5 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak: “I feel like a man when I refuse to have sex””

  1. Alexander Rybak i think you are a good man and i wish i could actually meet you in person your the best singer ever my sister showed me some of your songs once and i just can’t get it out of my head i am only 13 but i would love to see you play live sometime and i know how long distance relationships are i am having one right now my mom says no matter how far away or what’s keeping you apart it doesn’t matter the love will stay for as long as it takes and i think that your girlfriend is lucky to have found you.

  2. a cuantas niñas vestiste cada noche ??????
    a cuantas les fuiste fiel???
    how many girls clothed every evening???
    few were faithful to them??

  3. A few cute girls clothed every evening?
    A few were faithful to them??
    A cuantas niñas lindas vestiste cada noche???
    A cuantas les fuiste fiel ????

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