Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert with Vivaldi Orchestra, 20.05.2011.

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Translation by Laila Solum Hansen

Classical at Rommen

Written by Øystein Kielland

Alexander Rybak and the Vivaldi Orchestra invited Groruddalen to concert at Rommen Scene Friday evening.

This was the a performance by youths. – The Vivaldi orchestra is conducted by Igor Rybak. His son Alexander has served his time in the orchestra. Now they were together again – at Rommen Scene.

Alexander expressed his happiness for so many to have found their way to the concert, to support the young people so they could develop. To laughter from the audience. Because this was impressing from start to finish.

We got to hear Edvard Griegs “Suite i gammel stil fra Holbergs tid” (Suite in old style from Holberg’s    days) and “I Dovregubbens Hall” (In the hall of the Mountain King), “La Primavera” (The Spring) and “L’Inverno” (Winter) by  Antonio Vivaldi, as well as Ole Bull’s “Sæterjentens Søndag” (The milkmaid’s Sunday). Igor Rybak had also brought two of his  own compositions: “Løpe etter solen for å se på solnedgangen” (Run after the sun to watch the sunset) and “Bergrosa” (The  Mountain Rose)
(Transl. comment: Bergrosa is NOT by IR – but by Sven Nyhus, Norwegian fiddler…)

Besides solo performance by Alexander Rybak, we heard Frida Eriksmoen Stensland’s violin solo in the piece “La Primavera”, and Milla Magnusson’s cello solo in the piece “Løpe etter solen for å se på solnedgangen”

The last part of the program was put together by Alexander Rybak, with mama on piano. A family affair with all dues shared and taken care of.

Rommen Scene is a super modern local arena for cultural activities. An impressing building, with impressing contents. We advise everybody to go there, the goodies are lining up in the coming program.

… all this right outside our own livingroom door in the upper part of Groruddalen!

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