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Official press-release of Alexander Rybak’s management due to his visit to Moscow on 20.12.2011

Alexander Rybak was kept at the Russian border for two hours.

English translation by Julia Bezbakh. Picture by Anita Lysak

Alexander Rybak visited Moscow right before the Christmas holidays started. The Eurovision winner came to the capital of Russia for only one day to perform at the student’s party of Moscow university.

But the concert could have ended with cancellation due to the fact that the artist was detained on visa control at Sheremetievo Airport. It turned out that Alexander had Russian visa in his passport, but it contained a misprint admitted by the employees of the Russian Embassy in Oslo. Unfortunately the visa with error was not valid, so Alexander couldn’t be let in to the territory of the Russian Federation He was even threatened to be deported back to Copenhagen, where he had just arrived from.

The singer spent about two hours in the VIP terminal of the airport and the concert, which was long waited by the Moscow students, could have been cancelled. However, the employees of the consular department responded quickly to the situation with the visa of the Eurovision 2009 winner. They issued him a new visa, and Alexander was able to cross the Russian border.

Because of the time spent on the issuing of a new visa and hours of traffic jams in Moscow, they had to delay Rybak’s performance. The students chanted the name of their favorite artist for an hour, waiting to see him enter the stage. The singer didn’t stopped by the hotel, he immediately rushed to the concert area right from the airport. He changed his clothes and in 5 minutes Rybak was ready for the concert. Because of that Alexander had to play without the necessary sound check and rehearsals.

The audience burst into applause when Alexander Rybak appeared on stage. Alexander Alexander performed for about an hour with the ballet “Foresight” in front of the student audience, presented his new Russian-language songs, as well as their favorite hits. After the concert, the students were satisfied getting autographs and pictures with their idol – Alexander Rybak.

The artist’s management and Alexander Rybak himself express their gratitude to the director of the Consular Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia – Karlov Andrei and deputy director of the Consular Department of the MFA of Russia Klimov Alexey for the quick solution of the problem, correcting typographical errors in the documents of Alexander Rybak and issuing the new visa to enter the Russian Federation.

Picture by Anita Lysak.

Musical midwinter. Review of “Vinterbilder” in Ringsaker Church, Dec.22nd 2011

Though each of them has their own role,  they are together in the sing-along, with a sympathetic audience. Anna Vada, Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak.

Article published on , 22.12.2011

Text and photos by Paula Bjertnes

Link to original article ( with video ):

Found by Vigdis Nor. Translation Vigdis Nor.


Musical midwinter

Just before Christmas a lot of people managed to get into the right mood, thanks to the concert, “Winter Pictures”.


There is no shortage of concerts with commercial operators in the district. Yesterday’s concert could have fitted into the picture here. But fortunately it had the mark of originality and spontaneity, which made it well worth the visit.
Alexander Rybak stood for the spontaneity. He shifts constantly between being a funny kindergarten- uncle and a serious fiddler. All the time he communicated with his audience, well aware that everyone should catch everything, and everyone should feel seen. It’s a great quality that many experienced artists are missing. Hopefully,  Rybak will never let go of his playfulness.

Originality was first and foremost in the arrangements. It was generally known and beloved Christmas songs that passed the show, and they were dressed in new “clothes” (arrangements) , thanks to musical director Øystein Lund Olafsen. Rybak improvised freely on “The Christmas Song”. Guitarist Kjell Harald Litangen came with a tough solo in “Himmel i min favn” (Heaven in my arms) and the pianist himself,  did the work of the organ in a very free version of “Deilig er jorden” (Lovely is the earth). Here he whizzed through many keys, and was inspired by the moment. It was a real highlight, which told much about this man’s musicality.

Winter mood

Anne Vada appeared in everything as a solid singer, who does not miss a single key. Her expression is clear and very clean, and makes you lower the shoulders of many notches.
Actor Dennis Storhøi read texts and thus put an atmospheric setting for the Christmas celebration. The transitions of the songs were gradual, again thanks to the keyboard man.
The three main artists gave each their atmospheric picture of winter and Christmas. Anna Vada and Dennis Storhøi were here strong in words, and although Rybak could not live up to it, his image was not less evident because of that. Choosing a sing-along version of “Julekveldsvisa” (Christmas Eve song) was a genius move, in which he got the men in the audience to sing an octave higher than usual, and the ladies to sing at their lowest. To pinch the nose to mimic Prøysen’s voice,  only Rybak can get away with.
It was this sense of humor combined with deeper lyrics, clear vocals and elegant music that made the concert a great experience. All this in a very beautiful color- set church-room, which was almost full.

Video from the article, by Paula Bjertnes.

Review of Christmas- concert in Elverum, Dec.17th 2011

Article published on 18.12.2011.

