Polish review 5.01.2011

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva

Found by Yannis Papadopoulos

Original Text

Alexander Rybak is back crossing all borders.

Rafał Grząślewicz

Rating: 4,5 of 5.

Alexander Rybak is a singer with Belarusian roots who lives in Norway. Just over a year ago nobody heard of his existence but today he is famous. The first Rybak’s album hit the bull’s-eye, and what about the second one?

Europe has heard about Alexander in May 2009 when he had won Eurovision Song Contest Moscow 2009 in grand style. No one has yet got such number of achievements at Eurovision. Rybak gained 387 points. Almost all radio stations played the victorious “Fairytale”, and his debut album sold like hot cakes. The huge success of the first album (in Poland, was certified gold) resulted in release of the next album which Polish premiere took place on 27 August 2010. CD entitled “No Boundaries” was earlier released of course in Norway. Like “Fairytales”, “No Boundaries” was issued by EMI Music.

The CD contains 11 tracks, including two covers:

1. First Kiss

2. Europe′s Skies

3. I′m In Love (cover of John Whistler)

4. Oah (the first single from the album)

5. Kaja′s Letter

6. 5000 Letters

7. Dare I Say

8. Suomi

9. Why Not Me?

10. Barndance

11. Disney Girls (cover of The Beach Boys)

The album differs from the previous one mainly by arrangement of tracks, more powerful sounding and diverse stylistics, though Rybak did not forget about the folklore and retained a violin as an integral part of most of the songs. At the beginning the disc did not get an acclaim of critics and reviewers . Perhaps because the singer tried something else and showed himself from some other side. I must admit that Alexander belongs to a group of European musicians who aren’t featured (yet) by kitsch and quickie.

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