Mickey Mouse


1. If you could play music to (or with) one of your favorite fictional characters, who would you chose and why? Emily B, England.

Mickey Mouse. Because everything he does, touches to gold.


 2. Hei Alex, do you know Dimmu Borgir? What do you think about their metal music? Jørn, Norway.

Love them! Lots of different moods. Actually I’m trying to get in touch with the vocalist. I have an idea.

red. Dimmu Borgir  is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Oslo, Norway, formed in 1993.

 3. Hi, Alex, Do you think that loneliness is beautiful? Could a man enjoy it? Could the loneliness become a friend? Zhenya

Well, there is the loneliness where a man is surrounded by screaming teenagers, and still feels lonely. And then there’s the kind of loneliness where you sit alone in front of your brand new 3D television, surrounded by the best speakers in the world.

Both of those examples, I could live with.


4. What song, not performed by you (yet), do you think is SO good (technically, melodious, etc.) that you wish you had written & composed it yourself? Ellen, The Netherlands.

“November” by Odd Nordstoga, and “Somebody I used to know” by Gotye




5. Where the hell do you keep all the gifts from fans? It’s not possible to keep them in house, so…? Monika, Poland.

Actually it is possible. The chocolate and candy, I share. A lot.



6. You took a lot of girls on stage, gave them flowers and teddy bears. I would like to know if you remember any names of those girls? Pszemek

Yeah, I especially remember Julie, June and April. Oh, and January.


7. Some months ago I watched the Norwegian movie “Yohan The Child Wanderer”. What is the song called that you sang in that movie? Victoria, Ukraine.

I really don’t know. I just composed it in 2 hours, and they threw it in the movie.

8. If everything is possible (and female tastes are out of consideration), how the perfect date would look like? Inna, Ukraine

I would play a video game while she made me dinner, then after we eat we go for a walk and watch the sunset together. Then we see a horror movie at home, in 3D, so that she can cuddle up to me. And I’ll sing her to sleep. And then I wake her up again.


9. Do you think you could elaborate on the meaning of your rather recent song “5 – 7 years” please? Bita, Canada.

Nice try, but I never like to explain my songs.




10. Where can I buy saplings of Rybakus tree? Laurentina, Italy.

Haha, what on earth is that? Tried to Google it. Anyway, you’re highly entertaining.




 11. So, what kind of girls do you call “princesses” and why exactly this word? Maybe you associate it with something particular? Roza

I associate it with something private. 😉 But princess is the most beautiful word for a girl.


 12. How many songs/music pieces have you ever composed? Tran, Vietnam.

Norwegian Show Business wants me to believe that I’ve only written Fairytale, but actually I’ve written more than 80 released and unreleased pop songs, and about 10 classical pieces. If you say you have my very first album “Stemninger”, I won’t believe you.



13. Alex, question for 10 points! 😉 Do you know the greatest Disco King called Dj Dino? Henrik, Norway.

Yes, actually I think he is a great friend of mine.


 14. There is a bunch of girls secretly hoping for a jazz album. Are you passionate enough to give us what we want? Inna, Ukraine.

Yes, there’s a big chance my next album will be jazz/pop. Thanks for the support, appreciate that!

 15. How did you learn to speak English? You do a great job in your pronunciation of the English language. Jay T., USA.

 Thank you. I’ve watched a lot of movies and shows. I know my English is not perfect, but I’m not trying to force an American accent.


16. If you could choose an artist to do a collab or a song with, dead or alive, who would you choose and why? Renske, The Netherlands.

Well, I don’t think it’s smart of me to work with dead artists. I like LidoLido, Sirkus Elliasen and other fresh artists. But my biggest idols like Bettan, Didrik and Carola, I’ve already sang with.



17. Hola Alejandro! Mundial in Brazil is coming, so I wonder.. Will you support Spain or you will support different football national team? 🙂 Oh, and one more. Do you like “La furia Roja” (Spanish national team)? Who is your favorite Spanish footballer nowadays? Fernando, Spain.

My favorite Spaniard is Xavi Alonso, because he is very down to earth and cool. And he was the only one making a good appearance in the world cup, I think.


 18. Do you believe in friendship between fellow and girl? Elena, Ukraine.

What is a fellow, exactly? Anyway, if it’s something close to a man, then yes I do believe. That’s the only thing I believe in nowadays.

19.  I think you’re not only a great violinist with talents in so many genres, but also an extraordinary good singer. So I wonder if you have taken singing classes as well during your studies at Barratt Due or if you have simply been “trained by your family roots”? Uta, Germany.

Thank you for nice words! 🙂 I have never learned how to sing. Besides from opera, there is no right or wrong way of singing.


20. Often you can listen to a violin recording and tell who is the violinist. Like Arve Tellefsen is easy to recognize, and in some cases you. Is this due to the violin, to the violinist using it, or the technique? Like if you borrowed Tellefsen’s Guarnerius, just to take an example, would it sound like you, or like Tellefsen – or something else? Laila U, Norway

The violin doesn’t really matter that much, that’s just a question about volume. I can hear who is playing, by the intensity of their bow arm and their vibrato. For instance, my vibrato is purely Russian old school, so I’m the only one like that in my country Norway.

