Review of the Alexander Rybak’s concert “A Musical Journey” in Ulsteinvik 03.05.14

Article was published in   paper issue of “Vikebladet” 06.05.2014

Author: Ingvild Aursøy Måseide

Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Katie Anderson

 A Fairytale concert


Fireworks: Alexander Rybak was like a firework on the stage when he performed his two major hits “Roll With The Wind” and “Fairytale”. It was obvious that this was what the crowd had been waiting for. The people  sang along in full voices and gave the artist A standing ovation. Although he was skilled with both Swedish folk songs and classical violin play, it looked like he enjoyed himself most when he performed these songs.

I couldn’t have started the tour for this concept at a better place, said Alexander Rybak after a well done concert Saturday night.

The young man who won Eurovision 5 years ago showed up with the big smile we remember him with.

The concert has  been named “A Musical Journey”. Alexander Rybak is an educated classical violinist, but has promised himself that every concert shall be versatile. As music and life is, Rybak explains.

He was accompanied by Øystein Lund Olafsen on piano and accordion. The two worked very well together on stage and played together well.


From far away:  Fans came all the way from Estonia, Russia, Kazaksthan, Germany, England and  Lithuania to Ulsteinvik for the concert. To meet Alexander Rybak after the concert was  great.

Been here before

Alexander Rybak has been in Ulsteinvik several times before. He has played for a boat christening  and held church concerts.

Rybak said it was cozy that so many children were present.

– None of you are mine? I have been here so many times that I can’t be sure. – He joked and people laughed with him.

Rybak has the ability to charm the audience. He used a lot of humor in the concert, both between the songs and in the music.While playing a difficult classical  piece, he suddenly changed to “Great Balls of Fire”, to great satisfaction among the audience.

Wide range

Alexander played jazz, Swedish folk songs, Norwegian pop, rock, classical music, a Hungarian suite and self-written folk songs.
He handled both the soft tones and the strong and energetic ones.The audience seemed to have a cozy time, and  enjoyed the beautiful music. But was there something missing?

After Rybak had played through the whole playlist he said that he could just play the extra songs right away, so the  audience didn’t have to clap so much and he didn’t have to go off and on the stage again.

The mood raised when he got the audience to sing along  to “Roll with The Wind”. And when “Fairytale” finally came, the whole audience was standing up and clapped and sang along. Rybak himself was like a firework on the last two songs.

– They are such a fantastic audience. I promise I will be back.

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