Text and photos by Bodvar Lotsberg. Link to original article:

Found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Marianne Saietz


Strong team: Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak in action in Heradsbygd church, saturday evening.

Big party before Christmas with Rybak in Heradsbygd

Saturday evening, a big pre-Christmas-party took place in Heradsbygd Church. We were guests at the program, “Vinterbilder”, with actor Dennis Storhøi, singer Anne Vada and Alexander Rybak and two musicians.

It was a concert, that gave us a great Christmas-spirit.

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Review about Christmas concert in Ulsteinvik on 09.12.2011

Article in the paper Issue of Vikebladet 15.12.11
Journalsit: Mone Celin K. Skrede. Photographer : Jan Erling Davidsen

Articles found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Tessa Lande.

Beautiful winter pictures

Friday 9th of December it was a full booked church and very expectant mood in Ulsteinvik. The artist trio Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and Anne Vada met with singing, storytelling, a lot of good spirits and beautiful tones from well-voted instruments.

It was people in all ages present this evening, and the whole church buzzed expectantly minutes before the concert was going to start.. The scene was suddenly illuminated, and in a red light the actor, radio voice, and film and TV face Dennis Storhøi come walking up the aisle.

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Review about Christmas concert in Tønsberg on 13.12.2011

Article in the paper issue of “Tønsberg Blad”. 14.12.2011

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

Journalist: Marikken W. Photographer: Peder Gjersøe


Tønsberg: Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada shared their winter pictures, and made some new ones for the audience in the cathedral last evening.

Welcome to the Christmas concert “Vinterbilder” in beautiful Tønsberg Cathedral, Dennis Storhøi said, before the concert started yesterday.
Together with him was Anne Vada and Alexander Rybak, and together they painted beautiful musical winter photos of the cathedral.

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Article about Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Fjordenes Tidene” 25.11.2011


Met their idol: Some dreaded, other lookes forward to it, but Alexander Rybak’s relaxed style made that all the Culture School students left the Inspiratory Lesson with and increased self-confidence.

Text&photo by Svanhild Breidalen

Found by Olina Novikova and translated by Tessa Lande

The most important thing is that you sing what you want to sing, not what your teacher wants you to sing., This was the first hint Alexander Rybak gave to the Cultur School students in Selje at the Inspiratin lesson before the concert last weekend.

The about 15 young people from the Culture School in Selje, who were going to meet Alexander Rybak at the inspiration lesson were actually most excited, but became more and more nervous as time went on, and Alexander didn’t show up. But suddenly they heard a “Hey, I’m Alex,” and with a pleasant greeting round to each and one the ice was broken.

Despite a few glances at the clock now and then, the famous artist took himself plenty of time for both individual customized feedback to students, at the same time he was talking more in generally about his own experience of being on a stage.

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Alexander Rybak about Romanian X-Factor., 12.12.2011

Source: Link to the original

EXCLUSIVE! Alexander Rybak: “I like X Factor Romania has more singers than entertainers”

published Monday, December 12, 2011 00:00
Photo: Andrei Moise – Google translation.

” I really like Romania, I feel so privileged here. In fact, my biggest privilege as an artist is that in Europe I manage to travel, I manage to focus on certain countries, depending on my choice. instead of being an international artist, I only like to visit Russia, Ukraine and the northern part for one year, and then to go to other countries. So far, in Romania I have only been able to see Bucharest but I can say that it is a very beautiful and authentic city with all these old buildings, I like the churches and the House of the People, it is very great , “said Alexander contemplative.

The Romanians have not been forgotten by the Norwegian singer, who said he felt at home among the fans here: ” In Romania, the audience is so warm! It is very nice to me “.

As far as X Factor Romania is concerned, it seems that the show is above Alexander’s preference for the other competitions with the same name in other countries. ” What I like about X Factor Romania is that you have more singers than entertainers , for example, Alin Vaduva is a singer, but also a real entertainer, and the group rapper, Gabriel from T & L, I really like it. , there are many singers, people who give their best on stage. Many X Factor shows – Ukraine, Norway, UK, USA – put more emphasis on the show than on the voice , “added Alexander Rybak show hosted by Antena 1.

Asked whether he has any favorite among the finalists, the artist did not hesitate to admit that indeed, in his two X Factor participations, the attention was drawn to by some competitors. ” Alin Widow is my favorite, ” Alexander answered honestly. ” But I think the T & L also deserves to go further because they are good entertainers.”Gabriel is very good at freestyling and rapping, he did freestyle on my play, “Fairytale” and I was very impressed. I know better than T & L than others, because I spent time with Paula Seling two months ago , “continued the Eurovision winner.

