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Collection of articles about Alex, April 7th – 10th, 2010

Norwegian press about Alex’s nomination in the most coveted Russian Music Awards “Muz TV 2010”

(researched by Ingegerd Claesson)

1), April 7th, 2010 – VG has written about Alexander being nominated for Russian Music Award. It looks like they got the information from Facebook. Continue reading Collection of articles about Alex, April 7th — 10th, 2010

Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian talkshow “Fin Friday”on TV2 09.04.2010

A short article about the interview with Alexander from the show:

google transl:


Alexander Rybak in the street-magazine “= Oslo”, January 2010, by Kari Bu.

The street-magazine = Oslo ( erlik Oslo), is sold by – and benefits,  homeless and disadvantaged people in Oslo.

 The January issue had MUSIC as a theme and culture-editor, journalist and web-editor Kari Bu made an interview with Alexander Rybak.

On April 6th, the interview was available on the Internet, with English translation, and Kari Bu  posted the link on Rybak’s Facebook-page. A huge thanks to her and to = Oslo for this interview.

Link to the street-magazine = Oslo in translation:

Alexander Rybak – “Girls need to be protected from me!”

Kari Bu April 6, 2010 =Oslo (Norway)  – With this year’s Eurovision Song Contest just around the corner, =Oslo catches up with last year’s winner Alexander Rybak. After playing his violin to victory last May with the catchy ‘Fairytales’, the star has shot to European fame. Today, Alexander is a million miles from his childhood in Belarus.

He has gone from being a victim of bullying and performing on the streets to making the semi-finals of Idol and dominating Europe’s annual song contest. But Alexander doesn’t want to let it all go to his head, saying “Even though the public have got a clear picture of me, I’m still searching … It’s about understanding that this is one of the greatest moments of your life, and to keep all the good memories.”  Here, he speaks to =Oslo about his love for music, Michael Jackson and the opposite sex.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak in the street-magazine “= Oslo”, January 2010, by Kari Bu.

Alexander on the road – Interview in “Orkester- forum” Nr.1, March 22th, 2010


Orkester-forum has made an exclusive interview appointment with Alexander Rybak. After some days with calls and mail back and forth, comes the message we have been hoping for from the promoter Simen Eidsvåg:
–  Alexander will call you this evening at 18 CET – okay?
Of course, it´s okay.

Continue reading Alexander on the road — Interview in “Orkester- forum” Nr.1, March 22th, 2010

Alexander in TOPP, a Norwegian monthly magazine. March 25th, 2010

Big thanks to Elin Mangseth for translation from Norwegian to English.
Article Revision by Anni Jowett

Link to blog of AIR and translation of the interview:

Translation of the interview in TOPP

March 25, 2010

Dragonkiller & Heartbreaker

Are you a versatile person with a feeling for cute movies, Asian food and the metal band Keep of Kalessin? Then Alexander Rybak would love to take you on a date.

“I haven’t been exercising for a year or something,” says a stiff Rybak when we meet him. Yesterday’s workout demanded a lot of the former strength trainer, and he can barely lift his arms during the photoshoot with Topp. A hectic year with countless concerts both home and abroad has led to that Rybak uses all his energy on stage and gets little left for the workouts he did earlier today.

But what keeps you in shape then?
“I stress a lot. To yell at my managers from time to time takes a lot of my energy too, hehe.”

To become a teenage idol was something Alexander Rybak hadn’t imagined. Kids chasing for autographs and screaming teenagers weren’t something he had worked intensely to achieve.
“People must not think that I have worked with becoming a teenage idol for 2-3 years. I want to end this at the top.”

And you feel that you have reached that now?
“I was more at the top last year, actually. Now it’s more like a downhill.” But Alexander is soon about to climb up again. Rybak is dubbing the main character, Hiccup, in the animation movie How To Train Your Dragon. He is a young viking boy who stands out from the rest of the gang. All his life he has been taught to kill dragons, but one day when he gets the chance to kill a dragon, he becomes a friend with it instead. Rybak sees several equalities between himself and his character.

“I don’t care about what people think about what I do, just like Hiccup. I just do it. Before Grand Prix all my friends told me not to enter it in fear that it would ruin my career. Anyway I went against the flow and did things on my own,” says Rybak, who suddenly gets distracted by the room we are sitting in.
“I really don’t like this room. It’s so hot in here and it smells a bit weird. I almost feel like an autist now.”

Hehe, okay. Shall we change rooms maybe?
“Oh no! It’s fine,” says Alexander and laughs a little to himself.

Okay… But how do you think it was to dub How To Train Your Dragon?
“You know what, my dream is to work with movies. Not as an actor, but to hire people. I haven’t had a vacation in a year, but working with this movie five hours a day was like a vacation for me. I really feel that this is something I really want to do.”

But the dream of the artist career hasn’t been put on ice yet, even though he is dreaming of a movie career. Alexander is now doing different music projects and has exchanged the group Frikar with three girls from the celebrity-factory Barratt Due.

