Schedule archive 2015 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s schedule archive 2015

Here is an overview of what Alexander did in 2015 that we know of and is official. Where we have videos, pictures or interviews related to the events, you can click on the words in THIS COLOR to watch/read about it. The list is not yet complete, and we have only finished January and February with links so far. But the work will continue 🙂 

2015 was a great year for Alexander. He took part in the popular Russian TV-show “One to One” with a great success and he published his children’s book “Trolle og den magiske fela”, which got a 5 on the dice with the reviewers. 


  • 2nd – Concert with the Youth Symphony in Elverum
  • 2nd – Interview about the the New Year Concert with the Youth Symphony Orchestra on the local radio NRK P1, Hedmark and Oppland INTERVIEW
  • 3th – Concert with the Youth Symphony in Oslo, Concert Hall. ARTICLE AND VIDEOS
  • 6-7th – A visit to Moscow for preparation for the “One to One”  Russian TV- show. ALEXANDER’S FB POST –  INSTAGRAM
  • 11-15th – Doha, Qatar
  • 15th– Doha, Qatar, Performing at the opening show at 2015 Handball WC – official Anthem –  OPENING SHOW
  • 16th – Vilnius, Lithuania. Ordering new vests. ALEXANDER’S POST
  • 17th – Kaunas – performing at Time to Show’s anniversary concert VIDEO FROM THE SHOW and  INTERVIEW
  • 22nd – Released a video on his YT-channel of  “FAIRYTALE” performed with the Norwegian orchestra “Ung Symfoni”.
  • 22nd – Home at Nesodden. ALEXANDER’S  INSTAGRAM POST
  • 25th  – Released a video of “CLAIR DE LUNE” on his YT-Channel
  • 26-30th – In Moscow rehearsing for “One To One” show
  • 31st – Back home in Oslo. ALEXANDER’S POST


  • 1st – Family concert with Superbarna in Northern Ål Church, Lillehammer, Norway and interview on radio NRK P1 before the concert ARTICLE AND INTERVIEW
  • 4th – In Moscow, recording of the premiere of the TV-show “One to One”, channel Russia1, Moscow, Russia 
  • 6th – Broadcast of the “One to one” TV-show premiere, Episode 1 – Elvis Presley, “Don’t be Cruel“  VIDEO and INTERVIEW
  • 7th – Orchestra seminar and children concert at the festival “Midtvinterdans”, Stiklestad National Culture centre in Verdalen, Norway  ARTICLE 
  • 8th – Broadcast of the 1. One to One show – ALEXANDER AS ELVIS
  • 10th – In Moscow, recording of the 2. One  To One show – Alexander as Dima Bilan performing “Believe”
  • 14th – Moscow, preparing for One to One show. INSTAGRAMPOST
  • 15th – Broadcast of the 2. One to One show – ALEXANDER AS DIMA BILAN
  • 17th – Broadcast of the “Stars’ Life” with Alexander on an Ukrainian TV-channel – INTERVIEW about his unrequited love 
  • 17-19th –  In Moscow, recording of 3. and 4. episode of One to One  show – Eduard Khill “Trololo” and Enrique Iglesias “Hero”
  • 22nd– Broadcast of the 3. One to Ones show – ALEXANDER AS EDUARD KHILL
  • 22nd – visited Techincal Museum in Oslo, Norway – INSTAGRAMPOST


  • 1st – Broadcast of 4th One to One show – Enrique Iglesias “Hero”
  • 4th – Recorded the 5th OnetoOne show – Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”
  • 5th – Recorded the 6th one to one show – Shura “Cold moon” 
  • 7th – orchestra seminar Sandnes, Norway 
  • 8th – orchestra seminar concert, Culture school Sandnes, Norway
  • 9th– Vilnius, Lithuania for recording of a talk show 
  • 12th – Opened the children and youth room at Ullevål Sykehus, donated his TV-cinema, DVD’s and TV-games. 
  • 14th – on NRK TV pre show for MGP Norway- pre-recorded. 
  • 17th – Live concert the Russian radio channel “Autoradio” in Moscow* 
  • 18th – recording of the 7th One to one show – Alexandr Losev (front figure russian rockgroup) “My Shiny Little Star” *
  • 19th – Recording of the 8th OnetoOne show – Andrea Bocelli “Caruso” 
  • 23rd – Recording of the 9th onetoone show 
  • 25th – Played in the break of the annual MGP show for students at the university in Trondheim. 
  • 27th* – Guest in the Lithuanian talk show KK2 Friday on TV-channel LNK. 
  • 28th – Radio-program NRK Classic “Call in the music” * *


  • 1st– Recording of the 10th show in moscow
  • 2nd – Recording of the 
  • 10th – ESC pre-party in Latvia 
  • 11th show in Moscow 
  • 15-16th – recording of 2 shows in Moscow 
  • 25th – Kristiansand – “Storkonsert”, Kilden, Superbarna 
  • 26th – In Ørje for some rehearsal for Ole Bull – Soot Spelet 
  • 29th – recording of the “Victory-day” show in Moscow 
  • 30th – recording of the final in Moscow 


