Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

Written by Hårvard Kristoffersen Hansen. Photos by Krister Sørbø/VG

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Translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Inspired: Alexander Rybak (25) is influenced by the norwegian nature and the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad, when he writes new songs.Photo: Krister Sørbø/VG

(VG)ÅLESUND. Alexander Rybak gets  inspired by beautiful Røneset outside Ålesund: – Here I would like to write another song!
– It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. Most of my songs are inspired by Norwegian nature, that’s why I could have written another song here, – the celebrity-violinist tells VG.

Rybak wrote his ESC hit “Fairytale” at Giske, the island where the festival took place close by. – It’s great to relax here in this environment after a lot of urban life the last few years. I wouldn’t mind living here, but I guess I’d be restless after a while, – he adds smilingly.

Earlier this summer he released the album “Visa vis vindens ängar”, which he says is some kind of love declaration to his doctor-girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad (25). He is spending the summer performing at concerts and festivals, in addition to preparing the musical arrangement for his next show- concert at Gomerhuset in Skodje outside Ålesund in august.

– It is a brave project that I am very excited about. Actually I have more nerves in front of this, than when I went on stage in ESC, – he says.
The 25-year old has gathered kids and youth from Ålesund orkesterskole (orchestra school), and is going to present a versatile program featuring jazz, pop and classical music.

– I might be the most privilleged artist in the country, who is allowed to work with children this way. I am an only child, so these kids sort of become my “pretend-siblings”. That is incredibly nice,-  he tells.

Rybak was one in a row of celebrities on a boat trip yesterday afternoon, arranged by Sommerfesten on Giske. Thomas Numme, Tore Renberg, Thom Hell, Lise Karlsnes and Lukestar were among the artists who also joined the excursion. Travis-vocalist Fran Healy also took part with his family.
– It’s fantastic out here. I could easily have settled down here, – Healy tells VG.

Two people have done exactly that. Lene Kristiansen and Severin Rønes have lived together on Røneset for more than two years. Severin got famous all over the country when the small gem in Storfjorden was part of NRK’s series “Der ingen kunne tru at nokon kunne bu” (where no one could believe that anyone could live”).
The celebrities had the opportunity to check out the area and was later served lamb’s leg, cooked in a dug-out hole by means of heated rocks.

MAKE THE DOOR WIDE-OPEN:Sommerfesten at Giske organized a picnic to Røneset with a bunch of artists on sunday, after the festival. All the visitors were asked to sign this door, including  Fran Healy from Travis. Photo: Krister Sørbø/VG

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