peppers are added, all is diluted with low-fat cream. Excess moisture is evaporated to thickening. Petal saffron is added. The sauce is ready.


Review of The Stockholm Culture Festival (18.08.2011.)

Rybak lived up sleepy concert

Written by  Diana Wikström

Photo by Tobias Dahlén / Photo Passion

Found and translated by Vigdis Ar.

Also available in: Greek (ελληνικά) and Russian (русский)

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra was attended by three Norwegian artists in the form of Ane Brun, Christian Ihle Hadland and Alexander Rybak in a concert that was soporific and lengthy, with few elements of known and faster beats.

A symphony orchestra can be interesting and fun to listen to, but yesterday’s concert did not give rise to any great joy and energy. The Symphony Orchestra started alone but not for long. As soon as their first taste of instrumental classical works was clarified, the presenter warned that it now would be a Norwegian medley with several well-known songs. Yes, it was possible to distinguish among others A-ha. In the end of the medley came Fairytale. A well known and now a quite popular Alexander Rybak stood in the front of the stage with his violin, and lived up a little extra with vocals also.

Rybak then performed “First kiss” instrumental before he went off. The Symphony Orchestra gave us yet another classic work, Mountain King Hall, before it was time for Ane Brun who came in with guitar. A quiet song followed by an equally calm, and the concert felt more or less soporific. The next man to take over and present his music was the pianist Christian Ihle Hadland. He sat down at the rolled out piano and showed off his skills in one long piece. Christian is certainly very good at what he does, but his appearance could have been a little shorter and preferably split into two pieces, preferably with a little singing. Now it was just tough.

Viscous went to melancholy tones when Ane Brun came back and sang about love. Then it was again time for Alexander Rybak, the 2009 Eurovision winner. Rybak let the audience hear two instrumental pieces, which one of them, Mountain Rose, was written by Norwegian composer Sven Nyhus.

The presenter  concluded by speaking warmly about that there is no “us” and no “them”, in the music or the people. Everything ended with a folk song that got additional support of key harp, a quiet piece that increased more and more in the beat and were finalized in something that can be described as musical chaos. The highlight is clearly Alexander Rybak who both had verbal contact with the audience and gave some life to an otherwise sleepy concert.

Alexander Rybak’s interview about social media to the paper issue of Dagens Næringliv 16.08.11

Journalist : Halvor Ripegutu
Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

Found and translated by Tessa La

Also available in: Russian (русский), Greek (ελληνικά)

The network has become one of the largest advertising channel for musicians. Rybak has nearly 300,000 fans on Facebook.

It is easy to be a megalomaniac, but I try to limit what I write there”, says Rybak. With nearly 300,000 fans on Facebook, he is the single Norwegian musician with the most followers on Facebook. Only three groups, The black metal bands Dimmu Borgir and Immortal, and the electronica duo Röyksopp, have more supporters among Norwegian music artists on the world’s largest online community.

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Alexander Rybak: “As a child I was a clown” – Interview to Russian newspaper “Pervostolnik” #7, 2011

Found by: Irina Kuvaldina. Translated by: Irina KuvaldinaZhanna Sergueeva. Revision by: Bita J.

Also available in: Russian (русский)Greek (ελληνικά).

We came to know him just 2 years ago, after his victory in the ESC 2009. Ever since then, Alexander Rybak has not been lost amongst the countless European pop artists and has become one of the most popular artists in Europe. Of course, he is especially loved in the CIS countries. This is understandable since Alexander is of Belorussian origin, though he represented Norway in the famous song contest. Moreover, the musician doesn’t become tired of repeating  throughout interviews that  considers himself Russian in soul.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011, which ended several months ago, could not have take place without Alexander’s participation either. This time around, Alexander tried out a new role as a host and reporter for  Norwegian TV. The day before his trip to Dusseldorf, he found the time to answer to our questions discussing the attention he receives from girls, his first self-earned income and the contents of his luggage.

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“New round with Alexander Rybak” – Article on the paper issue of Sunnmørsposten 9.8.11

Found and translated by Tessa La
Photo improved by Alev Can
Revised by Bita J.

Reporter: Gry Støre
Photo: Nils Harald Ånstad

New round with Alexander Rybak

Alexander is back as an instructor at Aalesund Orchestra School, and is more nervous than he was before Grand Prix.


“This is something totally new for me, because this time it’s my own project. It shapes my future”, Alexander Rybak (25) says.

“This is what I like to work with. To make concerts with children and young people which turns into unique experiences for the audience. It’s regardless of age and music tastes. A little pop, some classical and some folk songs”, he says.

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“On cabin vacation with his girlfriend”. Namdalsavisa august 5th 2011

Written by Inger Lise Hammerstrøm. Photo: Inger Lise Hammerstrøm.