And because he has arrived in Romania twice, he has been involved in the X Factor show, has met some of the contestants and became friends with Paula Seling, Alexander Rybak decided to try and collaborate with the Romanian artist: Now I’m trying to play a song with Paula that suits both of us, both of us, and of me, we have two attempts to see who’s going to come out first. “

The artist has good news for his Romanian fans: he also wants to play on mioritic landscapes! Later, next year. ” When my song and Paula Seling will be ready, then I will be ready for a concert. It will be a duet, and Paula is best suited for this.” In the last year I had over 300 concerts, so I’m a little I feel that to be a musician, you have to know how to cooperate, to collaborate.It is a lot more pleasant.And when I concert with Paula, I will sing, besides the song we work on, and six or seven tracks included in the albums my “.

Although he is impressed by what is happening on stage X Factor Romania, the performer of the song “Fairytale” says he would not even try to participate in X Factor Norway. ” I would not do that, because you need to know where you are and where to give someone else the opportunity to get famous. X Factor is a very good way to get to know and I had my time, ” Alexander answered .

Even though the holidays are near, the beloved singer will not be able to enjoy them with the family because of the scheduled concerts. But he does not complain, but on the contrary. He is delighted that he succeeds in bringing a drop of happiness to the spectators’ souls. ” I will have only two days off, but it will be nice, anyway, I have many concerts, I had a concert on Friday and I will have a concert in Oslo on Monday.”

And for the girls in Romania who are interested in Alexander Rybak, well … you have little to expect. Because, apparently, the singer does not think of anyone now and does not intend to do so too soon. ” I’m interested in myself at the moment, but that does not mean I’m not open to new skills. ” 

“Warm winter pictures”. Article in “Tidens Krav” 9.12.2011

An article from “Tidens Krav” paper issue of 9th December, 2011. Journalist : Haldis Gundersen

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes.
Translated by Tessa Lande. English Revision by Anni Jowett


Frei Church was packed when an actor, a fiddler and a singer from the highest division in each genre were on stage Wednesday night.

Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada are each alone worth the ticket, so the expectations were high. And were they met? Oh yeah, it was a beautiful, evocative and enjoyable session.
The show is called “Vinterbilder”, which combines the stories and Christmas songs with everyday humour and warmth, sincerity and tradition of good mix. “Julekveldsvisa” and “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” in perfect harmony. There was something for everyone, and everything was fun and deliciously performed.

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Alexander Rybak – interview about trendsetting 08.11.2011

Alexander Rybak: – I don’t want to be a trendsetter.

Text to header photo: STRICT ORDERS: Alexander Rybak was a guest in Thursday’s episode of “Happy Day” and was very clear about the fact that Jan Thomas was not allowed to touch his eyebrows.

Norway’s fiddler,  Alexander Rybak, prefers to dress discrete, but loves clothes with Mickey Mouse motives. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — interview about trendsetting 08.11.2011

“Keeping the traditions”- “Tidens Krav”. Dec.5th 2011

Published in “Tidens Krav”, Dec. 5th 2011. Written by Liv Jorunn Denstadu Sagmo.

Photo: Mona Nordøy.

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Text under picture: To Frei. Alexander Rybak visits Frei Church, together with Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi, with their concert “Vinterbilder”

Keeping the traditions

….But first, Rybak & Co are going to Frei Church.

Alexander Rybak is looking forward to a calm tour before Christmas. But he never performs, in the last days before Christmas. ” Not even, if  I was offered a lot of money” – says Rybak to Tidens Krav.

December and the time of advent, always brings Christmas-concerts. Wednesday, Alexander Rybak, the actor Dennis Storhøi and singer Anne Vada, will come to Frei Church with “Vinterbilder”. During advent, they will give 13 concerts all around the  country.

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“Christmas-stars are shining”. “Trønder-avisa”- Dec.7th. 2011

Review of Christmas-concert “Vinterbilder” Dec. 6th at Steinkjer Church. Article published dec. 7th on

Text and photo by Bjørn Erik Øvrelid. Link to original article:

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes. Translation by Venche and Marianne Saietz

OUTSTANDING: Anne Vada (left), Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak impressed a lot in Steinkjer church.

Christmas Stars are shining.

With the voice of Anne Vada in the lead,  the trio took Steinkjer Church by storm yesterday afternoon

Dennis Storhøi read aloud with delicacy and tact. By his side, were  Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada,  who each in their own way,  brings world class to the table.

Probably,  it felt extra special to Anne Vada, who is from Steinkjer.  She spoke warmly about winter memories from Reina.

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“The good boy at Dovre”. Article – Dec.6th 2011

Review of concert in Dovre Church, Dec. 4th,  published in the paper-edition of  Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen ( Dec. 6th 2011.

Text and photos by Vidar Heitkøtter.

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes. Translation by Venche Mellemstrand.

Alexander Rybak got excactly, the good atmosphere, “Winter pictures” could provide.



