Our Map

View Where und When and We? in a larger map – made by Milena W

blue smiley = Facebookies were there

figures = that’s us!

smiley = past event of Alex

red exclamation mark = fans from these countries wrote on the Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak (from 80 countries by now)

If you would like to mark your country or youself here, please write to the FaceBookie Milena 🙂

127 thoughts on “Our Map”

  1. Hey ! Come to the Turkey/ Antalya !!! :)))
    There are many people out there who loves you !! <3 <3 <3 ! 🙂

  2. I wish he would come Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA, but I’m sure it would never happen :'(

    1. @herineannicoleta, he was there on December 10 and 11 to perform at X-Factor. He just left your country actually.

  3. I hope that Alex can come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA sometime soon.
    He’s amazing and we love him 🙂

  4. I think Rybak should come to Seattle Washington, USA! It’s Washington’s biggest City. 🙂

  5. Since Alexander has been everywhere else, he should come to Australia so that he would have visited every continent. Surprisingly there are a lot more fans here then you would think. Besides for a common traveler Australia is too unique to miss out on.

  6. I mean, when will he promote his music in Spain? Already knew that he came to Spain once. But thanks Julia.

  7. Alex, come to Seattle!!!!!!!! We are waiting for you. Please, please, please. We have nothing here but rain, please bring a little bit of sunshine!!!!!!!!!

    Kisses and hugs,


  8. Hello Everybody,
    I hope he’ll come to Hungary in this year.I don’t know how many fans are in Hungary,but I think not too much,but these few people’ll be very very happy if they can meet their favourit Fiddler.
    The another reason is: he plays Hungarian suite on his concerts, so he should visit the country where inspired this music.

    If Alex read this page/comment then I “say” :
    Alex légyszives gyere Magyarországra! / Alex please come to Hungary!

  9. HEYYY, i think he should come to WIndsor, Ontario, CANADA!!! hes never been to canada, and i know lots of people who would love him to come:D gosh i love alexander rybak:P

  10. Alexander, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please, come to Serbia one day … love youu x) :* <3

  11. You should visit California :] where many other latinos like me await to fall in love with you ^-^ -- Te quiero! <333

  12. Γιαννη, βαλε το χερακι σου λιγο… (μην με παρεξηγεις!)

  13. pleeeeeaaase cooooooooome tooooooooo GREEEEEEEEEEEEEECEEEEE, in aaaatheeeens!!!!! έλα στην ελλάδαααααααααααααααααααααααααααααα (και αν καταλαβει τιποτα να με φτυσει…:P) cooooooome hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (if you have time…) PLEASE…..JUST A CONCERT TO SEE YOU LIVEEEEEEE!

  14. hey , alex come to greece just for one concert and i will come to athens just to see you !!!!! because i don’t have another chance pleaseeeeeee comeeee love… tzinoula!(kalamata,Greece)

  15. Please Visit any place of South America! to be more specific ECUADOR!!! I would loe to see you on LIVE! I couldn’t ask for anything more!! once I listened to your music my whole life changed! to good!

  16. Plz plz plz !!! cum to england !!! that wud be amazing i really love ur kind of music !! xx thanku

  17. Finland, once again! Xmas theme would be great, or featuring Norwegian folk music together with his pop songs -- now we had the more Russian gigs that were also okay, but Scandinavian style would probably sink in better with the kids, youngsters and us slightly older youths as well … 😉 Hugs, a big and small fan from Helsinki

  18. aaargh I can’t really see it, but looks like Essen is in 😉 thank you, Milena! :*

  19. Not fair- you went to USA but you haven’t still visited all European countries

  20. Please Alex come to Sofia, Bulgaria. It’s not even out of Europe, it would be easy for you to come and we’ll be so thankful. I guarantee to you if you come here at least 2 fans :). By the way our sea is fantastic and the water’s cool and the nature here is very very beautiful and you could spend fantastic holiday( if you’re in the right place of course) so pleeeasee pleaasee comee

  21. Oh please, pleeeeeease come to the UK to do a concert!! we love you too and we wish you were here 🙂 xxxxxx

  22. Hello….please add INDIA to the map. I guess, I am the only follower from India on facebook too. Make me happy 😀 Thank you. Love the videos and the songs. Alex is very cute. Abhi.

  23. Alex, please come to Nizhniy Novgorod, it’s in Russia. This is an amazing city. I think, you’ll like it <3 Love, Marsela 🙂

  24. Oh, Belgium, please!! I couldn’t be there last time because of exams! I really would like it if Alex could visit Belgium again… I believe that he already said he likes Belgian people, so… COME BACK!! XD

    #Baby, come back!#
    #Baby, come back!#

  25. привет напиши мне пожалуйста мне очень нравится твои песни и ты очень сильно!!!!!!люблю тебя.

  26. I really wish he’d come to the UK! It’s my dream to see him perform! Oh and the map is amazing, good job 🙂

  27. hey! Could you try and get Alex to do a run for life over in England (Northamptonshire) please and thank you

  28. @ Cemre: Alexander and his team was very sad not to come to Turkey and they promised to try it again -- so let hope 😀

  29. Coucou Alex!!!!! Tu peux tranquilement venir en France, nous t’attendons avec impatience tu sais!?! Ce serait tellement magnifique si tu pouvais au moins faire un concert, à Paris par exemple!!!
    S’il te plaît..Au nom de la France…Viens Alex!!! La France t’accueillera chaleureusement, elle peut être aussi ta maison!!! On t’aime vraiment très fort!!!!!!
    Hi Alex!!! You can come to France, we are waiting for you you know? It will be so wonderful if you could come to Paris for example, to see you at the concert even if it would be just for one time!!!!
    Please…I’m speaking for France..Come to France Alex!!! France’ll give you a warm welcome, France can be your Home as well!!! We love you really strong!!!!!! (Sorry if my english is bad!!:S )

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