Dear friends, FaceBookies, Kjell and Alex!

We welcome you all on our freshly baked



For months now, we (10 of us from all over the world) have been secretly working hard to create a platform to give you all as a Valentines’ Day present! A platform that serves as

  • a meeting point for the FaceBookies all over the world who get lost in the crowded place called “The Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak” with over 64 000 members
  • a place to find the news quickly that have been dug up by the FaceBookies
  • a daily updated schedule of the fiddler for fans
  • a library for the reports and art works by fans, for fans & Alex
  • a library for interviews and articles that we find, translate, upload, create subtitles for
  • a place for the fiddler to hang out when bored and sleepless enjoying your art and gifts
  • a place for Kjell Arild to find little magic helpers when needed
  • a place to find someone who can help you out and give you answers


We started to collect here the fruits of labor of our friends, the FaceBookies, and want to invite you to continue filling up the site. The Official Facebook Page is a Treasure Island that is without a map to find the wonderful, funny, silly, touching and unique treasures made by fans: Let’s find them and put here for everyone to see and enjoy!

In a minute you are going to discover a lot interesting stuff in here! But before you start a tour through our tiny castle made out of dreams – some things about the site:

You have the option to change the language into English and Russian! (We are an international fansite, so the main focus is on English, while Russian serves as additional help). Look on top on the right side or the drop-down button with languages, please!

You have the option to change the background colors from dark to bright. Look on the left side under the table of contents for the drop-down button “Dark”!

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask/tell us!

Enjoy & a Happy Valentine’s Day !


Anastasia, Irena, Irina, Julia, Marianne, Marion K., Simone, Tanya, Yanis & Zhenya

+++ International FaceBookies’ Meeting in Prague +++

Hey, guys!

We’re going!!!  You, too ???

Alexander Rybak, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009 is finally giving a concert in Central Europe!

He is going to play a full concert on February 25th, 2010 @ Lucerna Music Bar in Prague (Czech Republic)!

You can order tickets at Eventim:
(Tickets are reasonable priced at 250,- Kč (ca. 10,- € ) )

Lucerna Music Bar:

More help: click here & here!

Ya ne veruy v chudesa (I Don’t Believe In Miracles)/Superhero

Lyrics and music by Arkadij Ukupnik

Transliteration by Zhenya Russian

Chernoĭ molniyeĭ ya stanu dlya tebya,
Chernoĭ molniyeĭ na linii dozhdya.
I puskaĭ goryat listki kalendarya,
Zlo ne smozhet bolʹshe obmanutʹ menya.

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Kupalinka w/lyrics – A Belarusian folksong – Alexander Rybak

“Kupalinka” a Belorussian folk song 

Alexander Rybak has performed this song many times, and it was also the song he performed on his first visit to Belarus since he left in the age of 5.  The video of his performance you’ll find below the lyrics. And if you wonder what the song is about,  read the text below the video. 


Transliteration by Zhenya Russian

Kupalínka, kupalínka,
Tseomnaya nochka,
Tseomnaya nochka,
A dze zh tvaya dochka?

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