Link to original article:

Translation to english by Laila Ulvseth

Vacation on Otterøya. For Alexander Rybak, half a day of vacation is more than enough. This week, he had one-and-a-half day at Otterøya with the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad and her family.

On cabin-vacation with his girlfriend.

OTTERØYA: Thursday night, a tired, but obliging Alexander Rybak landed on Namsos airport. A press corps and his girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad were there to greet the popular fiddler.

– As a matter of fact, I don’t want so much focus on love, and that Maria is my girlfriend. I don’t want to expose her to all the hatemail and messages some of my fans are sending.

Nevertheless,  they invite Namdalsavisa to come along to the cabin on Otterøya, where the fiddler and his girlfriend will spend a few days before new concerts and signings awaits. Continue reading “On cabin vacation with his girlfriend”. Namdalsavisa august 5th 2011

Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

Written by Hårvard Kristoffersen Hansen. Photos by Krister Sørbø/VG

Link to original article from 1.8.2011:

Translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Inspired: Alexander Rybak (25) is influenced by the norwegian nature and the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad, when he writes new songs.Photo: Krister Sørbø/VG

(VG)ÅLESUND. Alexander Rybak gets  inspired by beautiful Røneset outside Ålesund: – Here I would like to write another song!
– It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. Most of my songs are inspired by Norwegian nature, that’s why I could have written another song here, – the celebrity-violinist tells VG.

Rybak wrote his ESC hit “Fairytale” at Giske, the island where the festival took place close by. – It’s great to relax here in this environment after a lot of urban life the last few years. I wouldn’t mind living here, but I guess I’d be restless after a while, – he adds smilingly. Continue reading Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

“Concerts and love”. Article in Trønder-Avisa August 4th 2011.

Written by Per-Magne Midjo. Photo by Per-Magne Midjo.

Link to original article:

Translation from norwegian by Laila Ulvseth

Concerts and love

Who was shining brightest of the sun and Alexander Rybak at Namsos airport wednesday night, was hard to say.

The welcoming comittee was his girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad. They will have a few days vacation on the farm where Maria’s mother grew up on Otterøy outside Namsos. But Rybak is also looking forward to the two signing concerts at Namsos storsenter and at Amfisenteret in Steinkjer saturday. Continue reading “Concerts and love”. Article in Trønder-Avisa August 4th 2011.

Article about Alexander Rybak in paper issue of Namdalsavisa, 4.8.2011

Found and translated by Tessa La

Before Alexander Rybak have a signing concert at Namsos Storsenter on Friday, he is relaxing with his family on Otterøya.

Otterøya: Since Alexander Rybak won Eurovision two years ago, he has managed to release three albums, become the national lucky charm troll, and find the way back to his musical roots.

Do not want to be a pop star.

Fairy Tale was just a break from the classical music I was doing, Rybak says, when he sits in the sun and eat homemade soup. A not unknown meal for the boy from Belarus, who become a star over night when he sang and played himself into the hearts of the Grand Prix audience with the song, which he describes as a perfect combination between the melancholy Russian and Norwegian optimistic. Now, however, he returned to his career as an artist, and not a pop star.
It’s cozier to be artist than a pop star. Then you can go out to the people, and you feel you have something to offer, the down to earth and humble composer says. The Norwegian was by an English journalist recently compared with the Vivaldi, and he said Rybak could turn a violin into something not even Vivaldi could do.

Released an album in Swedish.
Did he say that? That’s nice. It is probably easier for a foreign journalist to see me as the musician I actually am, then the pop star I am portrayed regularly through the quotes taken out of context, from VG and Dagbladet.
Recently Rybak released his third album, “Visa vid vindens änger,” a collection of Swedish folksongs rooted to the genre Rybak actually operates in.
The original me is the classical and jazz. I am of course very privileged that I through GP and pop break Fairytale has been given opportunities, but I prefer to be a popular artist. You have to be a bit mysterious and unapproachable as a pop star, and I don’t want to be that.

Signing the record.
This summer Rybak has got the opportunity to be the popular artist he wants to be, with concerts at the malls around the country, with a subsequent record signing, which often takes three hours. He is a popular artist, the 280,000 followers on Facebook witnesses that. The lucky charms troll with the melancholic Belarusian soul and the charming mood spreader has really found his way in to the Norwegian people, and he doesn’t stop entertaining us at the first. I will complete the studies at Barratt Due in Oslo in the autumn, but on weekends I’m going out and play concerts again, the young energetic artist says.

