Rybak’s concert manager: Sasha is loved by everybody in the show “One to One”!

“Komsomolka” found out if Rybak is planning on moving to Moscow, taking our Gribaleva and Nemo with him.

At 30 years of age, producer Andrei Guzel has managed to build an entire empire that employs Alexander Rybak, Larisa Gribaleva and Sasha Nemo. He helped Rybak develop the group Milki and is still working with the girls. Guzel and Rybak, who is one of his main clients, have disappeared to Moscow for the last several months. Maybe they’re planning on moving there with the entire team?

Interview was published on kp.by. 05.03.2015.
Author: Ekaterina Romanova. Translation by Marina Rolbin.

– They say that you’re like Rybak’s shadow behind the scenes at the show “One to One”- you’re practically doing his hair!

– During the show “One to One” Sasha has his personal driver with a car, his personal manager, and also a team that creates and works on developing the images. At least 20 people do the artists’ hair! Unfortunately, I’m not one of them (laughing). The fact that I’m in the background- that’s normal. When a producer starts to promote himself, he stops caring about his artists. By the way, Sasha is the favorite of the show! They all love him and care about him. He raised the bar of the impersonations in the first episodes so high, that now, if Sasha gets an easy impersonation, the jury is unhappy. I’m not predicting who will win. This is a show and not the Olympics. The artists are all friends and they support each other. Believe me, all the participants are really enjoying it.

– Milki’s failure in the national selection for Eurovision was a real shock for Sasha. And for you?

–  I’m not such a creative person like Sasha and I took it better. This was a difficult experience and please don’t exaggerate all this about Sasha! He still loves Belarus and talks about it all the time. We’re continuing to work with the girls and this is a reciprocal relationship, since we are responsible for those who we trained. (laughs). The group is more popular in Belarus and Europe than the other well-known and “experienced” artists. We are currently looking into organizing an Alexander Rybak/Milki tour in Russia and there’s a lot of interest regarding this.

– You said once that it’s very difficult to explain to Sasha how Belarusian show business works…

– Yes, it’s certainly complicated and interesting, since every nation has its own way of doing things and you have to understand it. Initially, Sasha and I discussed this a lot after the concert, and I basically explained it all to him step-by-step. He now understands our reality very well. If he pretends that he doesn’t understand, he is joking and this appeals to everyone.

– Is Rybak the most temperamental out of your clients?

–  The “stars” are the temperamental ones and I don’t work with them! I work with professionals-they are not temperamental.

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