Report + Video: Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak and fans in Kiev.Sept.29th 2012. Facebookies reporting

Report by Valerya Platonova

‎29 sep 2012 Meet&Greet in Kiev, Ukraine

What a day!
Well, I’ve been thinking all the time, how lucky we are!  Alex so often comes to Ukraine and we have an opportunity to meet him again!
I knew from FB that Alex came to Kiev on shooting. So when I went to work on saturday morning I brought my old camera. Thanks to Yana and Julia, the meeting was held in a small, cozy cafe near the hotel “Riviera” where Alex usually stays.
It’s tradition to come to meeting with gifts. When we were discussing gifts, I offered to give him a picture from all of us. I worked to 8, and then I decided to take a taxi, pick up the picture from home and then fly to the cafe.

When I was travelling in a taxi, I thought of his new song. I only know that he’ll make a bombshell. This is a closely guarded secret. I began to go through all the topics that Alex has written: Unrequited love, sad love, I’m lonely, oh, I’m alone, I love you, and you don´t love me.

I went for the picture. And there was an unexpected obstacle. The picture I had to present, was painted a year ago and was a copy of Gustav Klimt’s “Attersee”, 1908. It was without a frame. But a different picture was inserted in a suitable frame. I ordered that frame in an art-studio, and they were so firmly attached to one another, that I could not remove the painting from the frame. OMG!  Time, nerves, waiting taxi, and I’m racking my nails on the frame, trying to pull her out. Finally! I changed the picture and rushed on.

While we were waiting for him, we guessed what he will be wearing. We won!
He was wearing a rumpled T-shirt and knitted cardigan. He kept asking whether we liked his shirt. I wanted to ask if he was sleeping in it, too, but he said that it’s ok. He came in a very good mood, greeted all and thanked for attention.

Then he sat down with pleasure on the sofa betweenYana and Ira, ordered peach juice. I stood in front of him. When he asked me whether I have a chair, I said – I was sitting 12 hours on work, and now I wanted to stand. He probably understood it as I had to STAND 12 hours, and immediately began to organize a chair. We all laughed.

The meeting took place with a lot of fun. The little girl sat next to him and began to decorate a picture of a ghost. Alex took a pencil and began to help his little neighbour.
When we asked if he was going to change his image, he said – like this and he put on glasses.
We asked to talk about his work. He said that he is still a musician. He said that he wrote a new song, and it will be released in October. He talked about his new album and tour. He speak very  quietly and those who sat far began get closer. There were a lot of gifts – we gave a picture, other girls gave a T-shirt with the words “Rybak 13”, candy, photoalbum.

He joked as always. He ask us about one girl whether we know her. Said that she called him 50 times a day. All girls started to offer different ways of blocking. And I thought it would be a good idea for a song – to devote song to such annoying person – Do not call me, baby, please do not call me!

He praised Yana and her new people whom she works with. Then he moved to the other corner of the table, and all jumped up from their seats and began to make a photo. Alex was very pleased. Oh, poor pictures, let’s remake – and he made another one again and again.
He’s no hurry, it seemed, he had the whole night ahead of him. Yana also didn’t hurry, and we were very grateful.

It was very funny when we quit the cafe and went to the square in front of “Riviera”, to launch “Chinese lanterns.” This is such an attraction that came to us from China – a large paper bag in the shape of a heart or ball with a wick at the bottom. When the wick to burn, hot air fill a balloon and get up in the air. Of the four, we got into the sky only two. But how!
Huge ball hard up into the air and fell almost to the roof of “Riviera”!

We laughed and were worried about fire in the center of town. I almost heard fire truck sirens. Second torch flew close and fell into a nearby yard. A third was spoiled and Alex wanted to wear it. There are a lot of pictures, where he is inside a red heart. He said – “How beautiful tradition you have” Ha-ha!
There was a lot of laughter, hugs and photos. Girls didn’t take their eyes off him.

Thank you girls for the wonderful organization of this meeting. It was wonderful as always))

 More pictures at FB-page of Rybak´s Facebookies – Team Russian-speaking Friends here

Two videos by Julia Bezbakh from the Meet & Greet  here

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