Review of the concert with Alexander and Vestre Aker Strykeorkester nov.13th 2011

      Article found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes – Translated by Marianne Saietz


 Alexander Rybak inspired Vestre Aker Stringorchestra last weekend.

Article published at on 23.11.11. Written by Fredrik Eckhoff. Photos by Erlend Andersen.

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Lovely ensemble-play with Alexander Rybak 

It “rained” with praising words after the concert in the old Persbråten- hall last weekend. 


” What a fantastic concert-experience Sunday and what a educational and inspiring weekend for childen and teachers of Vestre Aker stringorchestra” – was one of the comments from a mother in the hall and she continued: 

” Our little “grasshopper” was shining happy – and not-so-little proud of getting to play with her big idol ”

And the idol was no less than Alexander Rybak himself, who played with Vestre Aker Stringorchestra.

Both young and old have practiced throughout the autumn and have been looking forward to work – and play concert with Alexander Rybak and his band and in the weekend 11th– 13th of november, it happened at Persbråten school.

It probably didnt come as a surprise, that there was a great  life and fuss from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

” This went beyond all our expectations. A “raw” concert with full power from beginning to end. Incredibly good playing-together between Vestre Aker Stringorchestra and Alexander Rybak with band” – was another comment,  we heard.

” The old Persbråten-hall was stuffed completely full with people, when it became time for the concert with Vestre Aker String-orchestras 100 playing children and youngsters and Alexander Rybak with band, plus around 500 paying audiences ! Rybak delivered! Vestre Aker String-orchestra delivered! The audience delivered!”, tells Truls Talberg to Akersposten. No.

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