Review of Alexander Rybak’s new album “Visa vid vindens ängar”


Alexander Rybak’s Swedish buffet

Source:  Written by Kristján Sveinsson. Photo by Fredrik Arff. Published 27 July, 2011 – 18:41

Artist: Alexander Rybak
Album title: Visa Vid Vindens Ängar
Label: Universal Music
Release date: 24.06.2011
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) Continue reading Review of Alexander Rybak’s new album “Visa vid vindens ängar”

Interview of Alexander Rybak’s mother about acts of terrorism and moods in Oslo


Written by Anya Balakhovich and Oleg Bartsevich. Published 26.07.2011, 17:41

Link to original article:

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva

Alexander Rybak’s family saw an explosion in Oslo from their window

The mother of the artist, Natalia Rybak, told how she got to know about the acts of terrorism, which sentiments do dominate on the streets of Oslo and whether her family does now want to leave Norway.

Euroradio: Where have you been at the moment of the explosion? Where has Alexander Rybak been and, God forbid, hasn’t anyone been hurt in your family?

Natalia Rybak: In our family, fortunately, nobody was hurt. Sasha at that time went to a concert near Oslo. We were sitting at home, having guests. From our windows the downtown can be seen. And we heard this explosion, we saw rising column of a smoke, but I even could not imagine that this is really a blast. We thought that in the worst case it was a collision of two boats …

Euroradio: How did you personally react to this explosion? What feelings did you have?

Natalia Rybak: At first nobody could believe it was true. It took several days to realize these news. In terms of feelings it was a terrible shock. Everyone was depressed. It was hard to believe that this could happen in reality and not in some movie. That a man with cold blood can take away so many lives.

Euroradio: How did you get to know what happened on the island of Utoya?

Natalia Rybak: Those news were even more terrifying. When we were talking to each other we all were having tears … This was just impossible to talk about. Still I see that people can not calm down when we start talking about those events, it’s just hard to talk about those events.

Euroradio: What people say right now? What conversations can be heard in the shops, on the street?

Natalia Rybak: Neighbors talk to each other. Unfortunately the best friends of our neighbors lost the girl. At least she has not been found yet … There were two sisters and one of them returned alive from Utoya, but the second one has not been found, so there is very gloomy mood … Everywhere in churches the prayer services take place, with many people. People come with flowers. In the squares there are a lot of flowers. Yesterday 150 thousands people came to the main square. Sasha opened the concert at that meeting dedicated to the victims.

Euroradio: Have you got more police in the city?

Natalia Rybak: “Of course, a readiness of the police is increased, especially in places where public meetings are held, in the city center. The first few days there was everything where the bomb has exploded – the troops and the weapon. Now it is more relaxed. But it feels, I do not know how to explain it… It is very difficult to explain it by words. People just come, and not because they are interested to look at this place, but people come because it’s important to be together for them. It has united people. Instead of hate people show more love.”

Euroradio: What they say in conversations about the personality of Breivik?

Natalia Rybak: Everybody agrees that the mind of this man is not healthy. He had his own goals as specifically the Nazis in Germany had in former times. He seemed to want to do everything as best in his opinion, but means to achieve this goal are just inhuman. People don’t talk particularly about this man. Newspapers write something but mostly talking about those who is missing.

Euroradio: How people relate to a punishment for Breivik? He faces 21 years. Do you have sentiments in Norwegian society to punish him by longer term of imprisonment?

Natalia Rybak: Especially among young people, of course, there are such sentiments. They can be described as “those people have no place on earth.” But in Norway there is no death penalty. There are such sentiments but they are not common.

Euroradio: Is there a feeling that the life in Norway is not so safe? Maybe you had thoughts about moving out of Norway?

Natalia Rybak: No. We did not think about changing our place of residence. Generally it can happen anywhere. I think that this wave of terror came to Scandinavia with a big delay.But in the subconscious everybody had such thought that sooner or later it would happen with us. The more, Norway is involved in numerous military operations of other countries. In the subconscious maybe it was not clear but there was a feeling that it can happen. But I do not think that someone got the thought that he should run away from here. There is no such state in humans.

Rybak on the Facebook-top. Article in, July 22nd, 2011

Written by Stian Grythaugen. Photo by Vidar Ruud, ANB. Published 22.7.2011 on

Link to original article:

Translated by Marianne Saietz

Alexander Rybak is one of the Grand-Prix-circus´ biggest stars on Facebook.

That shows,  from a ranking, made by the official pages of Eurovision Song Contest.  The webpage has looked at, how popular, previous Grand Prix-participants are on Facebook and ranked them, from the highest number of Facebook-fans and down.  In the final list of 25 names, Alexander Rybak is the only norwegian feature. The 25-year-old, who set a crushing score-record, when he won the international final in Moscow in 2009, ends up on place number 13.

That means, that the «Fairytale»-artist, drops two places on the list from last years ranking.  Alexander Rybak has, at the moment,  276.424 fans on Facebook. Continue reading Rybak on the Facebook-top. Article in, July 22nd, 2011

French article about Alexander Rybak by “Charts in France” – 13.7.2011

Found by Zhanna Segueeva. Translation by Yannis Papadopoulos.

