Fan report by Linda Kupalinka – Alexander Rybak in Gala-concert in Tampere-Talo, Finland. Oct.16th 2010.

My report from 16th of October

Oooooookay!!! You ready? *dramatic drum sound* So here is my report from yesterday’s Gala concert, which was really amazing. Starring: The Smurf, Maria, Kathrine, me, my friend Janita and Maj-Lis!

Janita and I left my house few minutes after 5 PM to go to Tampere-talo. We made it there in about 20-30 minutes and when we went to the doors of the concerthall, we saw that the concert was moved to tinier hall so we went there, one floor upper. For our big surprise, we saw mostly just excited old ladies and gentlemen and only few teenagers. We went to the queue and we spotted few more teenies but that was it. Good for us, eh? 🙂 Some lady from staff gave us some flayers of the concert and asked two girls next to as if they were there for Rybak. Yes, they said and the lady said that the Smurf had some greetings for his fans; We should clap and cheer the other artists too 😀
Soon we made it inside the hall. Because of moving the concert to there, there weren’t specific seats we needed to sit on, so Janita and I ran to 2nd row (which was about 5 feet away from the stage) and sat pretty much in the middle – great seats.  Before the show started, blonde lady came to ask us,  if the seat next to us was available and we said yes. I thought she looked somehow familiar but I was too excited to think about it more. After few minutes chatting with Janita, the lady turned to me and asked: “Are you Linda?” I was like: “..? Yes?” The lady introduced herself as Majlis!
I was already bonked to see a FaceBookie and then the show started. Mikko Leppilampi, the host, talked something boring and the St. Petersburg- orchestra played amazingly and then he said: “Now the first artist is Tomi Metsäketo.. And.. That Norwegian guy.. Hmm.. Alexander.. Rybak or something like that.” Everyone started to yell and clap and they came to the stage. I remember I couldn’t take my eyes off of Alex, I just stared and couldn’t believe that I was there – and the Smurf 5 feets away. I stared the whole time him and randomly smiled only because I felt so happy.Tomi sung and the Smurf played violin. It was a slow song and the fiddler’s playing got me goosebumps. Then it was over and Elena Putina (if I remember right) came and I started to text to Marion K. with a low profile.   In about half an hour Mikko introduced Alex and the girls and they came to sing Europe’s Skies and Funny little world!!!
The Smurf said: “First we start nice and  easy.. My song Europe’s Skies. Hope you like it.” and every screamed and sung along. Awesome atmosphere. After that, Funny little world which also caused some chaos. We all sung again and at the end, he asked us to wave from side to side and we all did; everyone went slowly from left to right with their hands up. He did great with the girls, they all looked happy and enthusiastic. It felt so teriffic, seeing him there and hearing him sing 2 very important songs. I was quite near to tears,  during Funny little world which is propably the most personal and important song for me in the whole history.

