Review about Christmas concert in Molde 13 Dec. 2010

A review from paper issue in  local paper “Romsdals Budstikke”.

Found and translated into English by Tessa La

In just a year and a half, he has managed to play, sing and charm himself into the hearts of many people, and the response to his concert in Bjørnsonhuset on Monday was incredible.

An audience of 400 to 500 singing and clapping people gave Alexander Rybak the boost he needed to make this concert one of the most cheerful Christmas concerts Bjørnsonhuset has ever experienced  at least, one can assume this judging by the audience’s reaction both at halftime and at the end of the concert. Throughout the concert, Alexander received lively participation from the audience for his sing-alongs.

– Great fun, especially the start, said three friends, Ole Jørgen and Magnus Gulløien (brothers) and Sivert Storvik from Molde. The three of them had been singing along to many of the songs, and they also had a Rybak Christmas T-shirt.- I especially liked the Christmas songs, Sivert added.

One girl who had great reason to be ecstatic that day was Siri Hjelset (17 years) from Molde. She had her life’s greatest singing experience when she performed in two of the songs with the international euro-star Rybak.

– It was a friend of mine who told Rybak about me, and I got a message last Wednesday that I was going to perform with him, Siri said, who did not feel nervous at all during the duets.

– No, he was very comforting to work with, and he gave me lots of support on stage as well, while we were rehearsing just a bit earlier today. This has been an absolutely amazing experience for me and has really inspired me to continue singing, the singer from Molde says, revealing that she had been singing since she was 6 years of age.

– But this was the biggest so far! We met up with Rybak after the concert, and he doesn’t mind singing with new talents, as long as they are good enough!

– It was great to have Siri here today, and the audience with us too. I would like to come back to Molde, Rybak said with a smile, admitting that he enjoys performing Christmas concerts very much.

Rybak and a pretty team of female violinists received a lot of praise for their great performance from the audience afterwards. There was no lack of sound in the hall, and people very close to the stage probably got rid of their ear wax.

Rybak’s band consists of skilled musicians, but it’s he who is the star violinist. The entertainer, now also known as the “crooneren” Rybak due to this Christmas performance, interacted and chatted with fellow musicians and cracked jokes with the audience, including about Solskjær (a famous Norwegian football player, who now is the coach for the Molde Football Club) and more. Musically, he explored several genres. Those who wanted to see the violinist rather than singer/showman/humorist weren’t disappointed by the classically trained musician. He played both Russian and Hungarian instrumental pieces, as well as some hard-swing and rock songs, before he finally wrapped up with a performance of “We Light Our Lamps” as a cheerful sing-along with the audience. With this, he wished everyone a Merry Christmas, and added “see you in one year”.

(Article Revision by Annijo)

5 thoughts on “Review about Christmas concert in Molde 13 Dec. 2010”

  1. I am an American and thank you Tessa La for translating the article so that we too can share in the articles about Alexander. Your sentences are completely understandable.

    I also agree with Russell Hicks that Alexander is a Norwegian treasurer and I hope that sometime in the future Norway shares him with us in the USA.

  2. @ Yee, was there something, you didn´t understand in the translation?
    Do you know, all the translations and work on this site are made by volunteers among the many members of Alexanders Facebook-fanpage?

    Just as on the fanpage, we don´t pick on eachother for small mistakes in english grammar. Very few of us are, originally, english-speaking, but english and russian are the languages, most of us can understand. We all do our best, to write correctly, but we don´t pick on eachother for minor mistakes, as long as we can understand and communicate.

    If you are so skilled, that you can laugh at others work, I suggest you make some translations yourself and share them with us.

  3. ALL OF NORWAY SHOULD BE VERY PROUD TO HAVE SUCH A TALENTED ARTIST AS RYBAK AS A NORWEGIAN………he is incredibly hard working and very well supported by a great team……I hope 2011 brings many world wide tours as the whole world needs to know of ALEX the great singer/ violinist.

  4. Hahaha, you should get someone who would be able to write decent English! There are way too many mistakes in just a few rows XD

  5. I do like this picture.- Maybe, as one idea, these two could make a consert together some time in a future nearby?
    It seems I can’t make it to the Christmas shows with a cold hangin’ on. Alex, I think, needs a break. Sure missed a great deal!

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