Report from concert in Tallin, Estonia. March 8th 2010

Report from an Estonian fan 🙂 

So, here is my report.

We arrived in Solaris center a few minutes before the signing session was to begin and went to the long line, where we met with another girl from Facebook, Kylcella. Alex arrived soon and teenager girls, who weren’t in the line, just stormed to him. Alex looked a bit tired at the beginning and had a kind of sad expression, even while smiling. But soon he looked much better and happier, so, it must be true, what he has always said about the signing sessions – that this is, where he gets his energy from. 🙂 The line was moving very slow because of those teenage girls, who weren’t standing in the line at all, but just pressing through. And the time went fast and the session was about to end – it was set from 16.45-17.30 only and the line was still pretty long . . . We realized with Kylcella, that we have to act more rude now, too, and pressed us through the crowd. The security was doing the best to protect him from fans, on the cost of politeness – they were rude to the crowd . . . happy, that Alex didn’t understand, what they were saying. :S Soon it was told to Alex, that the signing is over, but he looked at the long desperate line and said, he want’s that everyone gets the autograph.

Then Dan appeared and they discussed about it and it was set, that he will stay until 18.00. But security told, it must be done very quick now – only autographs, no taking pictures anymore! Alex didn’t get it, why, because he was ready to do it . . . And then it was my turn. The crowd was pressing on my back and security hurrying up, so I only had chance to pass him the greetings from FaceBookies and handed him the drawing, explaining, that my daughter made it. He looked it and his face lightened up while exclaiming – “oh, it’s me there!”:) I said, yes, it’s you, with your Grammy award and he said, “yes-yes, I see”, and studied the drawing excitedly smiling. Then I asked, if I can take a picture of him with my daughter and he said, of course, although this security-bitch raised her voice about it and didn’t want to allow my daughter to him. :S But she got through anyway and stepped to him with her arms stretched out to hug him and he bowed over and hugged her. 🙂 She had a little piece of paper, where was written a message for him from someone, so he took it, read it, smiled and answered to that message and hugged my girl again and she kissed him on his neck. 😉 I asked her later, how was his neck, and she said it was nice dark brown – she must have hit the violin mark . . . Despite of the rude comments of the security bitch, which I ignored, I had a photo taken of my daughter with him and had to leave now quickly. I felt so sorry for Kylcella, because she wasn’t able to give her gift to Alex – Estonian traditional sweets, the cheese curd sweets and the gloves, she had knitted for Alex, which were a real piece of art! She had to leave them to the security to give to him . . .

Now we had about an hour left until the concert and we went to the restaurant nearby. While we were eating there, we saw Alex coming with the security to the elevator and we waved him heavily – he saw us and smiled and waved us back. 🙂 The concert was really good and there has been only good press about it. He was wearing black T-shirt with his black west and new pants, which were so low, that The Colour was seen all the time. 🙂 The pants were actually so new, that had even price tag on them

When he entered the stage, his eyes and his face were shining happily and he was all charged – it was almost the same as in Prague! The audience was great! Although it was mostly a mature audience, they were screaming and clapping like teenagers! 😀 Alex looked so happy, relaxed and pleased and said, that we look like Norwegians and he feels here like at home. 🙂 My girl was holding a FaceBook logo and he saw it during the second song – he looked at the logo, then quickly to my girl and smiled and waved to her and she waved back to him. 🙂 Later when he asked, is anybody thirsty, he pointed to my girl and said – “here, this little girl here”, and gave his water bottle to my daughter. 😀 And later he also looked at her a few times and smiled. 🙂 I don’t know, what else to say, only the performance was perfect! I just happened to watch one longer interview made with him there, in The Solaris center, where he was really sad and almost about to cry . . . so, now I even more wonder, how he was able to be so perfectly energized, confident and shining on the stage! But he was.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful report. I am so happy for you and your lovely daughter that you could meet (and greet) him in such a good mood.

  2. Haha! He must have needed new clothes after falling in the water.

    What a precious little girl! Thanks for the pictures…

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