Some other artists came and since it was recorded (by the way, it’ll be out in December or January propably). Every now and then,  people came on stage to do some technical stuff. During one of those moments, when two random guys came to arrange some cord and suddenly Alex and the girls were there too. Everyone started to scream and clap but the Smurf showed us with his hands to keep it quiet. “Shh, shh! We’re not ready yet..” 😀
Then he got the cord attached to his violin and played with awesome Terem Quartet. I was actually little bit sick that day (and few days before and today too) so when there was about an hour without the Smurf, I felt really sick and frustrated and wanted to sleep. Well, I changed my mind when Mikko once again introduced my three favourite fiddlers and they came on stage 😉 “Now it’s time for the evening’s last artist..” Some of the audience’s girls said: “Oih.” and Mikko said: “Someone already shriek our there.. *romantic and dreamy tone* Aleeeex.. <3 __<3 ” And everyone started to scream and Alex came on stage with the girls.
Alex smiled and came to the mic and said: “Very nice to be here again in Finland. And.. Uuuh.. Very nice to be on stage with all of these lovely artists. You know, many of them were my heroes when I was.. Young.” The audience bursted in laughter there and the Smurf corrected: “Well.. When I was little. 🙂 And you’re very good audience too. How many of you knows.. Swedish?” I raised my hand. “Yeah, some of you?” he said and pointed the audince with the bow. *giggle* Then he said something which I honestly couldn’t understand, it sounded funny anyway 😀 “Finnish”, he then asked. I raised my hand again. Everyone screamed and raised their hands too. “Ah, very good. Uuuh.. Russian?” I raised my hand aaaaagain. “Some of you know Russian? Very good, international audience. Um.. How are you feeling today? Good?” Everyone yelled and clapped. He said: “Okay.. A little mixed.. Mixed respond there. Öö, is it because of the groups? Because I split you into languages? I didn’t want to do that! Ehh, okay, let’s pretend we’re all English then. Are you feeling alright?” Now that I think, he actually sounded little bit British while asking are we feeling alright 😉
Audiences respond was this time ears-breaking WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!! He smiled. “There you go! Okay. So uuh, then.. We’ll sing a song then. Fairytale!” Well, that’s when we all lost control. Screaming, yelling, clapping. Every sung along again and at one spot, the Smurf himself didn’t even sing, he was just looking at us proudly when we sung! 🙂 When I later on will post my video of FT and the speaking before it, you’ll hear my voice loud and clear when I sing and scream 😉 Atmosphere = Stunning. Then he sang Roll with the wind. I can’t remember what he said exactly, I was so *BONKED* but I’m sure someone recorded the whole thing. He separated us in groups. For my side of audience he said: “You are group number one! You go AYAYAYAY when I say. And you are.. Group number two!” So we were supposed to yell ayayay in turns but then just didn’t work because we were all so excited. “Could you get up?” Wel got up but couple of older ladies didn’t. “Come on, get up please”, he said and showed his charmer- smile and the ladies were up in no time ;))) “Now let’s try this. You yell ayayay. One. Two. Three!!” “AYAYAYAY!!!” “Very good! Thank you. AYAYAY, WHOAAA!” And we repeated it few times. He said: “Okay.. We’ll figure it out.” (I was like What?! That wasn’t good enough for you?!) “This is song called Roll with the wind.” It started and the audience, still standing up, sung along and clapped. Even the old, fancy ladies who came there for Tomi Metsäketo, yelled AYAYAYAYAY!
During the fiddle-part before the last repeat of chorus, he talked again. “Wow! Amazing!! Everybody knows the song, yeah? *something I can’t understand*” And then we went again: AAAAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! During the last notes he said he hoped we had a nice evening. The hall bursted in applause. The evening was perfect and this was perfect ending for it.  Then there was only one song left, where everyone was in. Alex played violin, it was some Finnish song. Mikko introduced everyone for the last time and suddenly it was all over.
Me, Majlis and Janita sat on the floor and started to think where we could find the Smurf and the girls. I went to do some spying, but no one was in the lobby or anywhere. I got very suspicious. I went back to hall and Majlis and Janita came with me to find the Smurf. No one knew where he was, untill some brave girls went to ask a guy from staff. He said they might come out of back door, we could go there. So we three followed the bunch and made it to the back door where were about 30 other girls too and some dudes were getting all the technical things out of the building.
