Report from Meet&Greet with Alexander Rybak in Baku, Azerbaijan. 22.05.2012

Report written by Narmin Mamedova

As you know this year the Eurovision Song Contest will be in our native Baku city. Can you imagine yourself our delight when we have heard that our lovely singer Alexander Rybak will be one of the special guests on this great show?! The only thing we knew for sure that we had to meet our idol. With the great help of Alev Janbulat and other members of Rybak’s team the meet&greet was organized. Honestly, if you take me I couldn’t believe that such a big European star, a man who broke the record of the ESC, such a busy man who has no time even to have a lunch could accept our offer to make a meet&greet.


So, this day (the 22nd of May) came. We were waiting for in the Mariott Hotel Absheron (a nice hotel indeed). Before Alexander came all fans had met each other and had spoken about Rybak. And soon Alexander came… He greeted all of us and began to speak English as a tradition. But then he laughed a lot when he remembered that we all could speak Russian (Azerbaijan was one of the USSR countries). Of course the best thing we liked in Alexander was that he was very simple, like a “boy next-door” (as I am a girl who has lived in Moscow I can say for sure that this is a trait of a kind Slavonic man). At first he “met and greeted” each of us with warm hugs. Then he made so many pictures with each fan and gave autographs. That was really awesome because in spite of fatigue and a few free time he spent a lot of time with us with a great patience. But there were so many journalists and each of them wanted to take an interview with Alex (I think you saw some of them on YouTube).


 The most important thing that we liked in Alexander was that he could find a special theme with each of his fans. For example, he asked a girl if her t-shirt is in national style, he liked one another girl’s accessory and another fan’s cool eye-glasses (for me the best moment was when he kissed my hand, sooo lucky hand indeed J ). I just want to say that he could spare the time to each of his fans who love him, that’s why he wanted to bring his love to them too.


Then we gave him our modest present: “the Azeri nards”. Some of his fans began to teach him how to play this game. We surprised that he understood how to play it easily even if that’s a hard game (I still can’t play itJ)

Oh, I forgot an important thing: we were singing his Eurovision hit – the “Fairytale” altogether. We all were like in a real fairytale! ^_^

He also offered us to us to stay on the interview of Russian newspapers (“He wanted us to stay!” (c) Tooji J ) in which we learnt something new about Alexander. The most important words of him were: “My enemies are “limits” which prevent real talent”. He said that because of his big love to the extraordinary “Buranovskiye Babushki” band, he thinks that not everybody likes them because of that “limits” which don’t support such an extraordinary group. Then he told about his big love to the windsurfing and video games. But we knew that before, because we are real fansJ. He has also told about the realize of his new clip for “Strela Amura” song. Talking about his new clip he said that he adores it when the lovers meet each other and this is the greatest feeling in the World. He liked that he was Cupid who gathers lovers together.

In the end of that great day we made some photos together, he presented warm hugs to each of us again. So… I think that the 22nd of May was one of the greatest days of this year – it was the day of the 1st semifinal of the ESC here in Baku and we could met such a kind, nice, smiley, soft and charming man.


That day we understood that such people exist: one of the most famous singers in Europe was talking to his fans like their friend, neighbor or just a classmate. Thank you for those unforgettable moments, a guy from the Funny Little World…


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  1. I’m so jealous! I’m a new fan of Alexander, and I wish I could meet him someday… I’m looking for some useful sites so I can see if he’ll be somewhere around the Netherlands of Germany soon… :’)

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