Who are these girls?
“I have been flirting with all three. Hehe, no. They are the three cutest girls at the school that I have a history with. Therefore I have chosen to write a love song to each of them. The first is Kathrine who I have been constantly trying to get on a date since I was 17 to 20 years old.”
Hehe, what was the tactic to ask her out?
“Oh dear, I used the typical “boy way” to do it. I sent her three different sms’s. One day I told her how gorgeous she was, in the next I reacted with anger because she didn’t answer, and in the last I apologised for my behaviour.”
What about the other girl?
“Maria was actually my first kiss.”

Wow, how did that happen?
“There was some alcohol in the picture, to put it that way, hehe. But I sing to her in a way that I know that I am going to cry when she marries the man of her dreams. But she should know one thing; even though there are a bunch of cool, hot and funny men out there, I was the one who stole your first kiss.”
And your last flirt?
“Well, Moa is Moa. She is that type of girl that makes me want to quit being a pop star and move to the country instead. There is a pop song about not knowing… Are you in love or are you not…”
Are you in love at the moment?
Alexander smiles, laughs a little, before he answers. “Yeah, yes, no, or, we try to keep it in a professional level.”
So you are flirting?
“Let’s just see in a year from now!”

This summer Rybak was dating many fans, and he thinks that a trip to the movies is the perfect date.
But what type of movies would you bring your date to?
“A horror if I want to get close to the girl.”
If you’re not at the cinema with a girl, what would you like to do?
“Eehh.. can I say that in Topp?”
“If you like a person then it’s only natural that you want to be alone with that person on a Saturday night…”
What type of girls do you like?
“They must be versatile. I often feel that I match a girl in every situation, but suddenly it shows that they don’t agree to some things. I think there is a curse over me. I am too versatile.”
Like how?
“If we see Moulin Rouge together we are both agree that it’s a very good movie. Or when we eat Asian food, we agree that it’s delicious. But when I see the metal band Keep of Kalessin, and the girl says: “Huh, do you like that kind of music?” that’s so stupid. Hello! It has to be possible to like different things! That’s why it’s better when a girl matches wide than really good on one thing.”

– AIR – elin

The concerts in Japan. Bergen Youth Orchestra with Alexander Rybak as solo-violinist. March 29th – April 3rd, 2010

Google-translation from Japanese. Thanks to Milena Wiatrak for all the links.

Alexander will take part in the 2 concerts on April 1st, 2010 and April 3rd, 2010


PROGRAM Continue reading The concerts in Japan. Bergen Youth Orchestra with Alexander Rybak as solo-violinist. March 29th — April 3rd, 2010

Alexander changes his management – March 13th 2010

Alexander Rybak splits up with his manager

Different priorities and objectives.

Now it is out.

– The rumours has been long gone that Alexander Rybak and his manager Kathrine Synnes Finnskog is splitting up,a nd in an email to  EMI confirms the break up.

– After a fantastic year together BpopMentometer and Alexander Rybak chose to split up. After prolonged talks about the future they now separates  as friends.
BpopMentometer will take care of the booking of concerts and performances in Norway until 31 July.

– Different priorities and objectives for the future leads to that it is now time to focus further on their own.

Alex’s lawyer Pedro Fasting and media responsible Kjell Arild Tiltnes becomes his new team.

According to his music company the 23-year-old now recording his next album.

Source: Published 13.03.2010 

The Spellemann award – Alexander Rybak nominated in 3 categories March 2010


Alexander Rybak said no to Oprah

Source:, published 6. march 2010. Text: Gjermund Jappee. Translation: TessaLa

Text to picture: Fiddler: Alexander Rybak is nominated in 3 Spellemann’s awards this Saturday. Photo: Håkon Eikesdal/Dagbladet

Alexander Rybak

After a hard time Alexander Rybak (23) now feels much better. The reason is the three Spellemann awards he can walk away with tonight.

Tonight’s Grammy ceremony can give Alexander Rybak the award for “Hit of the year” for “Fairytale”. As a confirmation of how great he was in the Music Norway last year, and how quickly he got there, he may well also win both the “Newcomer of the Year” an “The male artist of the year”.

To me, these nominations is the first compliment I have for my music since I won the ESC last year, Rybak told Dagbladet. Especially in recent weeks having the chance to win the three categories meant a lot to him.

The nominations have helped me through a very difficult time. Recently wrote the 23-year-old a dramatic post on his Facebook page, where he said that he had a nervous breakdown, and turned the hands into blood hitting the wall. Rybak don’t want to explain to Dagbladet what the difficulties was about.

There is no one who believes that I can feel lonely. That I, who experience so much excitements around the world, also can have it difficult. But I am much better now. And I am very happy to have family and good friends around me.

Dropped Oprah

While Rybak describes this feeling of loneliness as the biggest downturn since the MGP victory last year, the upturn is undoubtedly the feeling of having pleased many. Those who send me letters or come up to me with a drawing, may not think that it matters to me, but it is actually what matters the most.