  • 1st – Meet & Greet in Moscow.
  • 2-4th – shooting of music video in Moscow 
  • 8th – recording of the voice for the Hulder king for his Children’s book – stig-Werner Moe. 
  • 9th – performing on Europe Day in Romania 
  • 10-11th – Minsk -Milki 
  • 15th – Eurovision festival in Amsterdam 
  • 20-22nd -Houston, rehearsal and concert 
  • 30th – recording a summer show in Kristiansand dyrepark for TV2 


  • 3rd – Promo Moscow, radio Comedy and russian Musicbox, release new music video
  • 4th b- Radio Rusko 
  • 5th – Lifenews breakfast TV, Moscow and the RU.TV 
  • 8th – Rehearsel with Frikar boys for a private event in Oslo 
  • 9th – Private event in Oslo with Frikar boys – in the first part of the day.
  • 11-12th – On P4 – Mikkes radio show, recording of the TV2 interview at Artistpartner. Int. with Dagbladet and VG. 
  • 13th – On Nitimen NRK in the morning, 
  • 15th – Gjerdrum, recordingstudio with KB Asphol working with Trolle 
  • 16th – In Gjerdrum working with Trolle 
  • 17th – In Gjerdrum working with Trolle 
  • 21st – Rehearsal in Ørje 
  • 22nd – GMN TV2 in the morning about Soot 
  • 23rd – Rehearsal Soot-Spelet Ørje 
  • 24th – Dress rehearsal Soot-Spelet 
  • 25th – Unofficial premiere of Soot-Spelet 
  • 26th – On a trip to Stavern to watch the summer show of Stein Winger Moe (the voice of the Hulder King)
  • 27th – Official premiere of “Soot-Spelet”
    28th – 30th – Soot-Spelet in Ørje. 


  • 1-5th – Soot-Spelet in Ørje every evening.
  • 7th – working in the studio with Trolle according to his own posting on FB 1 – 
  • 9th – Belarus, Slavic Bazar opening show 
  • 10th – Belarus – Slavic Bazar 
  • 14-16th – Karlshamn, Sweden rehearsals and concert 
  • 17th – guest in the Norwegian TV show “God Sommer” on TV2 
  • 25th – Lithuania – clubconcert Klapeidia 
  • 26th – concert on a boat in Klapeidia


  • 3rd- Working on Trolle
  • 4th – Celebrated with Knut Bjørnar the finish of Trolle 
  • 9th- In Antwerp – Pride -concert 
  • 10-15th Crimea for some days to be a judge in a children competition
  • 17th – recorded the TV-show “En kveld hos Kloppen” in Oslo 
  • 18th – present on CappelensDamms launcing of the autum books in Oslo 
  • 20th – Concert in Budapest, Hungary 
  • 22nd- Present at Komiprisen award in Oslo – on NRK 
  • 31st – Private event in Tønsberg, hotel klubben 


  • 14th-18th – several interviews due to Trollebok
  • 18-20 th – Starweekend in Stavanger, Norway – seminar and orchestra concert 
  • 18th – recording of Senkveld in Oslo 
  • 19th – release of “Trolle og den magiske fiolinen”, release at the Children Festival in Oslo 
  • 20th – seminar concert in Stavanger 
  • 26th – Trolle event with Dennis Storhøi in Fredrikstad,  Norway 
  • 26th – Performed at the closing dinner at the Norwegian Book fair in Oslo in the evening 
  • 29th – Performed at the honorary event of Johan Stanghelles Royal award medal at Sunnås Hospital 


  • 4th – Nashville, USA – Charity concert
  • 8-9th – Orchestra seminar Asker outside Oslo, Norway 
  • 10th – Orchestra concert with Symfonica, Asker , Norway
  • 17th – Trolle even with Dennis Storhøi, Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway
  • 24th – Trolle event in Tanum, Oslo, Norway
  • 25-30th -shooting of  music video for “Venner”  
  • 31st – Book signing at KidsExpo, Oslo, Norway


  • 1st – Minsk – Milki
  • 7th – Trolle event with Dennis Storhøi – Bok og Boller, Cappelen Damm, Oslo, Norway 
  • 10th – concert in Baranovichi, Belarus 
  • 12th – Milki concert in Grodno, Belarus 
  • 18th – recording of “Håpet i ei gryte” – The Salvation Army’s Christmas concert in Oslo, Norway. 
  • 19th – mini concert “Trolle” at a mall in Stjørdal (outside Trondheim) Norway
  • 20th – Rehearsed with SNHN. Picture posted on SNHN FB age. 
  • 20th – Performed at a kindergarden in Oslo in according to the UN’s Children Convenstions birthday (Early morning) 
  • 21st – Shooting a music video with the Norwegian happyrapper Petter Katastrofe 
  • 23rd – SNHN are guests in God morgen Norge on TV2. 
  • 23rd – dress rehearsal concert for the Christmas concert in Oslo Lovisenberg church/hospital 
  • 24th Cristmas tour started.  


  • The Christmas concert tour “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” till 22nd of December. 

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