Alexander Rybak as Ole Bull in the theatre play “Soot-Spelet “

Alexander plays the role of the famous Norwegian violinist Ole Bull in the theatre play “Soot-Spelet”, which took place for the first time in Ørje, Norway, the summer 2015. Alexander has long dreamed of playing the role as Ole Bull since he read Kjetil Bjørnstad’s book about Ole Bull. “If there will ever be a movie about Ole Bull, I hope I will get the chance to play the role”, says Alexander to Dagbladet (2015). The role in the play was basically only a part of 5 minutes, but when Alexander said yes to the role, they extended the role a bit in 2015 and has continued doing that every year since. Alexander plays the violin in most of the songs in the play, and while he was mostly sitting with the other musicians behind a wall playing in 2015, he has become more visible on stage during the years, to every ones pleasure 🙂

The picture below is from an article in Dagbladet 2015 where Alexander and Dennis acting the scene from the play when Engebret Soot woke up Ole Bull after a concert.

Soot-spelet Dennis and Alexander
Engebret Soot went all the way to Oslo to see Ole Bull play. The concert was over when he arrived, and he therefore woke up Ole Bull and demanded him to play for him.

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About the theatre play Soot-Spelet

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No man has had such great importance to the district as Engebret Soot. But he was not just a local size. By author Jonas Lie, he and Ole Bull are referred to as the century’s two greatest natural geniuses. Still most people know about Ole Bull, but who today knows about Engebret Soot?

The theatre play about the canal builder Engebret Soot was launched in the summer of 2015 and has become one of Norway’s annual historical plays. It is played outdoors in the unique canal amphitheatre in Ørje, Norway.

The play was originally written in 1986 by Ole Karsten Andersen, but has undergone a face lift this time; we will highlight the mythical man and workers, relationships and swarm contractions around him- a real Peer Gynt from the depths of the virgin forests!
The world opened up for the canal genius or rather the world was opened by canal genius.

The play is directed by Anneli Sollie. The music is written by Henning Kvitnes. The orchestra in the play is directed by Bjørn Halstensen.

In 2015 there was released a CD with music from the play. Alexander plays violin on several of the songs

Ole Bull (1810 to 1880)

Ole Bornemann Bull (5 February 1810 – 17 August 1880) was a Norwegian violinist and composer. Bull was born in Bergen. At the age of four or five, he could play all of the songs he had heard his mother play on the violin. At age nine, he played first violin in the orchestra of Bergen’s theatre and was a soloist with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. At eighteen, he was sent to the University of Christiania, but failed his examinations. He joined the Musical Lyceum, a musical society, and after its director Waldemar Thrane took ill, Bull became the director of Musical Lyceum and the Theatre Orchestra in 1828. He also became friends with Henrik Wergeland, who later wrote a biography of Bull.
Source: Wikipedia

A video playlist from several of the years

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