Performance at the Ketil Moe Race. Sept.11th, 2011

Short article in the paper-issue of Agderposten 13.9.11.

Found by Olina Novikova. Translated by Tessa La. Revised by Bita

The dream had finally come true. After 50 performances in “The Sound of Music”, several performances in “Mathilde from Ramsøya” and an album release, the young Kristian S. Pedersen from Arendal had received the chance to perform with Rybak.

Sunday was the special day. On the day of Ketil Moe’s race in Dyreparken, together with composer Thomas Stanghelle, they arranged and performed the “Angel of Life” from the opera musical “Some Sunny Night” dedicated to Ketil Moe. The presentation was wonderful and touching.


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Young boy from Arendal will sing with Rybak

Article from, published 07.09.11. Written by Linda Christensen. Photo: Linda Christensen.

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Translated by Tessa La

UPCOMING STAR: Kristian Skoglund Pedersen is looking forward to singing with Alexander Rybak at the memorial run race for Ketil Moe on Sunday

Kristian is a young 13 year old boy from Nyli in Arendal, currently in the 8th grade at Moltemyr school. He possesses, despite his young age, an already impressive track record and has experienced much more than others his age.

As a grown up, he aspires to earn a living through music and singing, or perhaps by working with law and politics, he tells Arendals Tidende.

Countless Requests
Kristian has played in Oslo Theatre Edderkoppen’s well-known musical “Sound of Music” – a role he acheived against a competition of over a thousand other children who attended audition.
He has sung with stars including Sissel Kyrkjebø and Tor Endresen.

Currently, he stars in play the “The hanged man” by Stephan Hergel, which premieres in October. But that isn’t all! This Ma he released his own CD, which has received great feedback from the musical industry. The title song “True Dreams” he was made in collaboration with the producer Thomas Stanghelle, who has also written several songs on the CD.

The Ketil Moe Run Race
This weekend, Kristian will perform in «Dyreparken» in for the Ketil Moe run race. He will perform songs from his CD with none other than Alexander Rybak on stage. Kristian has performed with the Grand Prix star once before when he was invited as a guest artist at Rybak’s Christmas concert last year. They were also going to travel to China in December to perform at the peace-price ceremony in Beijing, but this was unfortunately cancelled due to China’s reaction with Norway, and the prohibition against celebrating the peace prize in public.

The Pure Joys of Singing
There is no doubt that Kristian loves to sing.
– I mostly sing classic pop, but like to sing all genres. The more I sing, the more fun I have – the gentle 13-year-old says.
He also likes to dance and play theater, and would like to work with a combination of both. The youngster from Arendal continuously receives requests to sing at various events, both locally and in Oslo, and the 13-year-old has already gained a name in the music-business.

Future Star
The boy from Arendal is heading for the sky at full speed. Theatre, dance, musical, movie, song – there is no end to Kristian’s talents. He is very versatile and considers everything fun. When asked about his future, he replies:

– I will sing, and I am very excited to find out what my voice will become after my vocal-changes. I hope I can continue developing my skills in singing and music, but the important thing for me is to have fun doing what I like – he tells to Arendal Tidende.

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