Review of Christmas concert with Alexander Rybak in Lillestrøm 07.12.2012.

Article in the paper issue of “” , published on December 8, 2012

Author: Jan Rudolp Pettersen. Photo: Lisbeth Andresen

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Tessa Lande.  English revision by Katie Anderson

POPULAR CONCERT: A lot of people were in attendance when Alexander Rybak, Marian Aas Hansen, Tor Endresen, Elisabeth Andreassen and Rune Larsen  traveled  around for the 25th time with the pre-Christmas concert “Stille Natt Hellig Natt”  to Lillestrøm church. Two fully packed churches met the popular artists

 Pop concert at Christmas

For 25 years, Larsen and his gala of artists have  traveled around during the Christmas season. Last night, the Lillestrøm church was the arena, with two sold-out concerts of “Stille Natt Hellig Natt. “

All the artists in this musical performance are representative of  many qualities. Marian Aas Hansen, Elisabeth Andreassen, Alexander Rybak, Tor Endresen and Rune Larsen. They all contribute with good singing, both alone and together.

Presenter: Rune Larsen has control and eloquence.

Mellow arrangements

There is no lack of musical ingenuity, and great musical performance and knowledge. One Christmas song after another being duly sung and wrapped into the most beautiful arrangement. Between the singing and instrumental numbers, Rune Larsen contributes as a kindhearted presenter. He introduces the songs and tells stories. There’s hardly a story or a song Rune Larsen is not able to connect to the Christmas message. He is a good   presenter

Popular songs

There are songs from near and far. Many religious songs, but also secular songs like “Gabriellas sång “and” You’ll Never Walk alone. ” But, with Larsen’s eloquence, these songs are also incorporated and put under the musical Christmas tree.  Marian Aas Hansen, Elisabeth Andreassen, and Tor Endresen singing  brilliant  numbers associated with Christmas. Marian Aas Hansen’s version of “Silent Night” is tender and warm.


 Sparkling play: Alexander Rybak excels with his violin without drowning the music in lavish arrangements. Really wonderful is his variations on the song “Vi tenner våre lykter”


But, I don’t like Jon-Willy Rydningen’s tendency towards  mellow chords and experimental modulations.It leaves little respect for the beautiful melody’s original version. Alexander Rybak has a tremendous and even more impressive variation of “Vi tenner våre lykter”. He is an outstanding violinist who alternates between folk music and classical violin, and plays à la Stephan Grapelli.

Respect for the songs

I hear that these artists are good singers and are able to give their own interpretation of familiar songs. But with the exaggerated passion they put into every song, their lavish arrangements, their decays, and a dynamic that makes them sounds like the final number, I miss the respect for songs.These artists sell themselves and their musical performances, instead of showing more humility for the musical genes they manage. Although Larsen insists there are countless ways to get into the Christmas mood, this concert is definitely not among those. This is a pop concert. With Christmas flavor.

«Stille natt, hellige natt»with Marian Aas Hansen, Elisabeth Andreassen, Alxander Rybak, Tor Endresen and Rune Larsen
Lillestrøm church, Friday
Audience: two fully packed churches.


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