Russian cover of “Funny Little World”


Перевод Tanya Tiny

Внезапно стал известным
И знают все меня
И тысячи девчонок
Желаний не таят
Но сердце ты пленила
Лишь улыбнувшись мне
И счастлив я пусть даже
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Warm wishes in a pillow

Moscow concert on 28 December, 2009 was chosen to be a great meeting of Russian-speaking FaceBookies. And we had been dreaming of presenting an unusual and memorable gift to Alex. Marina Ageeva had come up with a brilliant idea (like everything that comes to her mind) to make a pillow stuffed with soft hearts, hand-made by the fans of Alex. Lily aka Hands Off had sewed an extraordinary beautiful pillow. And 18 girls and one boy in different CIS countries had spent sleepless nights in creating, sewing, knitting and embroidering small touching hearts, which later crossed hundreds and thousands of miles to get to Moscow. As a result we’ve created a pillow filled with our love. Could you imagine what dreams Alex has when his head touches the pillow? 😉 Continue reading Warm wishes in a pillow

A report about the concert in Oslo and the FaceBookies meeting, Oct. 10th 2009

( A report by Jitka Holanová , Czech Republic)

There is one thing with AR concerts…and that is, that only one is not enough….I hoped so much, that I will calm after seeing him live..but I was very wrong, sigh..after return from Norway I became to be blue…no other concerts, everything already was nice, but it is gone…

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Report of the concert in Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct. 19th 2009

(A report by Milada Lenhartová from Brno, Czech Republik)

(Translated from Czech by Danka Čolláková, Slovakia)

Hi, Hi there everyone! I returned from Sweden, I have not even unpacked, and I’m with you. Do I have noted that it was such a surreal experience that I absolutely did not provide. For the record: I’m the old person who finally went with her husband the “honeymoon” after 37 years of marriage – to Alex’s concert in Goteborg. (I will find that once I’ve got a new computer, I’m not used to it…) but I should have noted that even though I’m an old granny according to calendar, I still feel like a girl, so I can also take these trips for Alex (in total enchantment) …

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Interesting stuff about charts and prizes – Alexander Rybak

(researched by Simone)

(updated in February, 2010)

Record Sales:


the debut album “Fairytales”:

# 1 for 19 weeks in the charts (triple platinum, which means over 90.000 sold copies)

the single “Fairytale“:

#1 for 22 weeks

the single “Funny little world“:

# 1 for 9 weeks

the single “Roll with the wind“:

#10 for 2 weeks


the debut album “Fairytales“:

#16 for 6 weeks

the single “Fairytale“:

# 4 for 17 weeks


the debut album “Fairytales“:

# 46 for 3 weeks

the single “Fairytale“:

# 10 for 13 weeks


the debut album “Fairytales“:

# 65 for 3 weeks

the single “Fairytale“:

#3 for 7 weeks


the single “Fairytale“:

#10 for 3 weeks


the single “Fairytale

on # 1 :

Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Island, Sweden, Russia

on # 2 :

Ireland, The Netherlands

The song “Fairytale” was # 3 in the European Billboard Charts. It has been released in 25 countries, 120.000 copies were sold in Norway, 300.000 copies in Europe: it also made Gold in Sweden (10.000 sold singles) and in Poland (5.000 sold singles), it got Double Platinum in Russia (40.000 sold singles).

The debut album “Fairytales” made 400.000 copies worldwide.




Report on the birth of the BOOK and the concert in Oslo, Oct., 10th ’09

“The Operation 10/10
how Rybak’s Facebookies went to Olso”
a report by
Irena Bay

Part 1

Well guys, I think it’s time for me to report back to the grid… to be honest I don’t feel that I will be able to put into words what I have experienced this weekend with these indescribably wonderful people … I know my account will fail to convey what really happened … still – I am a FB spy on duty, night and day, and I would never let you down! 😀

My story begins way earlier than the most stories you have read here until now[1]. My story began in July this year when out of the blue I found myself organizing and directing a facebook project – how the hell did that happen again?? (And why I am working on the new one in my head like crazy again since yesterday??)

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Ådne Reinhold Geicke Kolbjørnshus

NAME: Ådne Reinhold Geicke Kolbjørnshus

BIRTHDAY: July, 6th


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE MYSELF: Happy, passionate, lazy :p


WHAT MADE ME LAUGH THE LAST TIME: All the funny videoclips we taped in Finland 🙂

AS A CHILD I DREAMT OF BECOMING A … : Pro snowboarder and breakdancer


SINCE WHEN: 22.05.09

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE FIDDLER: He is totally real and honest, I feel like he looks at us friends, and not just the one that you “work” with. His funny insidejokes and statements

WHAT IS ANNOYING ABOUT THE FIDDLER: He stole my pants, and he is still using it on every show -_-

THE MOST REMARKABLE THING I EXPERIENCED WHILE WORKING WITH THE FIDDLER: Hmm So many funny moments backstage and so many great and big moments on stage!!

MESSAGE TO THE FACEBOOKIES: Great job guys! Alex loves you! 🙂

How to contact Alexander Rybak

 Alexander Rybak answering fanmail


Alexander Rybak Fanmail
Bakkegårdsveien 6
1450 Nesoddtangen

If you would like an autograph in return, you must include a ready stamped envelope to your country of residence and with your address upon it.  Alexander does his very best to reply all fans, however we must inform you that we cannot guarantee a response.

Important: Please send your letters via regular post and NOT
as certified/registered mail.


Alexander Rybak Live in St. Petersburg, November 29th, 2009 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak concert in St. Petersburg 29. 11.2009


Roll With the Wind



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Funny Little World


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Hungarian Suite

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You


Kiss and Tell / Komarovo

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Roll With the Wind

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