Q & A on Instagram – Alexander Rybak – September 2019

Alexander Rybak with an Q&A
on Instagram.

Alexander’s post in social media 1.9.2019:
Questions & Answers🧚🏼‍♀️ Hey, how are you? The next few days I’m traveling a lot. Which means I will have some time for Instagram. 💪🏼 Send me your best questions in the comments section, and I promise to answer at least 33😃

And he kept his promise and answered a lot more than 33 questions. Many happy fans got their question answered, and we have collected them here for you. Hopefully we have managed to get them all. Enjoy:)
The ones who are not originally in English are translated and have a blue background.

I’m already looking forward to the new Zelda game. Will you play it too when you get home?Greetings from Hamburg Germany! 😊😬🎮
Hello Hamburg 🤪 I look forward to playing both Luigi and Zelda this year!

What is your favorite football team?
I like both Bayern and Tottenham, and this year they’re in the same group 😅

smirnova.avonrims – got 2 Q&A
Sasha, do you like cats or dogs? You are beautiful
I respect cats, but I love dogs.

What is your favorite game character?
Arthur from “Read Dead 2”

Still, hoping for the answer 😅🤞 Vinyl record? Special limited edition, when?? 😊

I think that’s a question for my record label 😅

What is the best advice you have ever received?


What do you know about Turkey ??

cute girls

Глупости получаются случайно, а потом становятся лучшими моментами в жизни. С тобой такое было?

да! 😎

Stupid things happen randomly and later become the best moments in life. Can you relate to that?
Yes! 😎

What’s your favourite Disney princess?


Which song of yourself do you like the most?

“First Kiss”🎊 I have been singing it a lot, lately

Could you have a relationship with a fan?

A “fan” is somebody who likes my music. So it would be boring to be with someone who is NOT a fan 😉

Do you consider returning to Eurovision someday or it’s over for u as a contestant??

Good question! 🙂 I will definitely return to the national selections one day, and then we’ll see! 🙂

Do you like ice cream? What’s your favourite flavour?

when I could still eat sugar, I loooooved chocolate ice cream ❤️

Hey rybak …Are you so happy with the world?

Yes, especially the nature 🙂

How much do you care about what people think of you – including fans?

I only care about what people think of my music, not myself 💪🏼

Godkjent «kostyme» når eldstedattera skal på kjendisfest med klassen og aller helst vil være deg…? 😅
Veldig hyggelig!!! 🙂

Do you approve my eldest daughter’s “costume” for a “celebrity party” with her classmates where she wants to be you…? 😅
A: Very nice!!!! 🙂
FYI – she posted a link to a picture of her daughter in the costume.

I know that I don’t make the best questions😢. But Alex do you believe that to your dreams can come true even though others believes the opposite?

Dream lots of dreams. Some of them may come true 😉

Why you’re nice??😊😍

I’m not nice at all, it’s just a myth 🤪

Have you ever been in Romania?

Yes of course. One of my cutest fan clubs is from Romania.

Can we (fans) do anything to make you feel better?

Yes, but it’s very individual 🙃

What’s your favorite movie ?
“A.I” artificial intelligence 😍

What is your girl type?
She is extremely cute!

What do you think about Jazz?🎷

It’s the root of everything in music 🎶

Who is your favorite singer?

M.J of course (Michael Jackson)

How do you escape from the sense of disappointment and lonely؟
I never escape it, I use it as my weapon 💪🏼

Hi honey! I miss u so much (other Turkish fans too) ❤ When will come to Turkey? There are many questions about this topic, you know and you see 😉 Please answer
I need to work with a good show producer in Turkey. My Turkish concert must be awesome, nothing less 😉

Kom til meg snart

Come to me soon

I only want to know how are you really doing. How’s your health nowadays?

I’m still alive, thank you 🙂

Would you consider making a rock song?

Listen to “Kathrin”

Whats your best Memory from Eurovision ?🤔

The victory of Salvador Sabral

Your best summer 2019 memory is…?


Aren’t u bored of singing Fairytale still again and again?

No. 🙂 It’s a very easy and fun song to sing.

What’s Your favorite animal.

