Scary to meet Alexander Rybak – article 14.09.18

HADSEL: After one day of rehearsal with Alexander Rybak, the kids from the culture schools in Hadsel and Vågan were ready for the audience at Melbu. 

Text to the picture: Last finish: Alexander Rybak and the kids take a final check on what’s going to happen. Now it’s for real! (Photo: Dag Erlandsen)

Source: published 14.9.18. Text and photo: Dag Erlandsen

– A little scary and lots of fun, says 11-year-old Ingrid Mathisen Andorsen from Kabelvåg.

Ten girls between 7 and 13 years old from Hadsel and Vågan (Norway) have spent the last month practising for what would happen this evening. The whole Friday, they rehearsed with the TrondheimSolistene and Alexander Rybak. Tonight it was premiere, probably with some small stomachs full of butterflies.

But to the ones who may wonder;  It went just well.


– Here are the talents of Lofoten and Vesterålen, who we are lucky to play with tonight, said the well-known Eurovision star, and by that set the tone of the concert.

Because in spite of the total professional chamber orchestra and not at least total professional front figure, there were only self-confident and low shoulders up there, which quickly spread to the audience. The entertainer Rybak has a rare ability to combine warmth, humour, verve and modesty,  which gives only joy around the Norwegian-Russian favourite.

Just kind

Why was this scary, Ingrid?

– Because we’ve seen him so much on TV. And then it was a bit scary to meet him for real.

– But Alexander was not dangerous, not at all, he was just kind!


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