Performance at the Norwegian MGP- final 11.02.2012

All rights belong to NRK. Uploaded by Yanis B.  Subtitles by Julia Bezbakh. English translation by Tessa Lande. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. German translation by Sabine Fundel. Dutch translation by Marijke Arentsen. Croatian translation by Karolina Pavlov.

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Rybak paid tribute to Stella at MGP-Show

The former winner sings Stella Mwangis MGP-hit

Article posted on 11.02.2012.  Author: VG-nett/AP

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Translation by Marianne Saietz. English Revision by Anni Jowett .

Paid tribute to Stella. Alexander Rybak had, of course, the fiddle with him to Oslo Spektrum. He sang and played several MGP-hits, but had a special greeting for last years winner Stella Mwangi. Here from the MGP-final of 2009 and 2011. Foto: Krister Sørbø / Markus Aarstad/VG

(VG Nett) Alexander Rybak (26) paid tribute to Stella Mwangi (25) in Oslo Spektrum playing her Winnersong “Haba Haba”.

Last year’s MGP-winner Stella Mwangi should have been on stage during the final. However, Alexander Rybak had to step in since Stella lost her father, Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia, in a car-accident recently. Rybak performed, not unexpectedly with both fiddle and dancers at the MGP- final, but sang not only his own winning song “Fairytale”. He played and sang a medley of several well-known Eurovision – and MGP-songs like Didrik Solli-Tangens ” My Heart is Yours” and Swedish Carolas ” Fångad av en stormvind”.

The most touching moment, however,  was when Rybak announced that he wanted everyone to stand up and dance to “last year’s best happy-song”
– “This is for you Stella”, Rybak smiled,  before he played a part  of her Norwegian winning song  “Haba Haba”, while the audience danced. Also this year’s participants are full of praises for the last year’s winner.
– “It’s incredibly sad that she is not here. At the same time, it is important, that she prioritises herself now.  “Haba Haba” is a fantastic joyful song  and we send her lots of warm thoughts this evening”, said Tommy Fredvang to VG Nett.
It has been clear for some time that Rybak would fill in for Stella, but Rybak  still had an unusually short time to rehearse.
– Rybak is so professional, so it is a really great show, says project leader Stian Malme.

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