Video + Article: Review of Alexander Rybak’s concert in Mora, Sweden. Aug. 4th 2012

The article was published in the paper-issue of Mora Tidning 4.8.2012.

Text and photos by Selma Wolofsky

Found by Ulli Cologne. English translation by Ingegerd Claesson and Mary-Ann-Hansson. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn


2 Concert-videos, published by MoraLokalTV are added to the posting after the article!


Violins everywhere in the concert finale

Vattnäs : The last event of the summer took place in Vattnäs concert barn during the weekend when Alexander Rybak performed with around twenty youngsters. This fall there will be new projects in the barn. On Saturday youngsters from among other places: Sollerön, Älvdalen and Oslo, who are on the way to become professional musicians, performed with Alexander Rybak in Vattnäs concert barn.

“It will be fun to perform with Rybak tonight and it has been fun to rehearse with him before the concert. We have practised tonight’s program and learnt all the tunes we will play together. He has also talked about stage presence and what we should do to make a good concert”, – says the girls from Älvdalen Johanna Gjevaldsaeter,15, Frida Persson,14, and Svea Johansson 13 before the concert

The evening in the concert barn then offered everything from Rybak’s own tunes to Mozart and solo performances by the Swedish-Norwegian siblings Milla and August Magnusson. The concert, that goes by the name Zorn Summer Concert, was the last event in the barn, this summer. This fall new projects await in Vattnäs.
– ” We will build a house where the artists can spend the time before and after the concerts. We are also thinking about starting a café in the yard, but we haven’t decided anything yet. Later, it remains to plan the future events”,  – says the president of the concert barn, Göran Eliasson.

 He finds it positive  that it is young people who are performing in the last concert of the summer. The concert barn is supposed to be an arena for both big stars and young talents. That also gives a more mixed audience, which is good.
– ” I have watched the dress rehearsal of tonight’s concert and there are many pearls in it ” – says Göran Eriksson, who for the first time in several weeks, was able to be in the audience of a concert in the barn.


Concert-Videos by MoraLokalTV


Roll with the Wind

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