2 Articles + Video: “Alexander Rybak ran for life” – “Supported UNICEF”. June 3th, 2010


Alexander Rybak ran for life Hamar Arbeiderblad 3.6.10, by Anne Bergsengene

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Original article: http://www.h-a.no/Nyheter/Nyheter/tabid/72/Default.aspx?articleView=true&ModuleId=82522

Alexander Rybak was the main attraction yesterday, when the pupils of Fagerlund school, ran for children in Africa.

Brumunddal: The spirit was high and the autograph-hunters were eager, when Fairytale Alexander spent some morning hours at Fagerlund School yesterday. And even though the artist couldn´t play the fiddle because of an injured hand, and insisted that he couldn´t sing either, the children were very happy to have him as visitor. After a rude false start Rybak paced up the speed of the race on the first circuit of the campaign for this year “ Run For Life”. But after that one could ask if he contributed with anything else other than to slow down the speed, because wherever he was in the race the other participants gathered around him to get an autograph on their Unicef- “ passport “. Got sponsors:

All the children had found sponsors before the race. Mostly parents or grandparents, who had committed themselves to pay an amount of money for each circuit the pupil could run. Documentation was a decal in the “passport” for each passing of the finish-line. How much Rybak and the others at Fagerlund School ran and raised yesterday is not all clear yet, but it certainly became a campaign-day out of the ordinary. Schools all over the country ran the Unicef race. Last year 25.000 children participated and raised more than 2.3 million NOK. ( 250.000 Euro )

Wanted to run himself:

Among all the schools who take part in the Unicef race this year, one will be chosen by a draw to get a concert with Alexander Rybak in the last week before the summer holidays. But Alexander Rybak wished to do more than just give a concert for the winning school. He wished to run himself and in this way to motivate the children to make an effort to help provide education for children in Africa.

“I volunteered for the race because I am amazingly good at running…No, really, I haven’t been running for 2 years and besides that I get cramp very easily. But Unicef is involved with children in Africa and we are allowed to contribute”, Alexander said before the start.

He told this paper that he is very concerned about two issues. One is that children should grow up in safe surroundings and the other is that no child should be victim of assault or rape.

“This is a nice way to show concern for children and contribute to raise interest in the issue. And I think it is fun!  Besides  I was the best, at least in the first round ”, says Alexander Rybak.

Diploma from Solskjær:

It is Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who is the noble protector of the campaign and when Fagerlund school gets its well-deserved diploma, it will be with his signature and a special greeting from the most popular participant of the day.

“I thank you very much for putting all your soul into this”, Alexander Rybak said, before he left the school.

(Article revision by Annijo)


Article about the run for UNICEF, from the website of UNICEF, Norway.

Alexander Rybak participated in the UNICEF Race, together with Fagerlund School in Brumundal.

Link to original article: http://www.unicef.no/Forsiden/Alexander+Rybak+deltok+p%C3%A5+UNICEF-runden.9946.cms

(translation by Marianne Saietz)


Fagerlund school in Brumundal had a visit from Alexander Rybak on Wednesday, in relation to the running of the UNICEF Race.

The race was opened by pupils from the school, who wished Alexander welcome, followed by a speech focusing on children’s rights, especially the right to education. Alexander said he felt it was a great way to contribute:  ” Everybody runs and contributes a little – UNICEF takes care, so that it becomes a help to many children”. Project-leader Ellen Sandsøe from UNICEF said that she thinks it is brilliant that Norwegian children, who are looking forward to their summer holiday and time off from school, take the opportunity to help other children to fulfill their greatest wish of being able to go to school. Alexander Rybak was impressed by the children’s efforts, which resulted in several circuits, followed by a splash of water to get cooled down in the burning sun. Naturally, all the participants got an autograph each, before they ended a school-day they won´t forget in a hurry.

(Article revision by Annijo)


Alex made a promo-video for UNICEF.

translation by Marianne Saietz, subs by Olina Novikova

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