Report & Video: Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak and fans in Kiev. Sept.29th 2012. Facebookies reporting

Report by Julia Bezbakh

Short report from yesterday’s meeting in Kiev:) I was celebrating my Bday with relatives when I got sms from Yana. I think it was something around 16.00, she told she reserved time for M&G at 20.00. I had to gather fans. That was a disaster, because I was far away, and my phone was dying and I knew how many complaints we’ll get from Ukrainians who don’t live in Kiev. That was tough even for Kiev citizens, but fortunately I have a great team of Ukrainian Facebookies who helped me to arrange everything. Also many thanks to Marianne Mata Hari Saietz for fast reacting and making an event post at the main wall immediately after I asked her.

We gathered around 20-25 people there. Girls from Ukrainian Team Facebookies went to that street and found the place, but that was not so easy to make them put tables together, many restaurants refused to do it, so this is why we couldn’t tell people the exact place in advance. I was happy to see many familiar faces and also some very new. All new ones came thanks to the wall posting:)

Alex and Yana was late (as always) for one hour or something, which is not so bad actually. All who couldn’t make it to 20.00 were gathered at the looong table when the guy finally entered restaurant:) Little girl Dasha, who is the constant part of every facebookies meetings in Kiev, was running in front of him waving to us and screaming “He is coming, he is coming!” That was so funny:) So they took their places and little girl was one who made that evening, with those drawing thingy:) I think you saw the pics and understand what I mean.

 The meeting went in very nice, cozy and relaxed atmosphere 🙂 He tried to tell about his new single and to avoid revealing too much. He told it’s the song about one special person;) Hehe Also he told about his upcoming Christmas album, there will be mostly covers of his beloved American jazzy songs, with his special arrangements. We’re looking forward to it:) The song he recorded with Didrik is the one he wrote himself, so it’s even more tempting to hear it finally.

 Then the meeting went with it’s usual way. Girls gave him presents, many presents, and then it was loooong queue to take pictures and just talking more privately with each of us. I don’t remember every topic, but I was here and there and took a lot of videos, which I will upload to Youtube soon. He said he loves his Ukrainian team, praised Yana a lot, and also Kathrine in Norway. he told he is perfectly fine with them:) That was nice to hear. In general he seemed to be very much satisfied with everything and he was looking forward for today’s photo-shooting and Monday’s video-shooting.

And after the restaurant meeting we went to show Alex how to make Chinese paper lights to fly in the sky:) We gave him some as a present, but it appeared he never seen that thing:) So we found an open space (well not so open, but it was a square in front of his hotel), and we started to do our job:) Alex was trying to help us, asked what to do how to hold it and so on. The first try was not successful, it was burned up almost on the ground, but we had so much fun:) The second one flew far away, and the third one was also flying and Alex was one of those who held it, so he finally got that feeling how to do it.  Also he spoiled another one, he burned it right at the ground, so he came up with funny idea to make a T-shirt out of this:)

You can see it at our pictures too:) That was hilarious, how he tried to take it on and not spoil paper:)) hehe So, after some minutes all the lights were pulled in the sky and we had to say goodbye to each other. Alex hugged us all, I think he did that 2 or 3 times to each of us:)) He said many sweet things to each and every girl, he carried the whole bunch through the city, until he reached his hotel and we can go the the metro station, which is very close to the hotel.

 That was so great evening! So friendly and so warm:)

More pictures in the album of Rybaks Facebookies Team Russian-speaking Friends – Here

Julias video from Meet & Greet in Restaurant Monsieur Olivier in Kiev. With english subtitles by Julia.



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