Alexander Rybak returns with a new single in Norwegian*

[The song is in Swedish, but it’s mistakenly referred as Norwegian in the article]

The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, is back with a new single, “Resan till dig”, which is performed in Norwegian, the first piece from his third new album «Visa vid vindens ängar», which is available since the last June.

The Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak hasn’t met the anticipated success in France, after his victory at the 54th Eurovision song contest with «Fairytale» in 2009, however he remains a star in his country, where he recently released his 3rd and latest album «Visa vid vindes ängar», introduced with a single sung in Norwegian, «Resan til dig» – thus probably resigning from the effort to export himself after two years and focusing on the market of his homeland.

[However, Alexander has denied himself that the new Scandinavian release means that he’s abandoning his international career]

Continue reading French article about Alexander Rybak by “Charts in France” — 13.7.2011

Concert of families Rybak and Stanghelle in Farsund. July 8th, 2011


Nice review from

Article found by Catalina Balan. Translated by Tessa La.


Rybak ruled the town square!


Rybak and Co. played music for all ages when they were on stage at the town square last night.

By Ådne Husby Sandnes



Emily Reinertsen was in love with Rybak, but that was earlier.

-It must be at least 3,000 here, that is fantastic, Knut Egil Andreassen said from the stage when he stood and peered over the crowd.

The town square in Farsund was filled with both young and old when the family Rybak and family Stanghelle presented everything from pop, folk songs, opera and classical music from stage at the town square in Farsund last night. The concert was weather dependent, and if it would rain, the concert would be moved to the church. It looked gloomy for a long time, but throughout the day it cleared up and everything was ready for Rybak to explode on stage.

Traditional concert
Family Rybak and family Stanghelle the guests, have a 15 year long tradition with summer concerts at the South coast of Norway, but this is the first time they joining the “Kaper” program. They asked themselves if they could come to Farsund, and as previously reported in the newspaper, Torrey Skeibrok believed it was a joke, but it was not. But not only the actual concert is traditional, the music has both elements of the old hymns and songs, but of course songs from Alexander Rybak pop career. June Carson and Britt Seland both live in America, but visiting Farsund in the summer. They have followed the career of Rybak.
He’s very talented, and from what I understand he is also very friendly and kind, said June Carson, also pleased with the nice weather.
The town was packed with people, but the biggest fans was in front of the stage. In front of the stage,among others, stood little Emily Reinertsen. She had made a great poster that said: “We love Rybak.” She was a little in love with Rybak, but that was earlier.
-Rybak’s really good, I had a little crush on him earlier, but not anymore, she says, blushing slightly, while the grandmother says she is a little embarrassed and that she was really looking forward the concert.

At least 3,000
When Rybak and co. entered the stage, cheering breaks loose in the town square. He starts with a song he presents as “a song you may have heard before.” It’s “Fairytale”. The audience is delighted with the opening number, and the familiar stanzas were sung at full volume from the audience. The explosion that Rybak had promised was a fact.
-It is nice to come home to my roots, I have so many good memories from Farsund.We will play all kinds of music, and I hope that when you get home, you are more culturally enriched, Rybak said and laughs from the stage in the town square, and start with a night song that his mother used to sing for him.
The weather threatened the concert earlier in the day, but the sun peeked out, and the organizers were delighted with the number of audience.
-There must be at least 3,000 here, a sea of people! It is fantastic, says Knut Egil Andreassen.

PS: Today Rybak performing as street musician in Lyngdal.

Concert videos

by Venche Mellemstrand

Alexander Rybak, Thomas Stanghelle, “Dream”

Continue reading Concert of families Rybak and Stanghelle in Farsund. July 8th, 2011

Interview to Norsk Ukeblad no.28. July 10th 2011

Jordbær & Flørte

Published in the weekly magazine,”Norsk Ukeblad”, July 11th, 2011.

Written by: Tommy Halvorsen. Photos: Bjørg Hexeberg Staveli

Found and translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Headline: Strawberries and flirting

(wordplay: fløte = cream, flørte = to flirt, in norwegian)

Q: What are you doing this summer?
A: This summer I’ll try to please people around me, play and sing a lot, and hopefully, compose a few songs. Preferably while “loffing” around, visiting different villages. And I’ll visit some culture schools that have invited me. Continue reading Interview to Norsk Ukeblad no.28. July 10th 2011

The mini-concert and signing of Alexander Rybak in Lyngdal (Norway), 09.07.2011.

Found by Marianne Saietz, translated by Tessa La

Link to original review:

Lyngdal hijacked Rybak for free.

Rybak charmed the people in the “Miljøgata” (walking street) and stood patiently for hours so everyone got their autographs, pictures and hugs.
This pleased many in Lyngdal today, while it caused irritation among the organizers of Kaperdagene.

