Concert in Harstad Culture House, 02.09.10 – Harstad Tidende newspaper

Retrieved from the printed edition of the newspaper and translated by Sara Anja Ruske

Written by Kåre Torvanger, Gives 5 out of 6 points.

Alexander Rybak has control over the instruments when he is on stage. He knows what he does, is active and plays on many strings that have appeal. Therefore, he had a firm grip on the audience who clearly appreciated the concert. He spoke warmly about the beautiful nature and the nice and friendly people in Harstad, and believed that the city had the best conditions for hosting part finale of MGP.

It was when he and his four musicians presented some tracks from the album, he really took off. It was a diversity with a taste of Sinatra style, Irish folk songs and more pop / rock songs – most with substantial room for violin arrangements. Army Orchestra also participated and accompanied, and it was definitely suiting. But first and foremost, it was Alexander Rybak who energetic gave of himself in singing, with the fiddle and some dancing. Extra number had to be Fairytale. And it was quite lively.

He is skilled on the fiddle, there is no doubt about that. It was shown in a heartfelt performance of “Setrjentens søndag”, and a romantic interpretation of “Liebesleid” by Kreisler. He wants to be a door opener for his audience by presenting good music from various genres. Music that he stands for.

Thomas proudly presented his signed CD after having been quite a long time in line to reach Alexander Rybak. “I am very pleased with this CD. I should have told Alexander that I also play violin, Thomas says after his quick meeting with the artist. I’ve played violin for a year, and hope to be as good as he.”

It was crowded in the hall, and the temperature was high while Rybak fans waited for the artist to show up after the concert. Crowd was even bigger when he came in the hall and gave time for small talk and signing of CD, posters and T-shirts. Many younger and some older with more or less dreamy faces crowded around the artist. “It was like getting a personal love letter”, said a mother with her young, excited daughter after she had received a written message from Alexander.

A video from that concert, recorded by Sara Anja Ruske.

8 thoughts on “Concert in Harstad Culture House, 02.09.10 – Harstad Tidende newspaper”

  1. You might be right, Marit.
    And the man who wrote this review has a daughter who is a very good violin player.

  2. I sometimes feel that the longer away from Oslo you get, the better the reviews. Sometimes I feel there is a “law” in the big capital-newspapers that they are not going to like what Alex is doing, whatever he is doing. The reporters away from the capital doesn`t know this “law” or they don`t feel they must follow it. They don`t have to be so cool that they can`t say what they meen -- that Alex is good at waht is he doing.

  3. Thank you so much Sara and Yannis!! Wonderful to read a positive, and true, review.

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