After having seen a gig in Kiev on September 22, 2009 in Alexander’s schedule 16 people who had met on Facebook, decided to meet in real life and enjoy their time together. But we are never empty-handed:)

We had been thinking of a gift for a long time, but finally we came up with an idea! Kiev concert was almost at the very beginning of the tour around CIS countries. So, we wanted to tell Alex smth interesting about our cities many of which he was supposed to visit on his tour. So, we decided to let Alex know our cities, many of which he was expected to visit on this tour. That is how we have come up with the idea of creating cards, where anyone gets the possibility to write a story connected with his or her native city or town. The idea went on at the Moscow concert. As a result, Alex received a collection of cards from 28 FaceBookies from 20 cities and 5 countries.

2 thoughts on “Postcards”

  1. This great project enabled me to meet amazing people and to be involved in our further adventures. Julia and Zhenya, thanks for inviting me then!! It was start of everything for me here:)

  2. Ah Zhenya, thank you for posting it here! I love the postcards we made…..It was amazing time spent with you in Kiev:)))

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