The people from Farsund, due to Lyngdal Newspaper, didn’t look at it with gentle eyes that Rybak perfomed for free in the neighbor city, the day after the concert in the “Kaper city”.
Due to our sources, it have been stated that with this he kind of “destroyed” for the event in Farsund yesterday, the day after three thousand people saw him in Farsund.

These days, Alexander Rybak is out on the promotional tour for his new album.
It was in this context that there was made an agreement on the mini-concert and signing under the auspices of the Book and Media in Lyngdal, who sells his CD.
It is normal procedure that the artists set up for signing at record stores, etc. “at his own expense” to promote the new release.
That Rybak chose to do that in Lyngdal the day after an agreed gig in Farsund, was hard for many to accept.

Rybak gave a so-called mini-concert in Lyngdal, and played just under twenty minutes for the many curious who wanted to have a closer look on the Grand Prix charmer.
The repertoire was a couple of songs from his new album, but the artist did of course not get away without singing the Grand Prix winner “Fairytale” – to full sing a long from the audience.

Those who hadnoticed that Rybak was present in Allèen today, met an obvious and always great artist who is known to give much of himself to their fans.
Women of all ages returned with rosy cheeks and “god, this was fun!” after receiving a hug from the big charmer.
There is no doubt that the young gentleman has female appeal in in buckets and pails.

When everyone had gotten a bit of Rybak in Allèen, he chose to return to Farsund to provide an additional free concert – because of the dissatisfaction in the “Kaper city” for his PR stunt in Lyngdal.

The videos from the concert:

Fairytale and Resan til dig

(by Sigbjørn Utland)

Roll with the wind

(by Venche Mellemstrand)



Interview of Alexander Rybak to Norwegian Dagbladet/Magasinet, July 9th 2011

Published in the paper-issue of “Magasinet”- an appendix to Norwegian “Dagbladet”, 9.7.2011

Written by Eivind Sæther. Photos: Jørn H. Moen.

Found by Susanne Berlin.  Article and pictures scanned by Tessa La.

English translation by Marianne Saietz
Revision by Bita J.


“The Wake Up”

Alexander Rybak (25) is no longer dependant on sleeping pills. Now, he dreams of being able to trust people once again.

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak doesn´t trust anyone, and shares that he functions best when he isn’t attached to anyone. “I don’t want to become dependant,” the album releasing 25-year-old says to Magasinet.


At the moment: He has released an album in Swedish: ” Visa vid vindens ängar”
Family:  An only child. In relationship with Maria Slyngstad.
What he drives:   – I usually borrow cars from my friends, so I drive a lot of different cars.
Favorite gadgets: – I play a lot of video games. Perhaps I should answer a question about that?
Last cultural experience: – I watched “Mad Men” on DVD. It’s fantastic. I dream about being Don Draper.
-I don´t trust people. –
Alexander Rybak has dark circles under his eyes as he watches guests in the restaurant at Aker Brugge, Oslo. He arrived home at 2  in the morning last night, after signing autographs for almost 3 hours after a show, and then driving on the E18 alone in the dark. Continue reading Interview of Alexander Rybak to Norwegian Dagbladet/Magasinet, July 9th 2011

Alexander Rybak, interview to TV2 – 6.7.2011

Rybak will not be fooled by the girls this summer

Preferably, he will sit on a deserted island in the rain with Katrine Moholt and talk about life’s sorrows and joys.

Source: TV2, publish 6.7.2011 – Author: Victoria Østengen – Translated by Tessa La

– What is your best summer memory?

– My best summer memory is when I went to Tusenfryd (amusment park) with the first girl I was in love with. We went to Tusenfryd, because I knew she was going to sit close to me when we would take the Timber chute.

– What kind of relationship do you have to the summer?

– I like summer when it rains. I am a Belarus, you know, so I’m a sucker for melancholy and nostalgia. Also, I like to see the sunset in the summer.

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So polite that he nearly drowned – Her & Nå 28.06.11

Good manners were close to cost Alexander Rybak his life. So polite that he nearly drowned.

 Article found, and translated by Veronica Nord. Pictures scanned by Susanne Berlin. Journalist : Hans Petter Treider  Photos : Morten Bendiksen. Published 28.06.2011

During the whole summer “Her & Nå” will challenge celebrities: Who sets up a deckchair the fastest?

First one out is the artist Alexander Rybak.
Time: 25.5 seconds….

Alexander Rybak was very, very polite already as a child. Even one time he was about to drown, he called for help by discreetly gurgling “excuse me ….excuse me”.

– How long can you sit in a deckchair before you get restless,  Alexander Rybak?
– If it’s not sunny, I can manage 5 hours just fine. If the sun is shining, then it won’t be more than one minute.

– For most others it is vice versa …
– I have never been interested in nice weather. The worst way to wake up, is when the sun is “baking” through the bedroom window. No, give me rather rain!

