Reactions of the press to Alex’s facebook comment of FB, Febr. 18th

(researched by Tessa), 22.02.2010

Apparently, Alexander overreacted and posted a statement on Facebook in order to stop people from sending emails to his private email account and also to stop calling him. By doing so, he claims that his wish was granted: people stopped. Meanwhile, he is said to be fine. [Fiddler, how about not giving out your private email address and your phone number to every Pete and John? Just a suggestion, pal! 😉 – ed. Irena]

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Article in
, 22.02.2010

Similar to what was written on He reacted impulsively to stress. During the past few recent days, he had been recording his second album with the producer Amir Aly in Sweden. No references are made about a nervous breakdown or work-related problems with the “big guys”.

(google translation), 22.02.2010

Nothing new in here, but there is an emphasis on the fact that this was not the first time that Alexander had revealed his personal life issues and relieved some steam on his facebook wall. He is said to have realized that he must have concerned many people with his message. No comment on the mysterious “big guys”. His management emphasizes that his schedule is less tight than it was in the fall 2009.

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(researched and excerpt by Veronica Nord)

From Dagbladet 19.02.2010

A little interview with his manager, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog. She says among other things that “Alexander is extremely loyal to his fans, and they are loyal back”. Nice 🙂 The date of the release of the new album is not certain yet.

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“Rybak’s FaceBookies Times”, 23.02.2010

The reaction of the Facebookies addressed by the fiddler on his facebook post on the night of Feb. 18th 2010 is diverse. Nevertheless, a certain tendency can be noted throughout the discussion threads. Ruby Tattler summarizes it in “Rybak’s FaceBookies Times”:

(a rybakomic by Dr. Renia)


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  4. I love Rybak´s FaceBookies Times. I love Rubby Tattler! I love Dr. Renia … I love the sharp and adressing humour …. and I love to feel the possitive emotions and laugh out the bad feelings from me! Thanks soooo much !!!!!!

  5. I am once more impressed by the journalistic skills of our beloved Ruby Tattler!!!

    I will only believe what RFT is writing!!!


  6. Ryby Tattler is simply my favourite journalist… Always THERE -- always to the point -- always objective….

    Thank you!

  7. OK, we´ve heard the news from Ruby… Now we only have to make it happen ;D LOVE YOU, GUYS! 🙂

  8. From now on, The RFT will be my only news-source. It has everything I need and the staff has got all, I ever asked for, from journalists. I skip TV and other newspapers and follow the ways of the world, entirely from RFT!

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