Se&Hør Article, Alexander Rybak: I became infatuated by her – 26.10.2012

Article from paper edition of Se&Hør, 26.10.2012.

Found by Tessa La, English Translation by Mary Ann H.

Beautiful Yana Obodets was among the 400 who wanted the role. The beautiful girl was Alexander’s obvious first choice.
Charmer Alexander is one of Norway’s most coveted bachelors. Ukrainian press speculate about him falling for sweet Yana.

I became infatuated by her

The Grand Prix-winner reveals the truth about his relationship with his beautiful opponent.

Alexander Rybak (26) is having a great success with his newest song “Leave Me Alone”, which is inspired by an Israeli lady, who has been stalking him for several years.

But the story also has its bright side. When Alexander was about to record a music video to the song in Ukraine, he arranged a huge audition for the role as his opponent in the video.

-Even if I don’t imagine the most beautiful picture of the woman who is stalking me, I still wanted to show her in the fairest possible way in the video. Among the 400 models I fell for Yana Obodets (21) from Donetsk, says Alexander.


At the filming location there seemed to have grown hot feelings between them and the Ukrainian press speculates if he and Yana have become a couple.

-I don’t plan to get a girlfriend who lives that far away. Still I was infatuated by her. When the filming got close to be lasting 24 hours in a row, it was the flirting that kept us going!

To Norway

-We are just friends, but I look forward to having her as a guest in Norway, Alexander admits.
The artist has been a single since July, after the break-up with his girlfriend Maria Slyngstad (26).

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