We waited.. Other artists passed us.. Some more waiting.. I was looking up the window and suddenly saw a familiar blonder curly hair and a violin case. “Kathrine’s there, she’s there!!!!!” I said to Majlis and Janita and withing some minutes Kathrine came out and started to chat with other girls. I tried to go and talk to her but nope, SOME people were blocking the way and talking to her. I gave up. Maria came out in awhile and then everyone talked with them. Suddenly someone said: “Hey, Alex is there.” And there he waaaaaas :)))))
It was quite desperate to try to talk to him, there wasn’t a queue, there was an insane bunch of freaking girls. We went from side to side but nooooooo, it was quite hard. I stood behind about 3 girls and he was just taking a picture with some girl, I was just staring at him and trying to memorize his every detail from close. Then, out of nowhere, he turned to me and stared me smiling right to my eyes for about 10 long seconds. My heart started going “boomboomboomboomboomboom” and I couldn’t move or talk or do anything. There was absolutely nothing in my head, I just stared at his eyes and he stared at mine. I have never ever in my life had such an effective and gigantic ****BONK****!
Then the moment was gone, since someone asked his autograph. We moved on and tried to find a spot where Alex would notice us. I was annoyed ’cause I didn’t have a chance to talk to the girls either, so when we were nearly glued to the girls’ flanks, I decided to talk. These kind of social situations are very hard for me, I don’t know if someone was already having a discussion with them or something. So once again I just stared- this time I stared to Maria’s eyes. Then I got some kind of emotional kick in the butt and said hi to her and Kathrine.
Maria: “Hi!”
Kathrine: “Hey!”
Me: “Uuuh.. Can I have your autograph?”
I gave Maria the booklet of No Boundaries and she took it and my pen too.
Maria: “Sure!”
Me: “By the way.. I’m the admin of the fanclub for.. You guys.”
Maria: “You are?!” (I’ve been in touch with her through FB.)
Kathrine: “Really?!”
Me: “Yes!!!”
Maria: “That’s so great! So nice to meet you! Maria.”
She gave me her hand and I shaked it. “Who are you again?”
Me: “Linda.”
Maria: “Okay! Linda.. Linda Kupl.. Kup..”
Me: “Kupalinka, Linda Kupalinka.”
Maria: “Yeah! Kupalinka!”
Me: “Wow, you remember!”
Maria: “Yeah! Look, it’s so great what you’re doing for us! The page is great.”
Me: “Thank you!”
Kathrine: “So nice of you to do things like that! Kathrine.” She gave her hand too and I shaked it.
Me: “I’m so happy to finally meet you girls!!”
Maria and Kathrine: “We’re glad to meet you too!”
Maria made her autograph and with frozen fingers she looked for Kathrine’s picture in there too.
Me: “Can you give me your autograph too?”
Kathrine: “Of course!” And she wrote it down too, with a little smiley in there 🙂
I was so happy and sticked kinda near to them and tried to seek for the Smurf. Suddenly, and now excuse me for my language, a blond bitch came to shout that they have to go and no more pics or autographs or hugs. Everyone protested, since SOME girls stayed there for ages and got millions of hugs and pics and some of us – like me – got nothing yet. Blonde yelled and yelled and was really tense. (She said SHE wants to go home and SHE is cold and SHE is busy.. She was obviously some Finnish part of Alex’ team. Yuck.) No one listened to her and Alex kept doing what he was doing.
Maria took a video of us with Alex’ camera. She was standing right next to me when the Smurf came and tried to advice her how to use the camera. “Yayayay”, Maria said and took the camera away from the Smurf’s reach. “You know how to do it”, I said and she laughed and started to take video. We are probably on it, because she was in front of us the whole time!!
It seemed like I wouldn’t have the chance to meet the Smurf at all, so when Maria stopped shooting, I came to her and asked if she could take my present. I had two Fazer- chocolates (Marianne- flavoured (hih) and one with cookies in it, both veeery yummy) and Finnish liquorice and I couldn’t help it, I also had to buy a box of white chocolate sticks, they weren’t Finnish, but they had SMURFS on the box, so it was Smurf- chocolate! I also wrote a note on the bag.
Me: “Could you please take this? It’s for you all. There’s Finnish chocolate and liquorice and such. And, you also have to share it with Olga!!”
Maria: “Wow, really? Of course! Olga? Sure we’ll share it with her!! Thank you so much!”
Then she leaned to me and gave me very warm hug. Maria is wonderful.