He was the big “draw” and could have dominated the church- concert on sunday evening completely. But modest in his own way,  he held back and gave much room to Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi and the co-musicians Øystein Lund Olafsen and Kjell Harald Litangen.

Close contact

Still,  it was Alexander Rybak that got the close contact with the 250 attendants. He liked very much, that so many young people were there.

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Article about Christmas concert with Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian newspaper “TrønderAvisa” 06.12.11


Journalist: Ane Bjerkan

Found and translated by Tessa Lande

Anne’s Winter pictures.

Anne Vada, Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi has decided to give the audience some of their winter pictures and festive mood with the concert tour “Vinterbilder”. This evening the trio visit Steinkjer Church.

And it is Steinkjer’s own Anne Vada who is the initiator of the Christmas concert tour. She has planned the tour since January, and this summer she contacted Rybak and Storhøi.
– It’s good to have long time with the projects. Sometimes it’s about developing something, to sleep on it and have the time, Alexander Rybak smiling.
He says it’s good to be in Vadas Christmas project, and that he looks forward to travel around and see Norway’s towns and cities again.
– Last year I was out on the road with my own Christmas concert and big band. I was both musical director, financial responisble, and actually was in charge of all the tasks. This year, I can relax a little more, Rybak says.


Christmas concert will consist of both traditional and new Christmas songs. The musical pieces are bound together in a serious and light tone, through stories about Christmas and midwinter.

– For me, Christmas is not only a time of joy and good mood. There is also a time of the year where one thinks a lot of those we have lost and are missing. When we called the concert “Vinterbilder”, I feel we got more space for the repertoire and the mood we wanted to express, explain Vada.

Dennis Storhøi says that he hopes that they will be in close contact with the audience during concerts.
– It’s amazing when the stage and audience merge. If the public only knew how much they mean to us who are on stage. The church area also provides a different concentration than the other rooms, and contact with the audience get even closer, he says.

Strong relationship with Steinkjer church.

Anne Vada said she is looking forward particularly to the concert in Steinkjer Church. “The first time I held a Christmas concert there, I was 10 years. Since then I have sung there in Christmas several times,” Vada says.

She explains eagerly to Rybak and Storhøi about the churchroom, and Weidemann’s stained glass windows.

– For my part, this is the third time I visit Steinkjer. The last time was at the Viking Festival, Rybak says.

Christmas music and Christmas spirit.

The artists have a strong relationship with Christmas music, and to both Alexander and Anne “My Heart Stood Still” is the favorite Christmas song.
Before Christmas I like to listen to Helene Bøksle and Him Gospel Choir. “I also thinks the new CD from the Salvation Army, is nice,” Vada says.

After the tour Anne sets the course for the Christmas celebration at Venabygdsfjellet. Alexander is also looking forward to some quiet days with his family. “At Christmas, the whole family play togehter, has a lot of visits and I walk the dog,” Rybak says and smile..

Article about Christmas tour with Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Budstikka”

Christmas concert in Lommedalen Church

Rehears at the concert place. The five people behind the Christmas Consert tour “Vinterbilder” rehears for it in th eempty church where they have premiere. In front Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi, and in back row f.l. Øystein Lund Olafsen and Kjell Harald Litangen

Journalist: Eyvind Sverre Menne. Photographer: Ulf Hansen.

Found by Vero Nika. Translation by Tessa Lande and Laila Solum Hansen

Premiere. Both Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi admit they are a bit nervous before the premiere of their Christmas tour with Anne Vada in Lommedalen Church.

– I thought that one was calmer, the more experience you got, but this is not how it is, Rybak says. We meet him, Storhøi and Vada in Lommedalen Church, where they are rehearsing for their new Christmas concert “Vinterbilder”. It is premiere at the church Friday, before they go furter out on tour to several places in «Østlandet» and then to «Vestlandet» and «Trøndelag» (the easter, west, and middel of Norway).

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Review about concert with Alexander Rybak in Selje, 19.11.2011


Article from the local newspaper, published on November 24, 2011.

Found and scanned by Tessa Lande, translated by Laila S.H.

All photos: Svanhild Wide Valley

Rybak charmed

Alexander Rybak playing together with local cultural forces in Selje municipality, showed itself to be the recipe for success. One of the highlights came when Rybak accompagnied the local troubadour Bjørn Inge Berge on the county- top hit “Komme det som komme må” (Come what may)

“You are most welcome to talk between the numbers. So I won’t have to talk all the time”,- joked Alexander Rybak from the stage and set the mood for a good tone with the audience.

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Review of the concert with Alexander and Vestre Aker Strykeorkester nov.13th 2011

      Article found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes – Translated by Marianne Saietz


 Alexander Rybak inspired Vestre Aker Stringorchestra last weekend.

Article published at on 23.11.11. Written by Fredrik Eckhoff. Photos by Erlend Andersen.