– But is there really anything to do indoors in the summer?
– Really not ? I have recently played through 20 TV games on three different consoles, watched four seasons of “Heroes”, three seasons of “Lost” and read a book about Ole Bull.

– Why Ole Bull?
– I feel related to him. He didn’t manage to enjoy the present either.

– What can you enjoy then?
– I’m enjoying what I have done and what I’m going to do.

-Congratulations on your new CD, “Visa vid vindens angar” ! It’s a collaboration between you and the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson, who is 48 years older than you. Is it not insurmountable for two musicians?

– No. He is a “jentefut” (= casanova, ladies man, womanizer) just as I am. I’m actually an old man, trapped in a girl’s wet dream.

– What did you say?
– No, let me rather say it this way: I’m an old man, trapped in a seducer’s body.

– I think we change the theme : We are at Oksval pier at Nesodden, your childhood paradise. What were you like as a child?

– Polite and gentle. Even when I once nearly drowned, because of lacking swimming skills, I would not create unnecessary uproar, and called attention so discreet as possible by gurgle “excuse me …. excuse me”. Then I was saved by the head physician at Sunnaas hospital, which incidentally also was taking a swim.

– Have you always been so polite?
– Yes, and disciplined. Add also “aware” and “listening”.

 – What smell do you associate most with summer?
– Scent of rhubarb. Mom makes a lot of different things with rhubarb.

 – What summer has burned itself into your memory?
-The summer my dad and I were street musicians in Sweden. I was about seven years, I think. We played the violin, both of us.

– When you’re as old as your musical friend Mats Paulson, how would you like your life to be then?
– I hope it consists of just the right amount of excitement, just right amount of safety and that I live with a woman who loves both my weaknesses and strengths.

Some quick questions in the deck chair:

– What is the taste of summer?
– To get salt water in the nose.

– How many degrees must there be in the water before you jump in?
– Preferably 20. But I can take a swim in 16 degrees too, if it’s hot in the air.

-What song puts you in the summer mood?
– “Ferie” (Holiday) by Postgirobygget. It is suitably nostalgic.

– Do you tell the whole and entire truth when you’re writing postcards?
– I do not write postcards, but I respond to letters fans have sent. I’m now finished with letter number 8231.

– What kind of holiday do you not go on ?
– I can control myself from charter holiday.

Interview of Alexander Rybak to “Se & Hør”. 01.07.11

Article found, scanned and translated into English by Veronica Nord.

Journalist: Per Sigve Kleppe

Said no to the king of musical.

Openhearted! AR speak out about drugs, his new album – and the celebrities he has rejected.

– You are out with a new СВ again, can you tell a bit about the album?

– It’s released both in Norway and Sweden and is called “Visa vid Vindens anger”. It’s a collaboration with the Swedish troubadour Matt Paulson (73), who I have known for over two years. He’s a living legend for me, and it has really been therapy to work with him on this album. After two turbulent years, I needed something that was a little down to earth/laidback, says Rybak.

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Article about Alexander Rybak from “Romerikes Blad”, 24.06.2011

Nostalgic summer breeze from the countryside

This is an article from “Romerikes Blad” (24.06.2011) – only in paper issue. Written by Kjersti Busterud and Ola Einbu.

Found by Kristen Marie Heia
Scanned and translated by Laila Solum Hansen

Alexander Rybak enters the summer with songs about the wind which is ruffling the curtains, Maria and the first kiss. All put together in Gjerdrum.


“Det går en vind over vindens ängar”. And there Alexander Rybak is sitting, suntanned in the Norwegian summer’s breeze, ready to sweep over the country with Swedish songs, written by 73 years old Mats Paulson.

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Interview with Alexander Rybak in paper issue of Aftenposten 26.6.11.


Journalist: Ingrid Anthonsen. Photo: Dan Petter Neergaard
Found by Olina Novikova. Translated  by Tessa La.

Rybak and the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson have released a CD about life’s small pleasures.They describe the cooperation as therapy.

– This has been therapy for me. For the first time in two years I have control of the situation, Rybak (25) said.

He talks about his new album, “Visa Vid Vindens Ängar,” which is made in collaboration with the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson (73).

Rybak sings the beloved songs in Swedish, and has also contributed with melodies to four of the songs on the album. The songs are about life’s little golden moments, like to cuddle a cat, or the first kiss. For Rybak, the project has also been about finding peace after a turbulent time in the wake of the superior Eurovision victory in 2009. Fatigue, excessive workloads, and a fiddle smashed in frustration, have made headlines.

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Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Translated by Ida Marie Brøske Kleven.

Photo from the printed issue taken by Tessa La.


“I love to live in the past, with a little hope for the future”

Alexander Rybak (25) has made big money on songs about his ex-girlfriends. Now he has written two Swedish folk music songs to his new girlfriend.