I was standing right behind Alex and suddenly he turned around and almost walk on me. Then something absolutely bonkalicious happened: He raised his finger, poked my nose, smiled happily and said: “There you are!!!” just like he had been looking for me. I couldn’t say a word. My mind my was yelling: HE JUST POKED YOUR NOSE!!! HE POKED YOUR NOSE!!!!! NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then once again, some girl made her way there and took his attention. I was annoyed and panic came to my body when the blonde yelled: NOW WE REALLY DON’T HAVE TIME ANYMORE! Gladly, nothing happened.  She yelled again and the Smurf asked: “Is everybody happy now?” I and 2 others yelled: “NO!” And he asked 2 more minutes and we all got happy . . . 😉
Then there was this girl to whom, he was writing autograph and she didn’t find her pen.. She: “Where’s my pen? Where’s my red pen?”
Alex: “I’ll take someone elses.” He turned around and took Janita’s pen (which was my Stabilo- pen).
Janita: “NO!” I was in my mind yelling again: “NO?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
Alex: “Yes! *tried to take the pen*”
Janita: “No, it’s my pen!” I felt like I needed to save Janita and get into a conversation too.
Without thinking I yelled: “It’s MY pen!!!!!” Alex looked at me, said yeah, and took the pen anyway :D:D He wrote it down and gave it back. *BONK* He used my pen 😉
He asked Janita, if she already had an autograph and she said no.
I said: “I want an autograph too, please.” so he wrote first to Janita and then to me. I was holding my booklet of NB and he leaned his hand against mine (I didn’t even dare to think what would have happened if my bonking would have effected on that hand of mine) and wrote his autograph and made the cute smiley next to it. Because it was a Stabilo, it looked pretty fuzzy, but it makes it only look personal.
After he wrote it down (the blonde was behind me and was really crancky) and I said with an angel voice: “Could you give me a hug, it’s so cold in here..” (My coat was at home.) He smiled and said: “Okay!!!” And hugged meeeeeeee :————————) (After that he also hugged Janita.) Then there was this young man who desperately wanted to have picture with him. His avec, Janita and I took pictures at the same time, but turned out that only my camera took the picture. His avec said:”This didn’t take the picture!” And Alex said: “She’ll send it to you then!” and pointed Janita, whose camera didn’t take it either. The boy was about to start crying so I stood up as a hero and said: I GOT THE PICTURE!! And he was so happy and gave me his e-mail address and I sent him the picture later that night.
Alex’ head was still out of the car when everyone else were in it. We all yelled bye bye to him and he said bye bye back. Then the evening was officially over. I couldn’t talk, walk or think properly. I just took my phone, called mom to get us and *BONKED* all over again.
Mom: “Are you ready?”
Me: “*giggling* Yes!!”
Mom: “What happened? Did you meet him?”
Me: “*giggle*”
Mom: “Did he remember you?”
Me: “*giggle* I’ll tell when we meet!!!”
And while waiting, Janita and I sung all the songs he sung there and screamed. I send an SMS to Marion, *BONK*, *BONK*, *BONK*. We said good bye to Majlis and then we got home. The night was absolutely perfect and stunning and I was this happy last time in January!!!
And P.S. I know some of you will ask it.. I didn’t have time to ask about the Christmas- tour DVD, but I divined it and wrote it down to the note which was in the bag I gave to Maria!!!
By Linda Kupalinka, Oct. 17th 2010 kl. 15:13



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  1. wow, you’re soooo lucky!!! i’d give anything for an alex hug!
    i wish i will meet alex…one day….and hug him 😉 until then, it looks like im saving up all my money to travel to the places in europe where he actually performs, unlike my dear home the uk :L

  2. Yes, I was!
    Yeah, that’s the point, usually those kind of people don’t understand the meaning of something like that, such as security officers and managers, don’t know who She was though…
    But luckily Alex didn’t believe her words and just kept doing what he was doing, points for Alex 10-0, I think!! 😀 haha

  3. Thank you guys!!!

    Kit, so you were there too? 😀 I think everyone got at least something 🙂 But the woman was really annoying, I guess she didn’t realise that for some people that was a once-in-a-lifetime- opportunity.

  4. I let you use the word b*tch when it comes to that blond woman out there.. she was really annoying and didn’t think of the fans or Alex either, just her own best. But I hope everyone got something from the smurf, even a little smile:)

    Thank you for the report!

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