Link to original article:  

Lovely ensemble-play with Alexander Rybak 

It “rained” with praising words after the concert in the old Persbråten- hall last weekend. 


” What a fantastic concert-experience Sunday and what a educational and inspiring weekend for childen and teachers of Vestre Aker stringorchestra” – was one of the comments from a mother in the hall and she continued:  Continue reading Review of the concert with Alexander and Vestre Aker Strykeorkester nov.13th 2011

Nice memories from the concert in Miami: Alexander Rybak and The Three Jacks



An article from the Church magazine “Fyrlykta”, published on 14.11.2010

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

A phenomenal stage show

There is only one thing to say, the Alexander Rybak concert was a fantastic event.

Henk Milne in The Three Jacks set the tone when he said that he had a special relationship with Norwegians and referred to the Vikings raids in Ireland. Now the Norwegian are building a church. “We better join them he continued before he and the band provided an hour of speed and rhythm together with the three girls in Breffni Dancers, who was a fireworks of precision and very fast feet.
And then he came, the one everyone was waiting for: Alexander Rybak. He played and sang many songs that can be found on Youtube and gave the benefit of a large repertoire, which showed that he can play both classical and modern pieces on the violin.

Moreover, he showed that he is a great entertainer with a great capacity for self-irony. The musician, singer and artist shown up to the audience’s wildapplause.

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Article about upcoming concerts with Alexander Rybak in Selje. Fjordane tidene, 18.11.11

Article found, scanned and translated by Tessa Lande


Journalist: Kari Midtgård Råsberg

Local musicians and singers in Selje is now ready for Saturday’s two concerts with Alexander Rybak.
Tomorrow we will be ready for a musical meeting between local cultural resources in Selje and Alexander Rybak, the winner of the international Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.
Rybak became internationally famous after he won the competition with the song Fairytale, which he has written himself. He also got the award «Fiddler of the year» the same year.

Continue reading Article about upcoming concerts with Alexander Rybak in Selje. Fjordane tidene, 18.11.11

Alexander Rybak will sing with another Eurovision star!

Link to the source:

Found by Ulli Cologne

A happy song. Alexander Rybak to record a song with Paula Seling

Alexander Rybak, will record a song in collaboration with Paula Seling who placed 3rd in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 representing Romania. Rybak will visit Romania for the second time this year for another appearance at the Romanian X Factor show where the new song is expected to be presented.

Another article with the same news:

Found and translated by Victoria CAn

Bits of Paula’s statement: “As an additional news, I would like to announce you that these days I am working on a new song in duet with a Norwegian artist who is not Ovi (as you know he has recently returned to Romania), but … Alexander Rybak. I met with him recently, as a guest judge to the “Judge Home Visit”, on Romanian X-factor, and we found that we are on the same wavelength musically speaking …and … we went to work in the studio. Alex will return to Romania to sing on the X-Factor stage, and we hope to introduce you as soon as possible the result of our collaboration, a cheerful song, which I hope will please the widest audience.”

Watch the performance of Alexander at Romanian X-Factor on December 11th, 2011 on Antena 1. More info about this event you can find here:

Interview to the Norwegian newspaper “Vikedbladet” 12.11.2011

Paper edition retrieved by Tessa Lande, translated by Laila Solum Hansen

Rybak is coming back to Ulsteinvik with a new artist trio.

The advent time this year could be extra nice for the ones who love going to concerts. Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi with musicians will come this last month in the year to Ulstein Churh, to make Christmas mood. The concert is a part of the Christmas Tour ‘Winter Pictures’

Journalist: Mone Celin K, Skrede

The 9th of December you can participate in a special musical experience in Ulstein Churh. This December day it will be a Christmas concert with three rather well-known names. Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi with musicians will supply Ulsteinvik and surrounding areas with beautiful Christmas melodies and lyrics with a lot of nice Christmas mood.

The concert is a part of a Christmas tour that will start on the 2nd December in Lommedalen church in Bærum. The tour has the last concert at 22nd December in Ringsaker church and contains in all fourteen concerts. Ulsteinvik is number seven on the list.

Through a cozy and cheerful conversation with all three artists, Vikebladet Vestposten has got to know a little both about the concert itself, the tour and the artists relations with Ulsteinvik.

Continue reading Interview to the Norwegian newspaper “Vikedbladet” 12.11.2011

Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011

Found by Ellen Nl. Translated by a friend who wishes to stay anonymous.