The songs “Maria” and “Din första kyss” are about his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad (25), and participate on the famous violinist’s new CD “Visa vid Vindens Ängar” which is made in collaboration with the famous Swedish folk singer Mats Paulson (73).


– You have to ask Maria what she thinks about the songs. But I like to write songs about love. I think that it gives the songs more suspense when the audience knows who the songs are about, Rybaks says, and refer to “Fairytale” and “Oah” which are dedicated to his ex- girlfriends Ingrid Berg Mehus (23) and Moa Meinich (19).

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What Alexander Rybak says about his new CD:)

Photo by: Fredrik Arff

Alexander’s statement about his new CD Visa vid vindens ängar at the Lionheart Music Group official web-site.
Translation by Tessa La

“A Eurovision winner gets plenty of exciting suggestions for cooperation. The biggest of all for me was undoubtedly the day I received a letter by Mats Paulson. He had seen me perform “Visa vid vi…ndens änger” and wanted to thank me for singing his songs. It was difficult to comprehend that such a great composer had taken the trouble to write a long and heartfelt letter to me.

Time passed and life after Eurovision became more and more unreal. I felt that now I needed a project where I found the man in me. But I needed someone to work with. Someone who understood life, someone who understood us and not least:

Someone who understood the music.
Someone like Mats Paulson.

Fortunately, he was happy to help me. I even got to do a few songs myself and I hope you enjoy them. Mats texts is about to enjoy the big and little things in life, and I hope that you will do to after hearing the album.

I sing in Swedish by the way.

– Yours Alexander”

* All the info about where to buy the album “Visa vid vindens ängar ” can be found here:

Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden), 06.06.2011.

Link to original article:

Found by Anglesina Est, translation by Tessa La

Rybak gathered large crowds

Photo: Nils Ågren

Great weather and a brilliant Norwegian at the Swedish national day, the last days of Oerneexpo in Skyttis.

Alexander Rybak met all the expectations from the large crowd at Oernexpo. He played 5 songs together with his two violinists, and of course the gig ended with the Eurovision winner song Fairytale. But Rybak was not done yet. After the gig there was signing. In more then one hour the young Norwegian patiently wrote autographs, gave hugs and willingly took photos with his fans.

Alexander at a restaurant’s opening in Alanya, Turkey, 17 May

Found and translated by Alev Can.

Momento Resturant opened its doors.

A new gourmet restuarant opened in Alanya. Norway ambassador Cecilie Landsverk, honorary consul Nüvit Özkan and Eurovison 2009 winner Alexander Rybak, who was in Alanya to give a concert for Norway’s national celebration, were at the opening.

Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert with Vivaldi Orchestra, 20.05.2011.

Link to original article:

Translation by Laila Solum Hansen

Classical at Rommen

Written by Øystein Kielland

Alexander Rybak and the Vivaldi Orchestra invited Groruddalen to concert at Rommen Scene Friday evening.

This was the a performance by youths. – The Vivaldi orchestra is conducted by Igor Rybak. His son Alexander has served his time in the orchestra. Now they were together again – at Rommen Scene.

Alexander expressed his happiness for so many to have found their way to the concert, to support the young people so they could develop. To laughter from the audience. Because this was impressing from start to finish.

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A small article about Alexander Rybak in Alanya, Turkey

Link to original article:

Found by Ronja Laupitaja

Translation by Alev Can

Alexander Rybak liked the Raki


Written by Doğan Haber Ajans

Winner of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak, drank Raki in Alanya for the first time and he said he liked it.


Belarussian and norwegian artist Alexander Rybak who won the 2009 Eurovision song contest with his song Fairytale in Russia, came to Alanya to give a concert at the celebration of the Norwegian National day. He had dinner at Natalie Restuarant in Oba with his manager. Norwegian customers showed so much interst to him. They took pictres with Rybak and signed the concert posters. Rybak and manager of Natalie Restuarant, Vali Arslan alias ‘Pilot’ drank Raki at dinner. Rybak mentioned that it’s the first time he tast it – ” it’s a drink with a little bit strong tasted, but I like it very much”.


Alexander Rybak gave a concert in Club Biestro Bellman for Norwegian National day Celebration.

Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Found and translated by Tessa La. Photo on the paper acquired by Tessa La through phone and enhanced by Yannis P.

By: Morten Hegseth and Marcus Husby

Alexander leans to his mother’s comforting words, when the scandal headlines and life is as toughest. Now he has moved on after the tough “Shall we dance” –time in Sweden with sleeping pills, disease and infidelity stories in the weekly press. I don’t think about the time in Sweden anymore, it’s so long ago now.  I’m done with that period of my life, Rybak said.


Both the Swedish and Norwegian magazine unfolding Rybak’s alleged relationship with his Swedish “Shall we dance” partner Malin Johansson (24) at the final party to the dance competition. This happened while Rybak is in a relationship with his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad – which he proclaimed his love for at the “Spellemann” this year.

