Practice little – Play a lot! – Alexander Rybak advises young string-players. April 22nd 2010

“Practise little, play a lot! ”
– Alexander Rybak

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak gives Johannes Ek-Stenmo tips about how to play the violin. Photo: Photo: Geir Hansen

Published in 22.4.2010 Link to original article: Click here Tekst: Torgeir Snilsberg. Foto Geir Hansen
Translation by Marianne S. English and article revision by Annijo

16 young local string players welcomed Alexander Rybak with the well-known “Fairytale” in Moss Art Gallery yesterday afternoon.

-You are so good! Complimented last years ESC-winner, who in return played together with and gave advice to the children, even though not all the advice was educationally “correct”!
– Do you practice every day? That is a lot more than I do. When I was little I practiced 2-3 hours every day. Now, I don’t practice at all, smiled the popular guest.

  –  When the tutors are so playful as they are here at Juniorstrings, it is nice to come visit. Some places I visit have a bit to high ambition, and the tutors are not focused on having fun. But here it seems they manage to combine it nicely. It should feel like they are having fun when such small children are playing an instrument, Rybak said after playing,  answering questions and autograph signing.  
– Progress and results should come as a bonus?
– Yes, I think so. For my part, there was too much ambition while I was growing up.

SMS and email

Ola Ek-Stenmo, father of two violin playing boys, had arranged the nice visit.
–I called Alexander’s mother and got the phone number to his management. And some SMSs and emails later, he is here. And this means a lot to the children, Ek-Stenmo smiled

– It was a bit strange to have him visiting, says 6-year old Johannes Ek-Stenmo.

– This was great. Interesting to see a “real” violinist, smiled 11 year old Michelle Chan,

 – What I have learned? I have learned how I can write songs. I have learned to express my feelings more when I play. And I have learned that Alexander Rybak is very cozy in real life,  Ellen Aabol smiled.

More tips

Alexander told the children that it is wise to play the piano in addition to a string instrument, that it smart to use the whole length of the violin bow. That it is better to play horizontally and fluently, than up and down like a bouncing ball. That he, himself, manages quite fine with violins costing 5000 NOK each, and that it is possible to “cheat” in the very fast music parts, because the audience don’t hear what is played anyway…

– Continue with everything you are good at and like to do, Rybak advised, who wrote his last advice for the day on the backside of a violin: “Practice little, play a lot!”.

Alexander Rybak Juniorstrings in Moss

5 thoughts on “Practice little – Play a lot! – Alexander Rybak advises young string-players. April 22nd 2010”

  1. …….
    I love him;wanna know why?!! the answer is in two points
    1-He’s cozy & not proud
    2-LOves the children
    I’m really happy for the children there..maybe I would die , but never get the chance to see him 3D!!!!NOT by pics!!
    Anyway,that’s hope that makes this life beautiful & tolerable
    Let’s just hope he will come here:)

  2. As the proud father of the violinist Johannes 6 years old and celloplaying brother Edvard 4,5 year, i must say the visit of Aleksander was tremendous. The inspiration value of this visit is worth it`s weight in gold for the young ones. He sat down with them, asked them questions, answered questions, played the violin with them, gave them some technical advises etc. It was a nearly a full 2 hrs session that ended with a lot of signing of posters, cd`s and on the back of Johannes`violin. “Practise little -- play a lot from Aleksander Rybak” the fiddler wrote on the back of Johannes` violin. Thank you so much for your visit. We really appreciated it.

  3. I really like what Alex says about learning the violin! My son,12 learned violin by Suzuki method and it is still fun. He also learned piano, but the both teacher didnt know from each used to be forbidden to learn two instruments at the age of 5…ts..ts..:)

  4. Geez….the little Alexanders are so cuteeeeee!!!!! 🙂

    Thank you, Marianne! Luv

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