Rybak made the audience join on “Haba Haba”. Feb.11th 2012.

Source: adressa.no 11.02.2012.  Written by Veronika Søum. Photo: Ernst Vikne/Wikimedia Commons, Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Rybak made the audience join on “Haba Haba”

Rybak included the winner-song of last year in the intermission-act at the MGP-final.

Stella Mwangi chose to be with her family instead of at Oslo Spektrum, during the Melodi Grand Prix-final Saturday evening, after her father died in a car-crash last week.
Instead, it was the Grand Prix- favorite Aleksander Rybak, who stood for the intermission-act at Oslo Spektrum.

He started by playing the chorus of ” My heart is Yours” on fiddle, before he took off with “Fly on the wings of Love”.
” Are you ready to join the greatest joy-song of last year? This is for Stella”, Rybak said and gave room for the dancers on stage , while he accompained on fiddle. The audience had got a short introduction to the dance and managed, to hang on to the rhytms. Carolas ” Fångad av en stormvind” had to be included in Rybaks Grand Prix-medley, along with german Lenas “Sattelite”. And of course, he finished with his own “Fairytale” , met by full cheering from the audience.
” Just sing along, if you can!”, Rybak encouraged.

Rybak is on top of the wishing-list for many national ESC-selections, which are arranged around Europe these days. In addition to the norwegain final, the musician will perform in ESC-gigs in Denmark, Belarus and Aserbajdsjan.

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