In addition, he is left with a number of good memories from a year of hectic tours. In Finland they were completely crazy for him, he says. In Azerbaijan, they were even crazier.

The wish to please the fans have done that has clung to agreements, even if more exciting offers would come up. Something Rybak experienced last May. Oprah wanted me to her show , but it crashed with another job, so I declined. In retrospect, it turned out that it was the right choice. I would certainly only be in half a minute and say hello.

Believe in DonkeyBoy.

Although he appreciates the three nominations, Rybak do not see it as a failure if he does not win a Spellemann award tonight. He keeps DonkeyBoy as a favorite to win “Hit of the Year”. “Ambition” came from nowhere and has risen and risen in popularity. “Fairytale” started on top and has sunk and sunk, “he laughs.

Still he is not tired of the MGP-hit, which he thinks he has performed 800 times. 

– But I am tired of that everyone else say they are tired of it. But just wait. In some years the dust will be brushed off. This is a song that people will remember. 


Rybak: Donkeyboy wins

Interview in paper issue of VG March 5th 2010
translated by Laila U.

– I am looking forwards to play along with the other artists, says Rybak who is nominated to three Grammy-awards.

The Rookie of the year-class at tomorrows Grammy award ceremony is historically strong. Alexander Rybak believes Donkeyboy wins, but that Vilde Frang deserves it.

About his own chances a modest Rybak says that others will be more happy than he to become Rookie of the year in this strong team.

– For me personally it won’t change anything if I get the award. Those who think I’m a huge flirt, will still think so even afterwards if I was to win. And I have experienced enough this last year – to me it is just another fantastic bonus being nominated to a Grammy award, says Alexander Rybak while looking at VG’s pictures of the other nominees in the Rookie-class.

– I believe Donkeyboy wins. Who is going to win depends on what the jury emphasizes. In a jury of critics , anyone can win. If it is about actuality, Donkeyboy should win, but if it is a music competition Vilde deserves to win. She is the only real musician of us all there, says Rybak who knows Vilde Frang well from Barratt Due.

– I am a huge fan of Vilde, she has been working very hard for a long time. To me she achieved star status 7 years ago.
Kråkesølv and John Olav Nilsen, must Rybak admit that he don’t know very much about, but acknowledges that it is good that they sing in Norwegian.
– I was travelling insanely much last year and didn’t have time to go to concerts or listen to new music, but I have heard that in a newspaper John Olav Nilsen called me “a figure”. That is my only impression, he says.

Of his three nominations, Rybak himself thinks he has the best chance to win the award as “best male artist”, but says he got his confirmation on how good he is when he won ESC last year.

– I am lucky enough not to depend on having an award. All the other confirmations I have got since last May is more important – like the number of violin students at the music schools is doubled, that everybody wants to dance like Frikar and that I can be an example of a crossover-artist for those who come behind me,  that people don’t lock me in one boring musical box, he says.

Short  article: Everybody supports one another

This years nominees in the Rookie of the year.award all support eachother, despite the fact that they are not only fighting for the bronze harp, but for a scholarship from GRAMO on 200.000NOK.
When Kråkesølv released “Trådnøsting” last November, John Olav Nilsen quickly put out following message on Kråkesølv’s MySpace-site: “Oi boys, congratulations with a great album, love it.”
The guys from Bodø returned the greeting the next day: “Thank you! That’s good, then we agree!”
Alexander Rybak doesn’t hide his affection for Donkeyboy. – I can hear that it comes from the heart. And “Ambitions” have a very catchy chorus, says Rybak, and gets an answer from Donkeyboys Peter Michelsen: – Nice to hear. I think I speak for all the band when I say that TRybak is a favourite, at the same time as John Olav Nilsen is excting and has strong lyrics, says Michelsen.


Czech newspaper about Prague concert February 25th 2010


Alexander Rybak Prague Concert 2010 header



(Translated and commentary by Jitka, English revision by AnniJo)

[What is nonsense is there were fans from all over Europe and a lot of Czechs too, considering the short time for promotion here. Actually not so many Russians because of lack of time to get a visa and not so many Norwegians, who have enough concerts in Norway, not so big need to travel to Prague…the main language was English, even from the stage…Why should Alex speak English, if there would be only Russians and Norwegians? No!! He was speaking English, because his audience was international! – ed. Jitka] Continue reading Czech newspaper about Prague concert February 25th 2010

Reactions of the press to Alex’s facebook comment of FB, Febr. 18th

(researched by Tessa), 22.02.2010

Apparently, Alexander overreacted and posted a statement on Facebook in order to stop people from sending emails to his private email account and also to stop calling him. By doing so, he claims that his wish was granted: people stopped. Meanwhile, he is said to be fine. [Fiddler, how about not giving out your private email address and your phone number to every Pete and John? Just a suggestion, pal! 😉 – ed. Irena] Continue reading Reactions of the press to Alex’s facebook comment of FB, Febr. 18th