Roxen features Alexander Rybak in her new song “Wonderland”

Alexander Rybak plays the violin on the Romanian artist Roxen’s new song “Wonderland” released November 27.

ROXEN was scheduled to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song “Alcohol You” before the event’s coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-related cancellation. She was also nonetheless internally selected as the country’s representative for the 2021 contest. Her music style has been deemed as deep house by music critics, and her appearance compared to Billie Eilish and Dua L ipa.
Info from Wikipedia, provided by Maria-Ecaterina Mihăescu

Many ESC-related websites have picked up the new song and the collaboration and here is what some of them say about Alexander’s contribution:

“Wonderland” is an up tempo dance song with a catchy chorus, and Rybak with his unique violin play lifts the song pretty much and gives it an extra dreamy feeling. The music video represents a reinterpretation of the story “Alice in Wonderland”.

“Rybak’s influence can be felt most clearly in the strings, which mesh smoothly with the tropical house undertone. They’re present but not overpowering, giving the electronic sound a warm, folksy feel.”

Will “Wonderland” be Romania’s entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

Many wonder if “Wonderland” will be the song that Roxen will perform in ESC 2021. There is no info that confirms this, but the ESC community speculate. writes the following:
“Fans have already asked Roxen if her new song would be in the national selection, but she didn’t reveal that much, only that “all songs released after 1 September are eligible for the contest”…could this be a yes? We have to wait!

Roxen revealed the collaboration with Alexander in a radio interview recently. Below you’ll find the part of that interview where she talks about the collaboration with Alexander. A big thanks to Maria-Ecaterina Mihăescu for the translation.

The part of the interview where Roxen talks about the collaboration with Alexander.
The official music video of “Wonderland”

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