“Rybak did not disappoint” – Bø blad, 12.01.2012.

Article published in the  paper issue of local newspaper Bø blad, 12.01.2012.

Journalist and photographer – Karen Anne Grindem. 

Found by Tessa Lande.  Translation by Hildebjørg Ha 

Rybak did not disappoint.

When Alexander Rybak went on stage in Bø church Thursday evening, the roof was almost lifted. It turned out to be a great free concert for the fans, as a way of consolation because he did not come before Christmas.

The popular artist, who won the ESC in 2009, is a conscientious, open, very nice and sympathetic boy. Rybak was sincerely sad because he didn’t manage to come to Bø before Christmas, to participate in the concert “Vinterbilder” [the journalist wrote “Vinterstemning”]. Therefore he came now.

– I had an encounter with a Russian bear, which stopped me from coming, he joked.

Mini concert

The choir school in Bø had their semester opening this evening, and all the 5 choirs in Bø were invited. They sang a little in the beginning.

– It was Alexander Rybak himself who took the initiative to come to Bø. He rang and asked if we had an event he could participate in, and he was willing to perform for free. We made this mini concert with all the 5 choirs, where Alexander got to be our special guest, the choir leaders Grete Sele and Rolf Akselsen Lie tell.

Rybak played several of his most known songs. In the end came, of course, “Fairytale”, which most people know both the lyrics and melody of. The audience were in to it, clapped, smiled and song together with their hero.

– We think it’s very cool that he bothered to come here completely for free to follow up on something he was hindered from doing because of the weather, 4 girls from the choir Ragazze say. 

Good mood. When Alexander Rybak went to the full in Bø church, the fans were in to it.

Long, long queue

After Rybak went off stage, an army of fans waited for him to write autographs and have pictures taken. Rybak of course didn’t disappoint the hopeful ones.

– It’s important for me to go through with the planned program and to not disappoint the fans, therefore I am here tonight. This is of course an exception, I don’t usually do free concerts, he says.

It was a long line of people in the church, most of them girls, and Rybak took his time with each one of them, asked for names, wrote autographs and posed for a lot of pictures.

– I’m dreading for the road back home, but I make songs while I drive, says Alexander, who create Greek, Romanian and Norwegian music right now.

– There will probably not be an album this year, but a few singles will probably come after a while.

 Hero. No doubt about that Alexander Rybak was popular in the church Tuesday evening. 

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