Short interview with Hamar Arbeiderblad, 18.12.2010

Found and translated by Laila Ulvseth


While Alexander Rybak was on stage at Scandic last night, he had Lisa Nybrott (21) as a guest artist and duet partner along with him.

For the very first time, Alexander Rybak is doing a Christmas tour. And when this ESC-winner goes on a long tour in Norway, he doesn’t just go alone. With him comes a large band. He also brings along a guest artist to each place he visits.

Yesterday, Lisa Nybrott from Hamar shared the stage with Rybak. Through his fanclub (sick!) he had asked for suggestions for potential guest artists. Eight different people suggested Lisa for the Hamar concert. Rybak listened to some of her recordings and was pleased with what he heard. By Friday, they were singing “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”. In addition, Lisa sang “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas”.

– I have experienced more than enough success, and have the wish to help boost other artists. I enjoy acting kind of like a manager, Rybak tells HA.

Friday’s concert was a blessed mix of Rybak’s own music, American Christmas music, and Norwegian Christmas classics. “Fairytale” was also part of the concert, of course. “Swinging Home for Christmas” was the name of the tour, and that is exactly what he has done this year – swung home for Christmas.

Even if the mix of Christmas music and self-composed music might seem a little odd, it was a nice night at Scandic. The large band was really swinging, and the artist himself had an interesting way of treating his violin. At one point, when he and his three co-violinists started playing on each other’s violin strings, things became rather humourous

There was lots of room for humour. Alexander Rybak is a funny guy, who shares stories with topics ranging from two pairs of cheap boxers to Belarussian Christmas traditions. In Belarus, Christmas preparations keep people extremely busy, according to the artist.

– Where I come from, we are very busy before Christmas. We’re stealing Christmas presents and we’re setting up lots of candles. It isn’t really Christmas until a curtain catches fire, he joked.

And even though this wasn’t the first time Rybak told these jokes, people were laughing anyway. The hall could fit about 1000 people, but fewer than 250 people were present. That may seem rather vacant, but the artist wasn’t bothered. He entertained as though it was a full-seated Oslo Spektrum.

Rybak’s Christmas tour was of the commercial kind. At the entrance, there was a table with t-shirts, posters and CDs. After the show, Rybak signed autographs. Peter and Caspar, both 6, wanted an autograph. They were both wearing their new t-shirts.

– I think “Fairytale” is cool and this is the finest t-shirt I’ve ever had, says Caspar, as he straightens up, making Rybak’s picture more visible on his chest.
– I’ll ask if I can join his next band, said Peter before receiving his autograph. – My teacher’s name is Frode and he plays in a rock band, and one day so will I.

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  1. очень понравилась статья! очень интересная, заряжает положительными емоциями! Понравился рассказ Саши о беларусских традициях! (особенно про горящую занавеску :))

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