Printed notes for the songs on the «Fairytales» album

Information found by Tessa La

A book with the printed notes for piano, vocals and chords to 8 songs on the first CD of Alexander, «Fairytales», has been released in Norway. The cost of the book is 179 kr. (ca. 23 euros). To see a sample, click on a song’s title, below.


Roll with the wind


Song from a secret garden

Kiss and tell

Funny little world

If you were gone

13 Horses

For more info and online purchase check out the following links:

For Apps:  fiolinmakeren

You can also get it in Norli book stores. Not possible to order online, but you can use the “click and pick up” to check if a store nearby you have it.

6 thoughts on “Printed notes for the songs on the «Fairytales» album”

  1. I love the book! I bought it a year ago 🙂 ♥ But there is not only the sheet music, also the lyrics! 🙂

  2. where’s abandoned?????????
    it’s a pity that the book won’t be released in greece…

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