Also available in Greek (ελληνικά)

Alexander Rybak, singer: “I am sorry for bothering you, I think I am drowning”

By Roxana Lolea. Source:

Extremely shy, Alexander Rybak told us about the adventures he had, when he came to Romania, to help Paula Seling choose the finalists of the “X Factor”. Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011

Alexander Rybak at Anniversary concert of Gjerdrum School. 6.11.2011

Alexander performed at the 50-years anniversary-show of Gjerdrum School-chorpse (Norway). With Gjerdrum School-chorps, beginners and trained,  Bjørnar Asphol and others.  Many thanks to Tessa Lande for the pictures and videos from this concert!:)

If you want to watch the videos of the concert, you can find them here.

Photos from Alexanders seminar in Mo i Rana. Oct.30th 2011

In the weekend 28th- 30th october, Alexander led a music-seminar for 70 young musicians from Prima Music-school in Mo i Rana. It ended with a concert 30.10.11. You can read more about the event here.

The photo-article was published on nov.1st 2011. 

Link to the original article:

Photos and text by Arne Forbord.

Found and translated by Marianne Saietz


1) Alexander Rybak at Meyergården. Here, with Vida Steiro, Martine Sørvig and Tor Alvin Wika. They show a special type of fiddle-playing. Kneecap-playing.

2) Alexander Rybak and Tor Alvin Wika in action.

3) Alexander Rybak at Meyergården.

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Alexander Rybak led a seminar in Prima Music School. Ranabladet, 31.10.2011

Seminar – Rybak led a seminar for children and youth

Article in “Ranabladet” 31.10.2011
Journalist: Niklas Øymo

Article found, scanned and translated by Tessa Lande

Irresistable genre cocktail

RANA: about 70 children and young people got to work with Alexander Rybak and ended with a bang.

Since Friday, children and young people from Helgeland, Sweden and Russia worked intensively to put together songs for a final concert on Sunday evening.
Promoter Prima Music School and Violetta Sørensen has worked continuously for 2 months to put it all together.
There have been some tough months until now. It’s a challenge to guide so many children and young people up to such an event. I want to thank parents and Helgeland Sparebank for all the help, Sørensen says.
She is impressed with the will to work of both the children and of Alexander Rybak, who was hired as leader of the seminar.

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More fun to be a musician than a celebrity – Rana Blad 29.10.2011

Text to featured picture: Tomorrow Alexander Rybak plays concert with 70 young musicians in the Kongresshall. He is very happy with that.

It is not a project, but a dream coming true when Alexander Rybak, this weekend, leads 70 musicians forward to a concert.

Source: . Text and photo by Hedda Hiller Elvestad. 
Found by Marit Olavsdatter. Translation by Marianne Saietz. Norwegian/English revision by TessaLa.

– This  is exactly what I have been dreaming about. To be allowed to  travel around and inspire young talents, says Alexander Rybak and lets his fingers slide over the piano at Prima Music school. Continue reading More fun to be a musician than a celebrity — Rana Blad 29.10.2011

Concert of Alexander Rybak in Malaysia. 14.10.2011- Reviews

Alexander Rybak performed at an event of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Malaysia

Alexander performed at ” The annual Norwegian Seafood Dinner ” –  an event of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Malaysia.  The event took place at the Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur and contained seafood dinner and entertainment. Two Malaysian websites had reporters at the event. Here are the parts of the reviews, where Alexander’s performance is mentioned:


Review at, published on 17.10.2011

Link to the source:

“Finally, an amazing performance by the young heart-throb Norwegian violinist/singer, Alexander Rybak, wowed the audience and had them up on their feet, thumping the tables and floors in rhythm to his catchy violin numbers. The song you hear in the video, is entitled “Fairytale” This song was the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia. Alexander reveals that this song’s inspiration came from the Huldra, a beautiful female creature from Scandinavian folklore, who lures young men to her, and then curses them for all time. The Russian language version of the song is entitled “Skazka”.”

A video with several glimpse from his performance. The pianist is Hilmar Kristoffersen from Norway, who also was a part of the band Alexander toured with in 2009. 

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Article: Alexander Rybak at the dance show in Dokka, 22-23 Oct. 2011

Found on the local Dokka newspaper (24.10.2011) by Tessa Lande. Translated by Laila Solum Hansen.

By Trond Lønstad

A FAIRYTALE: Alexander Rybak sang and played Fairytale, while the children sang and clapped

DOKKA: The Tomle-Svendsby sisters and the more than 100 dancers made a big show at the cinema, with Alexander Rybak as a guest artist.

You just have to take off your head gear and bow to the dust over the commitment, the glow, the dance happiness and the scene radiance that was shown during the dance show ‘Fairytales – still dreaming’ . The show has had four packed performances at the Dokka cinema during the weekend, with 1500 enthusiastic spectators. This was just awesome. You have to go far to find something as good as this! The response from the audience after the show was unambiguous. An ecstatic audience got on their feet and gave the more than 100 girls and boys at the stage standing ovations. And the judgment was clear: Dokka and Nordre Land have a fantastically good dance milieu. Basta!