21. What’s your favorite classical piece to play on the violin? Bethany, USA.

I would say “Chaconne” by Bach, because it is about my life. But it’s hard to play. “Claire de Lune” has become very easy to play for me, and it’s beautiful. But I also feel very cool each time I play Bazzini.


22. Who is/was the greatest violinist ever? Maarit, Finland.

Jascha Heifetz, no doubt. All the rest of us are just copies.


23. Do you prefer Shakira or Rihanna? Blanca, Poland.

I don’t know. I like Rihannas attitude, but Shakira is more spot on in both voice and music. So maybe a mix… Shahanna..


24. Do you believe in love at a first sight? Is it possible? Or is it just sympathy, while love is rather  more deeper and powerful feeling. What do you think? Sofia

I think you answered the question for me. 😉 However, you forget the strongest of them all: Friendship.


25. Which one of your HGVM covers was your favorite one (I mean the ones you performed)? Klaudia, Poland.

“Ut” by Lars Lillo because it was just ME, and “Kan Eg Gjørr Noge Med Det” by Sigvart Dagsland because I love great music.


26. Do you consider yourself being happy? What is happiness, on your opinion? Saule B, Kazakhstan.

Yes I’m happy. And on the days I’m not happy, I try to focus on all the other good things in life.



 27. One angel keeps an eye on Lego. I wonder where is the second one. Agnieszka, Poland.

Oh, you mean in my apartment? The second is sleeping by the couch.



28. Hello Alexander!

Maybe you don’t know anything about this little country in South America, anyway I want to thank you because while everything is a chaos here I can dream and be happy just listening to your music. I dream with finding a place where I can feel comfortable, a place that I can call home. For that reason “Europe’s Skies” is a very special song for me, because somehow it says what I feel.

 I don’t want to make you waste your time so here is my question:

Have you ever found a place where you feel comfortable, a place where you finally feel like fit in, a place you don’t want to leave because you have finally found the place where you belong? Yasly, Venezuela

Yes, it’s called USA. That’s the only country where I have yet to find an idiot who totally ruins the whole illusion for me. I LOVE USA. And especially New York <3




    1. Hei there 🙂
      Alexander doesn’t answer questions here, but he has answered this questions many times in interviews and the answer has always been “Yes” 🙂

  1. Hi ALEXANDER RYBAK. How are you? My dear favorite musician … People like you are pretty life beautiful. What is the connection between music and your love for people? I want to be like you! Who would not want to be like you, to be with you friend? Nobody. Everyone wants to be like you. ME TOO. When I grow up, I want to be a famous doctor…

    I love your songs very much. Especially, “Roll With the Wind” “Europe’s Skies” “That’s How You Write A Song” and “Kotik” .And a new one, “I’m still here”. I love your style also. There is no need to ask why this is so. I like to ask the famous people why they are so. How do you do it? Why is it that I can not sleep without listening to your songs each day?

    Bye-Bye (Nihat Alasgerov / Azerbaijan) Thanks you for reading and answer.


    1. Sorry, but Alexander doesn’t follow the comments here. If you want him to read your message, there is a bigger chance he do if you post it on his Instagram or Fabebook.

  2. Hi ALEXANDER RYBAK. My dear favorite musician … People like you are pretty life beautiful. What is the connection between music and your love for people? I am writing to write a quick reply me. Bye-Bye (Nihat Alasgerov / Azerbaijan)

  3. hi, Alex , I am a massive fan of you and in 2009 I was just 8 years old and guessed the winner of that year and I was so happy that you won and now we are in 2016 I still love you my question is that will you ever come to England i would love to see you and I also think that you are really beautiful as well please reply , I love you

  4. HI Alexander Rybak ,
    You are a very fascinating singer.I was wondering when did you get into music and why ? I was also wondering do you write your own music or does some one else write it for you and you fix it with word of your own?
    Skylar Starks

    1. Hi there Skylar.
      Alexander is born into music. With two musical parents he started already in the age of five to play both violin and piano. And he writes his own music in all genres, sometimes he gets help for the lyrics though, and sometimes he also sings cover songs.
      We hope that answered your questions 🙂

      1. Dear Alexander Rybak,
        What brought you the inspirations of natural back grounds for your videos? What inspires you the most as a person ? What gave you the thought of full filling your dreams? And if you could go back and restart your life what would you do?
        Yours Truly,
        Skylar Starks

  5. Hey! I am not sure if I still can give a question, but I’ll try! I heard that nature inspires you. so, maybe you like long walks? To sit on the grass and watch sunsets, beautiful landscapes? Do you enjoy walking on the rain? And with who you like to do it? On your own or with someone special? 😉 Thank you and good luck continuing what you do!

  6. Hello Alexander. Whats your favorite kind of music? and whats your favorite singer? you are my favorite singer since2009

  7. Hi Alexander ! How are you ? 🙂 I wanna send letter to you, but I’m not sure from your letter address. When I search, I found a lot of address. Thanks in advance. Have a good day ! 🙂

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