Rybak without boundaries – Østlandsposten, June 16th, 2010

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Translation by Marianne Saietz

Rybak releases monday the album «No Boundaries», which is, excactly as the title says, a mixture of different genres, though with the personal violin-mark of Rybak. Photo: Vidar Ruud – NTB.

Rybak Without Boundaries

– If I had liked one box, I would have shut myself inside it!  –  Says Alexander Rybak, who instead enters a legion of  boxes on his new album which, consequently,  has been named “No Boundaries”.

– I have so much in my heart, so much I want to say! –
But at the same time, he is fully aware, that the new disc, is what he describes as:  “Too versatile for a good roll of the dice.” – It is not allowed to experiment with genres, – says Alexander, who also believes there has been too much of him in Norway in the recent months – and that is why the new single ” Oah “was slaughtered in reviews.
– In Russia I haven´t been a lot recently, and there,  it was very well received. It is a signal about where I am as an artist.  Now,  the decline is official – because it is no longer ” in”,  to lift me up, –  he says without blinking.
Alexander Rybak might be really cunning.  He claims,  that he, himself,  knew the whole curve even before the Eurovision Song Contest last year, and how it would go up – and now down.   But privately, there is no stagnation – on the contrary:  – My songs lift me up, because my audience likes them, – he says and sounds as enthusiastic as ever.
For Alexander Rybak, it is all or nothing!  Since the last album, “Fairytales”, came last year, he has changed both his record- label and management.
Now, he praises his current record company for daring to pursue “such an experimental project.” – Because,  that is what it is,
He tells about ” No Boundaries”, where he delivers his most personal versions of everything,  from the stadion-rock  and pure pop to bluegrass, and musical.
– Everything is in my style, with the violin.  I want to give something to everyone, and especially enrichen the taste in music of young people.  They say I’m an idol, and then, I will use it to communicate music. Because, maybe, they are looking for more, and go to the origins of the genres.
Therefore,  this album is the most important thing I have done.  “Fairytale” was probably the largest,  commercially, but I do not care about being the greatest or the best.  I want to improve the world, – he says with a twinkle in the eye,  never far away.

Using the classical

When Alexander Rybak, sees the album for the first time, he gets excited and scrolls through it, while he talks about the different songs. They are mostly his own, and then a cover-song in each end of the spectrum – from John The Whistlers “I’m In Love” to the 53 years old Beach Boys song “Disney Girls”.
–  There are three things, that this album is about, and they are versatility, emotions and storytelling, – says the 24-year-old.
–  You do not hold back on the effects?
–  Do you think I should have had an acoustic guitar?
I have to use my classical background and see how many layers I can have.  I want to pull out everything from the genres. If it is folkpop,  I go all the way with a synth to produce the Celtic sound.  I just can´t take the  typical 2010-pop, – says Alexander.
He has been responsible for the arrangements,  while  Swedish Amir Aly, who was part of  the debut album from last year, has produced.
– Is it your farewell to the pop-world? –
– Never!  No but I don´t think, this is what I will do when I’m 30! My biggest dream is still,  to write a musical, as it has been since I was 12 years old.

Secure in the music

Now, Alexander Rybak looks forward to the letters,  he knows he’s going to get from his audience.
– That is honest feedback, rather than reviews.  People give so much of themselves… It is not just letters … a child sends me a drawing, an old lady,  a book,  she thinks I’ll appreciate the way she has done.  And then, there are some panties, but that is the most boring part!
He laughs and says he is thinking hard of the invitation from a bunch of guys in Poland,  that wanted him to come along on a Bat-safari, but get´s serious when he quotes the Russian diva Alla Pugacheva  –  She says,  that artists who are confident in themselves, have the crown glued to their heads and are not afraid to talk to anyone.  The unsecure artists,  feel all the time that the crown is about to fall off.  If I had been like them, I had not dared to make this disc.
–  You are confident?
– Yes, with the music.  But that’s the only area,  where I have confidence and speak with authority. Otherwise I am insecure, as  most boys and maybe, mostly listen.  Do not forget, I became  known in Europe because I was stubborn and held on to myself – he says, and is referring to the fact, that  he was originally advised to drop the fiddle in “Fairytale”.


Now Alexander Rybak says, that he begins to feel like going wandering again, as he has done a couple of times before.
– It was the first time I wandered,  in 2006 in Valdres, that I realized,  that what I wanted,  was to tell stories. Then,  I wrote the song that won TV’s Kjempesjansen.  In 2008,  I travelled around  Giske and played for people, and then,  I wrote “Fairytale”.  So now it feels like it’s time again, – he says and will not reveal, where the  trip will go.
– I have inherited the lust for adventures from dad, but he wishes to be alone.  I want to meet people and hear their stories,  about what they have experienced, and how they think and feel. –
So if  you meet a fiddler with his fiddle in the summer,  welcome him!.
Cause there are only two subjects,  Alexander Rybak does not like to talk about: –  The weather and training!

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