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Article about Alexander Rybak’s classical concert in Tromsø’s Cathedral – 19.10.2011

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. The concert was held on 18.10.2011. The article comes from the paper issue of the newspaper Tromsø, 19.10.2011

Journalist: Christer O Pedersen

Photo: Tom Benjaminsen
(Scanned by Tessa Lande. Post-processing by Yannis Pap.)

For the first time in two years the winner of ESC performed a classical concert.

This is the first time I do a classical concert since I won the ESC, and I thank you for the support”, Rybak said after the concert. There wasn’t a single tune from Fairytale or a single halling throw in the church last night. Instead there were classical pieces by Vivaldi, Händel and Tchaikovsky on the set list to the popular violinist. Rybak played from Händel’s Organ concert in F-dur, from Tchaikovsky’s Serenda and from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons*.

Sven Nyhus

And a small Norwegian element, which Rybak had arranged for orchestra,  “Bergrosa”. “It was great to add Nyhus to the concert. It was very nice”, Ragnhild Steen said, who visited the concert together with her grandchild. She liked what Rybak and his collaborating orchestra the did, consisting of musicians from Tromsø and St. Petersburg with the concert master Anna Chizhik. “It was a great program with a variety of music, and he does have temper, that young man”, she says.

The Church Festival

The concert was a prelude to Tromsø International Church Music Festival which starts this weekend. There will be a series of classical concerts and a lot more. This was the first highlight of many, pastor Kjell Y. Riise says to the newspaper Tromsø: “Among other things, the concerts and worship services with music by, among others, Mozart, Bach and a lot of female Baroque composers. Later this fall there will be concerts with hymn writer Elias Blix and composer Adolf Thomsen”, he says.

* According to Sara Anja, who attended this concert, Alexander didn’t participate in the performances of the Händel’s and Tchaikovsky’s pieces.

Alexander in Ulsteinvik, July 29th 2011.

“Was well-received”

Article published in, 29.07.2011
Journalist: Jørund Johansen.

Link to original article:

Found and translated by Tessa La


Rybak performed an intimate concert at Amfi in Ulsteinvik on Friday. He said it was wonderful to be receieved so well.
The audience were excited and waited for Alexander Rybak when the time passed 4 o’clock at Amfi in Ulsteinvik on Friday. There were both young and old people at the concert, but it was the younger generation who hijacked the closest places to the stage. Continue reading Alexander in Ulsteinvik, July 29th 2011.

Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi go on tour – article on Her og Nå, 20.09.2011

Alexander and Dennis Storhøi go on tour. Ready for new “spillopper” [=pranks*]

* wordplay with the word “spill” = play

Found and translated by Vero Nica

Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi have had a huge success earlier with “Fiddler on the Roof”. “Her og Nå” can now reveal that they once again will turn their musical talents together.

Alexander Rybak (25) and Dennis Storhøi (51) have developed a close relationship through the staging of the audience and critics success “Fiddler on the Roof”. Young Alexander considers the theatre veteran Dennis as his artistic mentor, and the two have kept in touch since “Fiddler on the Roof”, the play for which Alexander was honoured with the “Hedda” award (best newcomer of the year). The two popular artists will now again be on the same stage during the concert tour “Vinterbilder” (=Winter pictures)

A little secretive Dennis Storhøi confirms to “Her og Nå” that he now will perform with Alexander again.
– I’m of course looking forward to working with Alexander again. We have kept in touch, and there’s a good atmosphere between us, he says.

From what “Her og Nå” has learnt, it will be 15 concerts in December. The established pianist Øystein Lund Olafsen is the producer, and Alexander and Dennis will be joined by the singer Anne Vada.

Schedule of “Vinterbilder” concerts

ACCORDING to Anne Vada’s page, discovered by Vigdis Ar

“The Continuation of an Important Vision”. Ketil Moe-runrace sept.11th 2011

Article written by Carl Christian Engstad,  published in the paper-issue of Lillesandposten 14.09.11

Found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Tessa La.
Revised by Bita

The continuation of an Important Vision

Artist Alexander Rybak believes it’s important to honor Ketil Moe’s memory and vision. That’s why he performed on Sunday in “Dyreparken” at the Ketil Moe running race. The Grand Prix winner gave a concert and performed for nearly an hour before the race started. At the finish line, he presented the medals, signed autographs and posed for pictures, to the joy of all the abled and disabled race participants.

Rybak and his family had previously spent their summer holidays at Lillesand before, and so they knew Ketil Moe on a personal level. Rybak believes it’s important to be present to continue Moe’s visions:

“There are many diseases and conditions that exist in the world. I caught a glimpse of cystic fibrosis through Ketil Moe. I knew him when he lived, and I was tremendously inspired by his charisma. Even at his lowest points, he was a joy-spreader. Therefore, it is appropriate to arrange an event like this in his spirit, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be here.”

