See and hear Rybak in Ørje

Alexander Rybak is one of several big names when Ørje offers Soot-Spelet at the canal locks from June 24 to July 3. Director Anneli Sollie says there are still a few tickets left.

Article from E-18-magazine June-2016. Text and photo: Øyvind Ottersen. Found by Ulli C, translated by Jorunn Ekre and revision by Anni Jowett.

Soot-Spelet was performed for the first time last summer. It was a huge success. So huge that both actors and the local community started working pretty fast on the follow-up.

-We`re hoping this will become an annual event which will put Ørje on the cultural map, says director Anneli Sollie.

Alexanedr Rybak Aneli Sollie Ørje Soot Spelet
Director Anneli Sollie and the world star Alexander Rybak welcomes everyone to a great experience here at Ørje canal locks. Soot-Spelet premieres on June 24 and is performed until July 3.

Rybak is looking forward to it

Alexander Rybak plays the violin icon Ole Bull in Soot-Spelet, which is about the genius Engebret Soot and the building of the Halden canal during the 1800s.

It was a lot of fun last year, and I had no problems saying yes to join it again, says Rybak.

We meet him in historical surroundings at Ørje canal locks.

– A marvellous place. It`s always special to play at an arena which was built for a totally different purpose. The whole environment around the canal locks in Ørje are impressive, says Alexander Rybak.

He can promise lots of great music, a thrilling story and in short an unforgettable evening. Dennis Storhøi plays Engebret Soot, the Swede Samuel Fröler plays Vicar Heyerdahl, while Henning Kvitnes has composed the music. In addition there are lots of other people involved in this great works .
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