Reviews of Alexander Rybak’s new song and video “Into a Fantasy”

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Author: Stein Østbø

Tranlsation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett


Alexander Rybak still sings about dreams, fantasies and adventures – with a rather familiar tone.

Alexander Rybak
“Into A Fantasy”
(Relativity Music / Sony Music)

There is something constantly uplifting and positive in the best and the most of what Alexander Rybak does. And so it is also in his new single “Into a Fantasy” which is derived from the sequel of the animated success “Dragetreneren”(How to Train Your Dragon” which has Norwegian premiere on July 4th.

Rybak has not exactly been frequent  with his releases in recent years and he neither uses his participation in the TV2 “Hver Gang vi Møtes” (Every Time we Meet) to relaunch himself as an artist.

When he does exactly that now, it is an easily recognisable  Alexander Rybak who draws both on himself, Norwegian folk music and an easy to understand international pop-expression.

He is therefore true to himself.

The fiddle theme of “Into a Fantasy” is in fact the half-brother of the same as in “Fairytale”, just slowed down a little in tempo and gives the song a nice sense of Norwegian folk music. The chorus may initially provide some “Lion King” vibes because of the chorus, but it gets a grip pretty fast with its catchy simplicity.

Considering the wide distribution this song can get through “How to Train Your Dragon 2” around the world, especially beyond Europe where Alexander Rybak already has a good name from his victory in Eurovision 2009, it’s a smart move by the protagonist himself to incorporate a known fiddle theme as a recognition factor.

The rest of the nation of Norway can only thank Rybak that he once again helps to bring Norwegian folk music out of the country.


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Authors:  Margrethe Miljeteig & Troy Gulbrandsen

Tranlsation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett


Alexander Rybak : I rejoiced out loud when they said they liked the song!

Alexander Rybak`s “How to Train Your Dragon” is included in DreamWorks  big launch.

Not only does he have the Norwegian voice of the main  character Hikken in the animated movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, Alexander Rybak (28) also has his song “ Into A Fantasy” included in the movie  and in the official soundtrack.

The song is the closing song and it will be played when the end credits are shown in the European version of the movie.


Grand: The music video Into a Fantasy is shot in Norway with a fantastic grand scenery as a backdrop. 

Nerve wrecking

Rybak tells he was over the moon when the movie giant wanted to include the song in the movie.

– The whole process of going through with my idea,  recording it in the studio and sending it to DreamWorks  was very nerve wrecking. I was convinced it was too late to deliver, so I rejoiced out loud when they said they liked the song.

– How did you manage this Rybak?

– As with everything else, I had an idea and I accomplished it. Sometimes you get a ‘No’, sometimes you get a ‘Yes’. In addition I had a very good support from Tore Fredrik Dreyer (the head of Fox Norway).

загруженное (1)

Dragontrainer: Alexander Rybak has the Norwegian voice of HIkken,a brave dragon trainer in the movie. 

– All of my songs have a story behind them

It has an extra significance to Rybak to able to join “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.

–  I`m very fond of stories with a meaning, and DreamWorks  always manages that. And when I think about it, all of my songs have a story behind them.

Overdose of the violin 

The main character that Rybak gives voice to in the movie is called Hikken and he is a brave dragon trainer, but Rybak thinks he would have fared well as dragon trainer too

The dragons would probably have an overdose of violin, he says jokingly to TV2.

When asked if he thinks the song can give him a breakthrough in the US, he answers like this:

– I hope not. I have more than enough fans all over the world, in the US too. I get letters from new countries all the time, and I look forward to presenting a new song to my audience.

загруженное (2)

Passionate: Alexander Rybak in Hver Gang Vi Møtes.

Become accustomed to his own appearance.

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” premieres in Norway on July 4, but already on Sunday Alexander Rybak will be able to watch himself on the big screen during the pre-premiere.

– What will that be like?

– I have  become accustomed  to my appearance now, so I think that will be OK, concludes Rybak with a big smile.

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