Review about Christmas concert in Tønsberg on 13.12.2011

Article in the paper issue of “Tønsberg Blad”. 14.12.2011

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

Journalist: Marikken W. Photographer: Peder Gjersøe


Tønsberg: Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada shared their winter pictures, and made some new ones for the audience in the cathedral last evening.

Welcome to the Christmas concert “Vinterbilder” in beautiful Tønsberg Cathedral, Dennis Storhøi said, before the concert started yesterday.
Together with him was Anne Vada and Alexander Rybak, and together they painted beautiful musical winter photos of the cathedral.

Seven years on slippery ice
Storhhøi told how his most important winter pictures unfolded, as a 7-year-old boy on his way home on icy conditions.

“I was going to watch the Christmas calendar in black and white screen TV, the only channel in the world,” he said as the audience chuckled. Storhøi told merry about how it back then seemed to be an eternity to Christmas.
Now it seems that time passes too quickly. Suddenly the Christmas is over, and there is marzipan on offer in shelves on KIWI. I hope we all together here tonight can stop the time, said Storhøi.

They performed songs that created a good Christmas spirit in the cathedral, among others, “Nå tennes tusen julelys” And the audience was allowed to sing along. You are good, exclaimed Alexander Rybak , and smiled to everyone in the room.
Anne Vada also shared her childhood memories of how she as a child always made snow-lights..
“So it was a bright time, although it was dark,” she says. She called for putting humanity high in the Christmas rush.
“Think of others and take care of each other. Especially now in the time before Christmas.

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