Review about Alexander’s concert with Aalesund School Orchestra. Bygdebladet, 10.8.2011


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Found by Olina Novikova. English translation by Tessa La.

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Alexander with the fiddle in Gomerhuset. Came, played, sаng and won!

Article written by Bjørn Steinar Skarbø

It was full house and a good atmosphere from first to last tone in Gomerhuset in Skodje when Alexander Rybak had a concert with band and more than 100 young musicians from Aalesund Orchestra School.

And Rybak really showed us the combination he is known for, as both talented musician and entertainer. And if we add that he also let many of the young people get the chance to show their skills, combined with a solid grip on the audience, it was not a surprise that it was a success. At least not since many in the audience had a close relationship with one or several people on stage.


Musically it was a versatile concert Rybak presented. Of course “Fairytale” was played, in this occasion renamed to “Musevisa” (It’s his usual joke where he rename Fairytale to a welknown song due to the country he is in. “Musevisa” is a Norwegian well known children song.F.e. Tessa La). In Sweden he used another songtitle., and there were both classical and folk and pop songs, part of it in English and Swedish. With his own band in the middle of all the young strings, could he add extra rhythm, pressure and beat to the music, which was exploited in a great way.

Great inspiration

Rybak makes a great effort when he makes himself available as instructors for Aalesund Orchestra School. He contributes in this way to make classical music familiar and interesting to more and more new young musicians who by that way get good musical training and inspiration to keep up and go for it. It is said that those who learn to play classical music, also handle the other music genres. Judging from this it is important for all music that many searches for such education.

High level

Not least, there must be a very big inspiration to concerts with such inspiration like Rybak. He represents the musicality at a very high level. Because the victory in the ECS with the highest score of all time, was the result of a very solid musical craftsmanship, both in content, presentation and appearance. Rybak has said that he tones down the popular musical side of himself, but it will take a lot more before it is forgotten.

Always a woman to me” song by Alexander, who says that the day men starts to understand women, the fun is over. The one who plays the violin is Tone Tollaas.

Flying start

For Fjord Cadenza got a flying start. In the last minute I decided to set up an extra perfomance earlier in the evening, and despite limited advertising, there were over 80 at this too. In addition, there were many who had to turn in the door to the main concert, in lack of available tickets. The reason why we waited so long to set up additional concert, was that as late as Tuesday afternoon there were still 120 tickets available,- the general manager of Gomerhuset Magne filling says.- But early Wednesday morning, those disappeared like dew before the sun.

“The concert with Alexander Rybak and Aalesund Orchestra School was an experience with crowded house and high cheers. In this way Frjord Cadenza got a good start, which was not unexpected.”



Link to the source in Internet.


Rybak and 100 violines

Article written by K.O.

Fjord Cadenza in Skodje hit the flash with the music show Wednesday night. The start of the classical music festival could not have been better.

110 violinists from 10 years upwards, professional teachers and band and the great inspiration, Alexander Rybak. With this arrangement they made the foundation for the future – lots of coming young amateurs and pros in very good interaction.

And the Gomerhuset was crowded of an enthusiastic audience, and it was like each one and one got the feeling that they were a part of something important and pleasant.

It is worth noting the repertoire from nowadays most popular Norwegian pop artist: Beautiful songs, classic pearls, gypsy music and folksongs – and of course the winning song Fairytale from ESC.

Most of this is very far from what is being played on radio and television.

Numbers of operations with thousands of signatures has not led to anything. – We are fed with English-speaking pop music around the clock while the Grand Prix star Rybak travels around with music like “Bergrosa” by Sven Nyhus and “Visa vid vindens änger” by the Swedish folksong writer Mats Paulson (73).

But let us turn back to Skodje:

Rybak is a phenomenon that is both a virtuoso violinist and showman. This is a combination where he is in league with solid traditions that are important for the dissemination of music. Ole Bull was a stage artist in addition to master the game, Norwegian-American Lars Fykeryd managed to capture the audience with a fiddle and our own Jens Synnes we remember as a great show man. He never had problems with combining humor with seriousness. We may add Sigbjørn Bernhoft Osa – where the fun was never far from the virtuous.

And also note the name Andre Rieu, who draws audiences from Aalesund to Holland.

The point is always to reach out to the audience, which we experienced to the full in Skodje. But not only that, Rybak appearance inspired sharply the over hundreds of violin players who sat there with stars in their eyes and was involved in both the show and the music.

Wonderful is the music scene that bubbles over with musical energy.

The Orchestra School is a school example of how to do it – a national celebrity along with several instructor pros and juniors where everyone concentrates on the same note sheets.

Now we look forward to the continued program during Fjord Candenza –we are really talking about many gilt-edged performances. Music Director Rune Bergmann talks about world class quality – and why not in Skodje!


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  1. excellent …. God gives you your gifts!!!!! i hope that Alex continue this programs besause it seems that he is a grate teacher <3 <3<3 you made my day friends……..

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