Secret behind the Meet & Greet in Prague accidentally revealed by Kjell Arild! ROTFL!

“How in the world could that happen? Kjell Arild, my friend – you’re not good in keeping secrets! :))))”

Alright, crowd!
Time for truth around the Facebook competition and Meet&Greet in Prague!

Yes, the FaceBookies are behind it – yet another time! 🙂

We have got the offer to organize a Meet&Greet and decided to do a special surprise: A contest which is fair and a meeting which is more fun than the fans and Alex are used to.

We (Simone and I) called out the contest and remained undercover (and would have stayed undercover until the M&G is through, but Kjell Arild “pulled a Kjell”. I guess the man is tired, so let’s start collecting money for a facebook-free holiday for him 🙂 He revealed the secret waaaaaaaay too early, haha!)

We collected all questions and removed the names of the contestants (while leaving their age of those who are younger to make sure that they are given the fair chance to win).

We sent the list of questions to a secret jury. (Being part of the jury – in fact, knowing of the contest at all-, automatically disqualified them from taking part in Meet&Greet.)

They picked their favorites and those questions with the most votes and higher popularity made the 10 winners. The identity of the jury is going to remain secret until after the day in Prague.

We congratulate the winners and hope that we will be able to create an unforgettable and fun Meet&Greet! We are looking forward to the answers Alex is going to give to the questions that won in Prague!

Irena & Simone.

PS. Once again the lucky winners who can take one good friend to meet the fiddler in Prague:

Lucie Vycichlova
Zuzana Pecimuthova Tamasovicova
Magdalena Szykor
Magdalena Plezia
Marion Kubek
Victoire Waroquiers
Gaby C
Lea Camilla Cabiaglia
Sofia Määttä
Aino-Kaisa Kantola

6 thoughts on “Secret behind the Meet & Greet in Prague accidentally revealed by Kjell Arild! ROTFL!”

  1. @ Eleana -- I tried to record it but it didn’t work out. As soon as it is somewhere on the internet, we will post it here.

  2. And to the lucky winners: Don´t forget, that The Facebookies usually WRITES REPORTS for everybody about their experiences as concert-audience, meetings with the fiddler etc.

    We expect to read it all in FACEBOOKIES REPORTING! And I mean it all!!

    -- What did he say
    -- What did he look like
    -- What did he wear
    -- How did you feel, meeting him
    -- etc.

  3. COGRATULATION ;-D!!! It seams like the people who was winning are someone who don`t have the chance to see Alex so often … ENJOY IT ;-D!!!

  4. I love it. Very fair and just competition…I am dying to know the questions that won, and maybe, it would be nice to read the ones, that didn´t win too…

    But it would be blowing the surprise, to have them published now, so lets wait till after Prague…and look forward!

    I support the idea of a holiday for Kjell. He has been very active lately on the facebook and I wonder sometimes, if it all has grown to a little more than he expected, when he started this in the end of may 09:-)))

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU…AND THE WINNERS OF COURSE. I only know 2 of you, but I am hoping to meet you in Prague:-)

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