Meet and Greet – Alexander Rybak and his fans in Moldova. 14.10.2012

They waited for him for more than 3 years and finally,  Alexander visited Moldova for the very first time, invited by the city of Chisinau.  The occasion was the anniversary of the city of Chisinau (Kishinev). He gave a press conference and was interviewed by several newspapers, performed at a mutual concert with Paula Seling, was a guest in several TV-shows and performed at an open-air-concert late at night. In Chisinau he gave the first live-performance of his new song “Leave Me Alone”.

He arrived in Chisinau 12/10 and stayed until 15/10. Sunday 14/10,  between two TV-shows, he made time for a Meet & Greet with his fans in Moldova in the cozy cafe “Tucano Coffee” in Chisinau.

The video is recorded by TV-Pro and provided with subtitles in English by Laura Ser and Sonya Luzina, Russian by Sonya Luzina, Polish by Joanna Anacka and German by Ulli Cologne.

The photos are all borrowed from the FB-page of Tucano Coffee.


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