“Rybak spicing up MGP in Denmark”. VG. Jan. 17th 2012

Article published on www.vg.no 17.01.2012. Link to original article: http://www.vg.no/musikk/grand-prix/artikkel.php?artid=10075779

Written by Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian and Marcus Husby. Photo: Mattis Sandblad

Found by Ingegerd Claesson. Translated by Marianne Saietz

MGP: Alexander Rybak, here in Germany during the ESC last year – still takes part in the game. Photo: Mattis Sandblad

Rybak spicing up MGP in Denmark. Has made his own ESC-medley for the danes.

Rybak keeps sailing in good tailwind from MGP –  Almost 3 years after he stole the show in Moscow.  Now, the danes are tempting the TV-viewers with the norwegian, who they describe as ” The alltime biggest international MGP-winner”. Danish www.dr.dk  announces, that Rybak will be guest-artist in the MGP-final in Gigantium in Ålborg this Saturday. In addition, the 25-year-old will have influence on which song, that wins. New this year is, that the danish MGP- team includes juries from the countries who won the last 4 years: Russia, Norway, Germany and Aserbajdsjan.

Looking forward most, to play

-” It is always fun to be invited to a jury, especially in Scandinavia, where everything is so fair. But I look forward most,  to play in their final! It is great to be invited to Denmark, where I havent had time to be so much before. I have composed my own ESC-medley for the occasion, which is a tribute to my favorite artists”,  Rybak says to VG, through his project-manager, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog.

The former Eurovision-winner has kept a low profile here in Norway in the recent time and has aimed more at Eastern-Europe the last year. – ” Therefore, it is very nice to feel so welcome in Denmark, now that I will be more in Scandinavia again “- he says.

Together with danish TV-viewers and a local expert-jury, the winnersong will be chosen.

Must tell a story

Rybak is the chairman of the norwegian jury, which also contains Venke Knutson, Bjørn Johan Muri, Omer Bhatti and Kjell Petter Askersrud from the record-company Universal.– ” It is crucial to me, that people tell a story in the song and of course, the melody has to be good”-  Rybak says to the danish website. Rybak himself, made an old love-story world-famous with his hit-song “Fairytale” in 2009. – ” When we, in the norwegian jury choose the song we think is best,  it will be, for sure, the song, that wins our hearts” – Rybak says.

Rybak is in place in Denmark since long and participates in several TV-shows before the big music-show on Saturday.

At the same time, as the danes choose their MGP-winner Saturday evening, NRK begins its chase for a winner with the very first part-final at Ørland.

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