Around 850 people purchased tickets to attend the 19th race in honor of Ketil Moe run race. As usual, there were those who were able to complete the race in as little as a few minutes, while others had to take it easier on themselves.

The first competitor to cross the finish line, Even Meinseth from Fevik, had participated in this race six times already, and shortly was shortly followed by his sister Ingvild.

“Our grandparents always bring us to this event. I think it’s fun. It is good that there are races like this, where everyone who participates is considered equal regardless of their conditions”, Even says.

Several of the disabled were swift to pass the finish line, and were very pleased about their own performances. Carl Jon Hansen, from Lillesand, who has always helped arrange the run race over the years, believes that this pleasure is a big component of the race:

“It’s what makes this race so special, the fact that you see disabled people display the same joy when it comes to competing”, Hansen says. Marc Christian and Carl Martin Bentsen, also from Lillesand, agree, stating that the idea behind the race is a great one.

Performance at the Ketil Moe Race. Sept.11th, 2011

Short article in the paper-issue of Agderposten 13.9.11.

Found by Olina Novikova. Translated by Tessa La. Revised by Bita

The dream had finally come true. After 50 performances in “The Sound of Music”, several performances in “Mathilde from Ramsøya” and an album release, the young Kristian S. Pedersen from Arendal had received the chance to perform with Rybak.

Sunday was the special day. On the day of Ketil Moe’s race in Dyreparken, together with composer Thomas Stanghelle, they arranged and performed the “Angel of Life” from the opera musical “Some Sunny Night” dedicated to Ketil Moe. The presentation was wonderful and touching.


Background-article :

Young boy from Arendal will sing with Rybak

Article from, published 07.09.11. Written by Linda Christensen. Photo: Linda Christensen.

Link to original article:

Translated by Tessa La

UPCOMING STAR: Kristian Skoglund Pedersen is looking forward to singing with Alexander Rybak at the memorial run race for Ketil Moe on Sunday

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Alexander Rybak – Musical “When the Colours Disappeared” 10.09.2011

Together with children and youngsters of Nannestad Culture School, Alexander performed as actor, singer and musician in 2 successful performances of the musical, “When the Colours Disappeared”.

The performances took place in the Ullensaker Culture House in Jessheim, Norway on September 10th, 2011.

Article from Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad:
“Rybak Took Jessheim by Storm”

TOOK JESSHEIM BY STORM. Alexander Rybak and Nannestad Kulturskole delivered the goods and achieved a good mood on Saturday.

Written by Harald Eigum. Photos by Harald Eigum.
Published 11.9.2011.

English revision by AnniJo

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Alexander Rybak’s “normal weekend”: Sept. 2nd – 4th, 2011

Dear friends! As you may all know, Alexander has returned to his studies, and is therefore busy with Barratt Due during the week. However,  he cannot postpone his music projects of course, and so he performs in every bit of free time he has available in his busy life 🙂 Let’s see what he has done during the weekend of September 2nd – 4th, 2011:

Friday, September 2nd, 19:00Frekhaug, Bergen area.

Nordhordlands Folkehøgskule. Concert of Alexander Rybak and the Stanghelle family


– To watch all the videos from the concert click here

– To read 2 reviews of the concert translated into English and Russian click here

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Two reviews about concert of families Rybak and Stanghelle in Bergen on 2.9.11

Greek language mirror of this posting  you can find by clicking here

Review of the concert from

Rybak show lifted the roof.

Written by: Arthur Kleiveland 03.09.201

Translation by Hilde M.

Alexander Rybak flirted with the audience and presented a musical show of great variety together with his family and “3 generations” from the Stanghelle family.

The concert at Frekhaug friday night – arranged by Musikkens Venner and Knarvikmila -was a firework where the Eurovision Winner was in the center. He flirted with the audience and made very good contact with the people in the hall.

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Alexander Rybak at the Monster concert 27.08.11 – Benefit to environment protection

Article in paper issue of Sunnmørsposten 29.8.11

Journalist : Atle Hole

English translation by Tessa La. Turkish translation by Alev Can could be seen by clicking here.

Concert for submarine cable

No less than two international Grand Prix winners was present when 700 paying spectators gathered in Sykkylven – in the hope and faith for submarine cable instead of overhead lines.


Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen were the most famous names, and was not surprisingly given the longest time on stage.

It went by seniority, with 5 minutes for the least well known. Both Rybak and Andreassen delivered the goods as normal, primarily with familiar tunes.

Both were having the children in active participation. Not least, a memorable experience for the three local children’s choirs, “Kor kjekt,”,  “Sykkylven Barnekor” and “Ikornes Gospel Choir”. Rybak even had the RG-girls from Sykkylven IL to shed the splendor of one of his songs.

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