– I felt disgusted when the article was published. It was not good. It is not myself I think of first and foremost, but my closest family and friends. I always notify them before such “doomsday cases” are in print, but this was not ok. No one wants to see kissing pictures smeared out all over a front page, he said.

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Alexander’s photo on sale for UNICEF charity

News research by Veronica Nord and text by Tessa La

Alexander is one of the celebrities in Norway who support Unicef and is one of the persons who are depicted at the exhibition “Close-up for UNICEF”, which consists of portraits of about 70 famous people in Norway, who had themselves being photographed looking naturally.

The production company “Monster” has taken the initiative for the exhibition, and the income from the sale of photos will go directly to UNICEF’s fund in order to eradicate HIV infection from mother to child.

The photo of Alexander can be yours for NOK 7.500,-. (ca. 947 euros). Size 60×60 cm, signed. The exhibition takes place on Tjuvhomen (Akker Brugge), Oslo, May 6th to 15th.

Webpage of the project
Alexander’s photo

Alexander Rybak made thousands of wild Russe-girls cheer! April 2011

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Alexander Rybak himself is behind the “Russe-song” to the girls on the Bærum bus “Atlantis”.

Alexander Rybak has made a new «Fairytale» to a group of girls from Bærum.

Articles published in Dagbladet 27.4.11 Author: Trine Høklie Jonassen og Budstikka 26.4.11 Author: Lars Bryne.
Translation by Laila Solum Hansen. Revised by Bita Janz

Text to picture: Alexander Rybak has given the girls on the Bærum bus a new “Fairytale” to hum on. Photo: Torbjørn Berg /Dagbladet

Yesterday he made thousands of ecstatic “Russe-girls” cheering for his latest song. Alexander Rybak has, as many other artists have done before him, made a “Russe-song”.

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Alexander debuts as a reporter for April 27th 2011

Alexander debuts as a reporter for NRK

Alexander Rybak is ready for the Eurovision Song Contest, but this time with a slightly different role than before.

Source:  Published 27.04.11. Text and photo: Hege Bakken Riise. Translation by Tessa La, Revision by Bita Janz

When Stella Mwangi in a few days, jumps on a flight to the international Eurovision Song Contest finale in Dûsseldorf, most attention will be turned towards her. Alexander Rybak will also follow closely, he namely makes his debut as a reporter and will cover Stella and the other artists’ movements during the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) for
“I have to start being interested in fashion and how people are dressed as quickly as possible. This is very important in the MGP-world”, Alexander Rybak says with a slight shudder as he embarks on the pro and cons of his new job. Continue reading Alexander debuts as a reporter for April 27th 2011

Alexander to be an NRK reporter at ESC. April 27th 2011

Article from by Halstein Røyseland. Published 27.04.11

Link to original article:
Translated by Laila Solum Hansen
Revised by Bita 

Rybak to be an NRK reporter

(VG Net) Alexander Rybak (24) will be involved in the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, but this time, as a reporter for This will be a new come-back for Rybak from two years ago, when he topped the European finale in Moscow with his song “Fairytale” on May 2009.

“We are very happy to have Alexander on our team. He has unique experience that is useful, both in his work as a reporter for, and also as a member of the Norwegian delegation,” says Skjalg Solstad, the project leader for the Norwegian delegation, in a press release. Continue reading Alexander to be an NRK reporter at ESC. April 27th 2011

Elisabeth Andreassen about Alexander Rybak. April 4th ,2011

He fills the void Jan Werner left behind

See who Bettan can not do without.

Article published on TV2-webpage “God Kveld Norge” 14.04.2011.

Written by Ine Therese Back Iversen. Translated by Marianne Saietz.
Revised by Bita Janz


Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen is experienced in the music industry. Over the years, she has worked with many artists both in Norway and in Sweden. This time, it’s the golden boy Alexander Rybak who has become her new partner. Something Elisabeth is very happy about.  Continue reading Elisabeth Andreassen about Alexander Rybak. April 4th ,2011

Maria, model in fashion-show. April 4th.2011

Published on the tv2-webpage of God Kveld Norge, 15.04.2011

Written by Ine Therese Back Iversen. Translated by Marianne Saietz. Revised by Bita 

Link to original article in Norwegian:

On Thursday April 14th, Rybak’s girlfriend, Maria, was invited as a model to the catwalk of Nora Farah’s fashion show.

The scene was set for glitter and glamour when the clothing designer Nora Farah, together with the skincare-line Carita, sent out invitations for a fashion-show at Grand Hotel in Oslo. On the red carpet arrived no less than Alexander Rybak, arm in arm with Elisabeth Andreassen. They came for a special occasion.    Continue reading Maria, model in fashion-show. April 4th.2011