The happy DOG of course.

What is the first thing you see in a woman?
Depends which way she is turning!

I’ll ask u The hardest question.. “why are you very handsome and cute and sexy and good looking and perfect? “

I am not perfect, and my life has become much easier when I learned that.👏🏼

What song is the most difficult to be played on violin?

“The Last Rose” by Ernst

Hi ☺️ if your job/life was not to be a singer/a musician, what job would you have liked to do ?

A farmer or fisherman. I like the easy life.

A sincere question – have you seen BoRhap, and which Queen song would you consider to cover? (Make me happy now and choose a slow one!)

Since it hurts when I sing long notes, I could only sing “Another One Bites The Dust”.

Do you still have profit of winning Eurovision?

Oh yes

Is there anything that you can’t do this summer?

I can’t do physical activities 🤔

Объясни мне, почему единственный нормальный мужик живёт в Норвегии???!!!!

Нас здесь много! 😎

Explain to me why the only decent man lives in Norway???!!!!
There are plenty of us here! 😎

Do you have any tips to students going back to university?
Enjoy it and work hard.

Can you come to Iran?
I hope so…

Will you return soon to make a trip through some Latin American country?
You need to ask Daniel 🧚🏼‍♀️

Хотелось бы узнать Ваше отношение к таким музыкальным направлениям как шансон, городской романс, дворовая песня
моя любимая музыка!💪🏼 “Ивушка Зелёная»❤️

Would like to know your attitude towards such musical genres as chanson, urban romance, street song🍀
My favourite music!💪🏼 “Dear green willow”❤️

Are you epic?

Yes, more often than I would like to

Had u ever been in Sweden
At least 200 times 💪🏼 My neighbors

Hi from Spain, what do you think about K-Pop?

I love the melodies and chords. They remind me of Russian music.

You have been very busy! This may be a silly question but how do you keep your fingers from getting sore when playing so many concerts?

I don’t play THAT much really 😇

If you are going to do a collab with anyone in the music industry, who would be your dream collab? And what kind of song will you sing with them? ❤️❤️❤️
Alan Walker or Sigrid!

Any new songs coming? Or an album? Love ya !

Next year! This year I’m working on my Norwegian musical “Trolle” ❤️🎻

Would you like to learn a new musical instrument? And if so, which one? Greetings from France!

Drums, wohoo!

What is your favourite language? 😀

English ❤️

can you teach me how to play the violin?

Probably no 😘

When will you stop working that much and get a proper rest? 🙂

❤️ “resting” only makes my problems worse. It’s easier to forget the body pain when I’m working..

perapoganda – got 3 Q&A
Is there any song that makes you emotional when you listen?

“Kim” by Eminem. Every time 🥇

Which memory of yours is your happiest memory?
Disneyworld with Julie 🎈

Are you allergic to something?
Long conversations 😳

What did you enjoyed the most of your Canadian trip ? 🙂

Jet skis 🏄🏻‍♂️

What is your biggest dream?

Composing music for movies 🎥

Ka type telefon har du alex

IPhone X med knust skjerm

What kind of phone do you have?

IPhone X with a cracked screen

In what language do you think???

A confusing mix of everything.😰

Pretty nice,I would say.💖Ok,I have a question:What was you favourite memory of Greece,or what did you like about visiting it,in general?💖

eating crepes with my friend Spyros

Превратилась ли Ваша жизнь в «Сказку» после победы на Евровидении?)

она всегда была сказкой 😎

Has your life turned into a Fairytale after your Eurovision victory?)
it has always been a fairytale😎

goatmarctinus – got 2 Q&A
When u started playing on violin?

10 years ago, when I was seven years old 😇

What do you think about Poland?
It’s a beautiful country, with strong history!

do you love your fans?🌚

Only the kind ones 🤪

Будут ли новые Русские песни?

у меня их уже много, но нужно с начала найти с кем работать в России..

Will there be new songs in Russian?
I already have many of those, but first I need to find someone to work with in Russia..

Are you working on a new album ?

But with my health problems, it can take years…😅

Do you have any tips for motivation? 💪🏼

Take it easy, and it will come to you in time.

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